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~Circle Lenses~

Just a simple index of all the circle lens reviews I'v done so far

Please be aware that fake or poorly made lenses do exist and can potentially cause eye damage, so do buy authentic lenses from sellers you trust.

If you've never worn contact lenses of any kind, please please seek advice from an optometrist to learn how to use and care for contacts before purchasing any on-line. 

At the end of the day, circle lenses are a fun and unique way to enhance one's looks, but your eyes and health are more vital and if you don't care for your eyes, and the lenses that you put in them, the health risk is a lot higher.

On a lighter note, circle lenses are easy to care for and you'll never run into any problems as long as you follow common sense!

*all products purchased with my own money, unless otherwise stated*

GEO Angel Violet 14mm 

GEO Brown Circle Lens BC101 - no review, but see more fotd's here, here, here, & here

GEO Brown Circle Lens BC102 - no review, but see more fotd's here, here and here /current favourites!/

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