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Seoul-ful Travelling (March Seoul Trip): Ehwa University, Edae & Hongdae

Hello! Here's the next instalment in my Seoul travel posts. 

Haven't read the first part? It's here :P

It's day 2 of my 6 day trip and what's on the agenda? More shopping, yay! 

This time it's clothes shopping instead of makeup, as we headed to Ehwa Women's University. 

Yup, a university just for female students. 

So of course the campus is super pretty - widely regarded as the prettiest university in Seoul, with beautiful architecture. 

But what's that got to do with shopping? Well not so far from the campus is Edae, lined with little shops and boutiques that sell trendy but super affordable clothing - perfectly aimed at young women who want to look fashionable on a budget. 

Here you can find cute clothes from 5000 Won up - that's USD$5! Actually most of the sale racks are at the 10 000 to 15 000 Won price point and up. Still, that's some great bargains! 

By the end of our shopping trip my hands had gone numb from carrying my loot around, lol. Hence the lack of photos since I was too busy draining my wallet, lol. I'm sorry.

A wall plaque near the university. It's basically like a representation of the area - so pretty! 

First glimpse of the campus. 

The side 'walls' are actually a building in of itself! I think it's a library/study area? 

It's all glass - very cool. 

Quick selfie before heading out to shop! My skin and lips got so dry from the long plane ride and harsh Winter wind :(

Edae's pretty big - you literally can shop until you drop, lol. I consider myself a pretty good shopper, but even I had to admit I was done after a few hours. 

You can try and bargain for some things, but if you're buying $10 to $15 sale items you won't get further discounts. Most full priced items you can start with asking for a 'cash discount' (a discount for paying in cash) - sale assistants will understand if you say this phrase. It's normally about 5-10% discount, and from there you can try to haggle it further. 

The language barrier will be an issue but ask for a calculator and put in the price you want, and then they'll counter offer, and so on. 

It's worth being determined, but I found women were less likely to give in compared to older men. I didn't end up bargaining too much since I was mostly buying sale items anyway! 

Check out this amazing hair salon and cafe! It looks like a magical supplies shop straight out of the Harry Potter universe, doesn't it?

From Edae we were off to Hongdae, because it's pretty lively at night.

Tip, rent a locker at the train station so you don't have to lug your shopping bags around or go back to your accommodation. 

Didn't get any good pics of Hongdae, oops. There's some really nice shops here too - the vibe of the fashion is less girlie compared to Edae, with more 'edgier' clothes as well as higher end boutique type stores. There's still bargains to be found of course. 

And there were quite a number of restaurants and cafes too. 

So much effort is put into making businesses stand out! I love the pottery on top of this little shop. We ate at the restaurant behind it - the one with the bear signage ^^

Haha, I love all the side dishes that come with a main meal - I can get full just eating those plus a bowl of rice! 

 Pretty fountain outside of the restaurant~

After dinner comes dessert (obviously). We went to a cute little bakery called Chocolat Yum in Hongdae, to try some strawberry shortcake. This cake is everywhere in Korea! Spongecake, cream, and fresh strawberries are a super popular combination - every cafe we walked past had some sort of variation of this cake! 

Asides from cake, Chocolat Yum had the cutest array of cookies, jams, and other sweets. Sooo cute! 

Wish I could have one of everything :P

Cake <3 I really like the cream here - it's lighter and tastier to Western cream cakes, which can be a bit too heavy for me. The milk must be different somehow, lol. 

The sponge cake was soft and fluffy too, yum yum. If you don't like anything too rich or heavy this is perfect for you. 

Mmm, next stop is to another dessert place - Peony, where we bought another two strawberry and cream cakes. Because you know, we're insane. This one above had chocolate cream and bananas <3

We were literally eating cake for breakfast the next few days! 

More cake at Coco Bruni - please don't judge me, lol. It's a pretty crap photo, but this Earl Grey cake was the most amazing cake I've ever eaten in my whole life. If you only go to one dessert place, I reckon this would be the one I recommend. 

The interior is pretty cool too - the ground floor has a super pretty antique concept going on, and then you walk up to the second floor and it suddenly turns sci-fi futuristic on you, with a cold library, maze like, science like concept. Bizarre but cool! 

At this point we're 90% sugar, so we head back to the apartment to unwind. 

And I finally get to taste that banana milk drink that everyone loves, lol. It's good! 

And before I end this post, here's a mini tour of the apartment we stayed in. It pretty much had everything we needed - kitchen, bathroom, two double beds and one single bed, storage closet, even a tv ^^

It was super bright and airy, really nice overall. 

I slept upstairs - the ceiling's really low so you can't stand up in here, but I hear many apartments in Korea are like this ^^

I think it was nicer and more fun than staying in a hotel~

But anyway, this concludes day two of my Seoul trip! 

Hope these travel posts are interesting - more to come soon. 

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Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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