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At Kawaii Beauty Corner, I enjoy writing reviews on the beauty products I personally use.

I'm just an (ordinary) beauty fanatic - and not a beauty 'guru'. I like sharing my thoughts and opinions, so that others interested in the same products can get some extra information before they decide to try it themselves

Many times I've been persuaded to try or avoid a beauty product based on a blogger's review - that's one of the things I love most about blogging! There are so many lovely cosmetics out there just waiting to be tried, and simply not enough time or money to get through them all. It's nice to be able to track down reviews online, and I hope that my own reviews will help others too. 


But keep in mind that what works for me may not work for someone else's skin type, or personal beauty preferences, and vice versa. I'm not liable for any problems that may arise as a result of trying a product reviewed on my blog. Where possible I will upload a product's ingredients, so do take a good look and do some research when unsure whether it'll suit your skin or not. 

Read my About Me page to find out about my skin profile, and personal beauty preferences. 


Regarding my product reviews - they are 100% my own personal opinion, based on my own experiences. Any products that are provided to me by a company, for review purposes, will still be my 100% personal opinion. I'm not going to rave about a product simply because it was a 'freebie'!

Additionally, any products that were not purchased and paid for by my own money will have a disclaimer stating so in the review post, and will be clearly noted within the title. 


Regarding affiliate links - occasionally I will use affiliate links within my blog posts. An affiliate link is a url with a unique tracking code, that I will provide within a post - any one who clicks on that link and consequently makes a purchase, I will then benefit from with a small commission from that company.  

I'll only provide affiliate links on products from a company I have personally used before, and would recommend to friends or family. I will certainly try to keep the affiliate links to a minimum - and of course, all posts containing any affiliate links will be clearly noted. 

Companies interested in sponsored product review opportunities, please feel free to email me! 



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