Thursday, 20 November 2014

Mizon's Snail Repair BB Cream

Hi Loves, I'm back with a bb cream review tonight~

Since discovering snail filtrate skincare, and because I was such a fan of Mizon's Snail Repair Cream, I decided to try the bb cream from the range too. I featured the Snail Repair BB Cream in my March Beauty Faves, but it's only now that I get around to reviewing it >.< 

Anyways, it's fairly affordable in my opinion - I got mine off Beautynetkorea, where it costs about USD $11.

The packaging is the same colour as the moisturiser, and is more functional than attractive in it's squishy squeeze tube design. The bb cream squeezes out easily through the small nozzle, and when there's only a little bit left, the thin plastic tube will be easy enough to cut open. 

Unfortunately there is only one shade option, and it's definitely for fair skintone. I'd say it best matches NC15 skintone, however I put myself at NC20, and I feel like I can get away with wearing it, as it does somewhat adapt to my skintone, especially since I really work the bb cream in so it looks more natural. 

I have applied it a bit more thickly before, but thought the shade looked alright in reality, in photos it did appear noticeable lighter - so I always make sure to apply a thinner layer and work it into the skin more. Coverage is sacrificed a bit, but the finish is more natural and flattering ^^

Squeezed out
Lightly spread out

One of the nice things about the Mizon Snail BB Cream is that the shade is not grey or pink toned (it's a little pink toned, but not very), as many Korean bb creams tend to be. 

It's also got decent coverage. It won't perfectly cover blemishes or redness, but it does a great job evening out my skintone, while minimising redness and pigmentation. 

The finish of the bb cream leaves skin looking dewy and radiant, but the actual finish is semi-matte (on my dry-normal skin). I find highlighter is not always necessary when I wear this bb cream as it naturally leaves the high points on my face with a glowy look. This may be a problem for oily skin types or for people who prefer a matte look. 

Natural finish considering the quite good coverage! 
The finish looks more glowy here - you'd need to finish with powder for a more matte look~
You can see it doesn't cover the blemishes near my mouth, but overall the coverage is decent
In front of bright sunlight
Somewhat bright lighting
Looks more matte here since I applied it a little too thickly and not too carefully, so it doesn't match too good to my skin tone

Due to the thicker texture of the bb cream, it does take a bit more effort to apply it as it doesn't 'glide' as easily as other runnier bb creams. It's similar to Lioele's Triple the Solution BB Cream in texture. Similar to the Lioele bb cream, I wouldn't recommend building layers as the texture will start caking up after the first layer.

But patting an extra bit of bb cream on specific problem areas is possible if you need the little extra bit of coverage. 

The bb does cling to the dry patches around my nose, but overall I would say this bb cream is suitable for dry-normal skin types, as long as you moisturise first. But if you do have flaky skin or big areas of dry patches this bb cream may not be a good choice. 

It doesn't feel heavy on my skin, and is less smudgeable than my preferred every day bb (Etude's Precious Minerals), but it can still transfer onto clothes and such. If you don't have a good makeup remover, a double cleansing would be required to remove all traces.

Although one of the better bb creams I've tried, I don't think the fact that it has snail filtrate in it has made any significant or noticeable changes to my skin (the Mizon snail skincare I found much more effective!). But still, this is one of my favourite bb creams at the moment! 

If you have fairer skin and want something with decent coverage, I'd recommend this ^^

Have you tried any snail filtrate bb creams?

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. The color looks perfect and I am a big fan of thick textures :)

  2. I never tried any snail bb cream because i always wait until i finished my current one lol. I think i have to pass on this as well because i have oily skin T__T But i think it looks awesome on you and your skin looks really flawless ;-; its a shame that it only seems to be nice for people with normal skin ㅠㅠ

  3. i've been eyeing this bbcream! awesome review thanks!! might try this for winter!

  4. You look gorgeous in these photos! ^ w ^
    I still feel a little bit funny using products with Snail Filtrate! ^ u ^

  5. i almost buy this bb cream for my sister, buy I chose secret key snail bb instead.
    I love your lips color on the last photo?
    what product did u use?

  6. I really like the finish of the BB cream on your photos, though it's so annoying when it sticks to dry skin patches... But I think it's impossible to avoid that without using a lot of primer or other smoothening agent. :/

  7. What are you wearing on your lips in the pictures where you have the pigtails ?

  8. ınteresting make up item with snail filtrate :D thank you for the nice review

  9. ouuu! sounds very cool! I want to try out the bb cream from mizon. The effects look so nice on you~~ <3


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