About Me

I blog under the name Tulip Love, you can call me Tulip~ 

Tulips are my favourite flowers, hence the name.

I'm an Australian born Chinese-Vietnamese, socially awkward in reality, and a wallflower who likes owning pretty, pretty things.

I blog because I like to write, and also because I want to connect with people with similar interests. 

My current beauty inspirations are the gyaru and ulzzang style. My make-up skills are still beginner-level, but I hope to improve soon!

My fashion style changes daily. Sometimes it's super girlie, sometimes a bit preppy. Other times I just dress like a slob. I'm pretty much a dress girl at heart. Shoes are my weakness.

On my blog you'll find a mix of beauty product reviews (mostly Asian-brand products), OOTD & FOTD posts, random picture spamming of my dog (a Pom called Mickey), the food/snacks I eat, and also my shopping hauls.

You can stalk contact me via the buttons under my profile - my facebook page, tumblr, and email. 

If you are a company who wishes to contact me regarding product reviews or such, or if you'd like a copy of my blogger media kit, please send me an email. 

And this is Mickey! He'll pop up in my posts every now and then ^^

~It's so nice to meet you!~

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