Monday, 29 December 2014

How to fail at being a panda

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch Review

Hi hi cuties! Do you remember when I blogged about Tony Moly's new Panda's Dream release earlier this year? I tried the whitening cream but didn't like it much >.< But Beautynetkorea recently sent me a whole bunch of the eye patches, so let's see how these faired...

First off, the packaging is a highlight, as is most of the Panda's Dream range, but hello, when it comes to pandas, you can't go wrong with a fat round panda on the packaging :P

I guess we are familiar with eye patches being curved in shape to fit under the eye area where puffy bags and dark circles are, but these eye patches go one step further! 

Continuing with the panda theme, these patches come in quite large rounded shapes mimicking those adorable black patches surrounding panda eyes. Haha, they look like moist pieces of dried seaweed! You may get a shock when you open the packet - the colour and shape is quite unexpected.

If you want to look like a sleeping panda you apply the whole patch evenly over your eye area - you'll need to keep your eyes closed for 10-20 minutes to allow the essence to work its magic. 

Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch ReviewTony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch Review

However if you want to look like a masked bandit, then apply the patches with the eye opening peeled down so you can continue to see or carry on with essential tasks. The eye opening is quite generous while still being able to be manipulated to cover much of the under eye area. 

It will feel very cooling, more so if you pop these in the fridge beforehand. The patches are generously soaked in essence, with enough to pat onto other areas if you wish. It doesn't sting, irritate, or pull my skin. 

After removal, pat the remaining essence into the skin. It may be a bit sticky for a few moments, but skin looks brighter, fresher, and dewier. I did note some brightening to my dark under eye circles, but not a miraculous amount. 

Overall these patches, while quite silly and gimmicky, actually does provide some short term skin brightening, and are relaxing to use. They won't miraculously eliminate dark circles, however I quite like these for when I want some quick pampering! 

Get them from Beautynetkorea here, if you like the look of these~!

Hope you all had a fab Christmas/Holiday - not too long now til we ring in the new year >.< 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I have one of these lying around. I never used it before but I´m really curious about how it will work for me. I really have to try it.

  2. I did not expect the Patches to look like that at all~ ^ ^
    They are very cute though! ^ - ^

  3. Those look so funny but kind of cute too!^^ I kinda want to try them too:D

  4. Hi :) Happy New Year to you :)

    Have you tried EM cosmetics ?
    I would love to see reviews on it ^^

  5. this mask seems interesting. i might try it out!
    thanks for the review btw!

  6. It's an 'interesting' experience lol, definitely give it a go, even just for fun ^^

  7. I think they're more for fun than anything else really :P

  8. They're good for a bit of fun ^^

  9. Happy New Year ^^
    I haven't actually, I might look into it!

  10. They're good for a bit of silliness and fun :P


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