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Tony Moly BCDATION Review (BB, CC Cream & Foundation in one)

Over the last year we've seen some innovative and exciting trends come about in base makeup - after the huge popularity of bb creams along came cc creams, and then cushion makeup, which sent the Asian beauty blogging community into a tizzy. 

And amongst that excitement Tony Moly released their own unique product - the BCdation. 

It's exactly as it sounds - the BCdation claims to be the new replacement for bb cream, cc cream, and foundation, as it combines all the best qualities of the 3 items into one single formula. 

Sounds kind of crazy, huh? 


I was excited to receive a mini sized sample during a shopping haul on Beautynetkorea, because I had been eyeing it since its release. The full sized product comes in a rounded cylinder packaging, whereas the mini sample came in a squeeze tube, so I won't say much about the packaging. 

Anyway, the BCdation is marketed as having the light and natural application of a bb cream, the moist and comfortable feeling of a cc cream, and the coverage power of a foundation.


Texture wise, the BCdation is thin and runny similar to common foundations. At first glance it looked like any other foundation, no hint of the thicker texture of bb cream, nor the capsule filled formula of cc creams. 

It spreads really easily onto the skin, and can be applied by fingers, which is my preferred method. Scent wise, it's not strongly fragranced, but it has the scent baby powder and a bit of something floral. 

I was actually really impressed with this the first time I used it. It spreads easily, and it 'adheres' to the skin really well. It doesn't cake up or look thick, yet for how light the texture feels the coverage is actually really good (medium coverage). 

The finish is glossy on my dry-normal skin, and it didn't bring out any dry patches on my face - but it did cling to dried out blemishes. With a primer underneath the finish is not as glossy, but still radiant and partially dewy. 

Shade #1 (best suited to NC15 I think)

It doesn't feel sticky, but the formula isn't smudgeproof, so it could still transfer on clothing and such. It also doesn't feel as long lasting on a primer free base, as opposed to using with a primer.

Regarding the three in one formula, I can't really differentiate the properties of bb cream, cc cream, and foundation in the formula. To be blunt, the BCdation simply reads more as a foundation in my eyes, simply because of the texture and coverage. In my defence bb cream, cc cream, and foundation all share many similar properties! 

It's not a bad thing though, I still really like this, and even though I can't really differentiate the 3 products in this one formula, I'll just trust that they're in there >.< 

For the negatives, I would say that the bcdation could appear oily rather than glossy in the warmer months, on oily skin, or under certain lightings. It doesn't completely cover red blemishes on the skin as claimed (better to use a concealer). It also only comes in two shades - I received Shade 1 and it's too light on my skin, though it's not too obvious in the photos below. 

Without primer, applied with fingers
One layer all over, extra patted on cheeks for extra coverage - no concealer
With primer on T-zone, and cheeks, applied with fingers
No concealer

But overall the pros outweigh the cons for me - I love how this applies so nicely to my skin - you can't really see it 'sitting' on top of my skin. It also doesn't feel heavy, and the coverage was good enough to disguise uneven skin tone and light redness. It did have a moist and hydrating feel to it, which I always like since my skin can be on the dryer side. The glossy finish is nice too, though sadly I would probably avoid wearing this in Summer. 

I would definitely be open to purchasing this, though I'd probably go with Shade #2. 

If you're a fan of glossy finish foundations, I'd say check out Tony Moly's BCdation ^^

You can grab the mini sized 20ml sample off Beautynetkorea here if you're interested, and the full sized product is stocked on the site too. 

Also, if you're on Instagram do check out my mini beauty giveaway. I'm giving away one of Etude House's cute new castle shaped handcreams, plus a set of false nails and samples <3

Thanks for reading lovelies - have a super weekend! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I also got this sample from beautynetkorea but sadly I don't like the color I asked them to send me the sample in no1 because it has pink in the name and I was like yessss pink but it's just too yellow for my skin tone :( and I've got combination skin and it kind of just sits on my face and it's obvious that I wear make-up. I only used this a few times and I might give it another chance but so far I don't really like it. At least I didn't pay for it...

  2. It sounds good and looks good on your skin! it doesn't look oily at all imo, it looks rather dewy and radiant.
    too bad the 3in1 claim didn't really live up to the expectation, but I think it does make your skin looking flawless in a natural way :)

  3. Looks very natural, and doesn't look oily at all!!

    恵美より ♥

  4. ooooh i got this in my haul with beautynetkorea too!! Haven't used it yet because it seems like they gave me such a light shade as opposed with my tanned skin... it doesn't adjust with your skin does it?

  5. Hey Tulip! I've just started reading your blog and I love your reviews so much! Could you recommend any medium/full coverage foundations or bb creams that would be good for covering redness on dry skin? Preferably not matte finish. Thanks! :3

  6. I recently tried the BCDATION as well and I really like it.

  7. Hey Annie, I'd say check out Mizon's Snail Repair BB Cream, Lioele's Triple Solution BB Cream and Etude House's Precious Minerals BB Cream for medium to full coverage. I have dry-normal skin and they all work quite well for me ^^
    Etude has a dewy finish, while the other two are semi-matte in finish but give a glowy look.

  8. Thanks Pam! When it's so hot here in Australia, I'd rather not be dewy as people may mistake me for having an oily face >.<
    Yes, I don't know what I was expecting, but while a nice product it just looks like any regular foundation? I guess I wanted to see something I hadn't before.

  9. No I didn't find it to adjust on me. It's more on the foundation side, rather than bb or cc in that respect.

  10. I don't like many foundations, but this is one of a few that I do like ^^

  11. I have BB and CC creams from TM and I like them quite a lot, so this product looks interesting! Though it sounds more like what companies here sell as "light foundation" and I agree that the boundary between the creams and foundation is blurry anyways.

  12. I love the color on you, it's so nice and glowy but I totally would be setting it with a powder. I always prefer a matte finish. I think I'd need the next shade for my NC 20 skin! Great review!

  13. Hi tulip! Thanks for your reviews. Actually, I got really confused with all those. Lol and i am wondering what bb cream is best for covering pores? Pls help me decide. I got these pores from my old acne scars and I also have a sensitive skin. Thanks.

  14. Hmm, I know Holika Holika recently released a pore coverage line, but I haven't tried them before so I don't know if they're good or not.

    I remember I quite liked Liole's Triple Solution BB Cream for an almost flawless finish - but it's high coverage so not too sure if you would be into that!

  15. hello! what primer did you use with the BCDation? I was reading articles about how your primer and bb/cc/foundation need to have the same base (water, mineral, etc) in order to pair most efficiently.

  16. I believe it was the cream stick concealer from EGLIPS.
    That's quite interesting! I'll definitely have to remember this for future reference, thanks for sharing ^^

  17. My sister has been using it for the past few years, she has sensitive oily skin and pore concerns, but the bb makes her skin look really good!
    Some people have said it made them break out, so if you have sensitive skin I recommend buying some sample sachets first.

  18. was looking for a review of this product because i've been hearing so many people talk about it. i'm gonna buy it soon and try it for myself. hope it works well

  19. If you're into dewy finish foundies you'll like this one ^^


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