Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Hello! March/April Beauty Faves~

Lovelies! I've missed you! So sorry for not updating for two months already T.T 

I don't think I've gone without blogging for longer than 3 weeks since I started this blog in 2011! It's been a bit hectic since coming back from Seoul in March, I got sick for 3 weeks, and then there's been stupid ongoing drama at work. 

Anyways, time to ease back into blogging with a belated monthly beauty faves post. Technically this was supposed to be a March post, but I've still been loving the same products for April, so it still counts :P 

I'll start on my Seoul travel and haul post soon too, I know you've been waiting on that! 

But without further ado, here's what I've been loving the past two months. 

L-R: Tony Moly Luminous Aura BB Cream, Etude House Sugar Tint Balm #7 Grape Jam, Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick #9 Blueberry Burgundy , Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint in Trinity, Mac's Soba, Tony Moly Gel Liner in Brown

The bb cream and Etude House tint balm I purchased in Seoul (oh my god, it was makeup heaven there!).

I'd been wanting to try the Tony Moly Aura bb cream for a few years now, so when I saw it at the Tony Moly store I just had to pick it up! 

Funnily enough the next day we met up with my friend's Korean penpal and when we complimented her skin she told us she was wearing this bb cream! I felt so smug knowing I'd bought it, lol. 

If you like natural looking, dewy finish bb creams, and you have slightly dry skin like me, you'll really like this! It looks really nice on the skin - dewy but not overly so, and the coverage was better than expected for mild skin redness and faded acne scars. I wore this the last few days of my Seoul trip and my friends kept complimenting my skin ^^

Btw, my skin was dry and patchy from the harsh Seoul winter climate and this bb applied really nicely over it - it didn't emphasise the patchiness at all!  

EH Sugar Tint Balm, Innisfree Cream Mellow Lipstick, Aritaum Wannabe Cushion Tint
EH Grape Jam, Innisfree Blueberry Burgundy, Aritaum Trinity

The EH sugar balm tint was released just a few weeks before I left for Seoul - I wasn't actually gonna pick it up until I saw my friend wearing hers - it looked so good on her I bought two colours. 

I love the formula of these tint balms. It's very pigmented, glides smoothly, and surprisingly long wearing for a coloured balm. They're slick and hydrating like a balm yet finishes like a lipstick.

Wearing Tony Moly bb cream, Mac's Soba on eyes, Etude House Sugar Balm on lips

Onto the other two lip products~!

Innisfree's Cream Mellow lipstick was another monthly fave. Again it's a creamy balm-like lipstick formula, which I always gravitate towards. Blueberry Burgundy is a burgundy coloured lipstick with a blue-purple undertone. It wears a bit pinker on me, as I apply this lightly over lip balm, but the pigmentation can go from lightly tinted to relatively opaque.  

I managed to pick up a few things at Aritaum, but not their lip products, so after I got back I jumped online and purchased a couple of their Wannabe lipstick-tints ^^ 

Not too sure why it's called a tint, as it's a matte lipstick? But whatever, the colour's gorgeous and the formula's fab. I usually find matte lipsticks very drying on me, but these are nice and creamy. 

They come with a sponge on the other end to help with application/softening the lip line. 

Trinity is a purple-burgundy, though it photographs a bit more reddish on my lips, depending on how much I use the sponge to soften the colour.  

I really like how vampy it can look <3

And the final two faves are eye products. Soba is my first MAC purchase *.* 

I bought it since it's famous for being a natural brown shade, that's perfect for adding natural definition to the eyes.

Anyway, I really like it, and use it a lot on its own, for simple day to day makeup. It looks really natural, and the formula is smooth and nice to use - pretty much obsessed with it :P

Last but not least is Tony Moly's gel liner. I reviewed the black way back when, and now I've returned back to it because I'd been on the lookout for a cheap but nice brown liner. It's got a bit of a metallic sheen in the formula, which I could do without, but it's still a great day eyeliner to use. 

...And there we have it. Thanks so much for reading. Again sorry for lack of updates - I'll do my best to get some new beauty reviews out for you since I have a tonne of new makeup I've been using. 

Talk to you soon

xoxo Tulip

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