Tuesday, 4 November 2014

EGLIPS JolieBéBé Lip Treatment and Lip Polish

Hi ya! I'm back with more EGLIPS reviews ^^

Last week I reviewed the primer and concealer, so today I have the lip polish and lip treatment to show you. 

Unlike the sleek and trendy packaging of the primer and concealer, these two products have a more girlie packaging instead, with its pastel blues and pinks. 

Both products come packaged in simple squeeze tubes, with a net weight of 15ml. 

The packaging looks slightly childish to me hehe

The JolieBéBé (Jolie Baby?) Lip Polish is essentially a 3 minute lip scrub, able to remove dead skin off the lips, while the addition of shea butter in the formula nourishes and moisturises. 

L-R: Lip Treatment, Lip Polish
Lip Polish spread out

The scrub comes out of the tube as a thick white paste, and once you apply it to the lips you can feel the graininess of the formula. After leaving the formula on the lips for 3 minutes, the lips become softer and then you can start exfoliating the lips to remove dead skin and loose flakes. 

It definitely made my lips feel softer after using it, but I wish it came in a bigger size as you use quite a fair amount to cover the lips in a thick layer - if you apply too little the scrub's not so effective. 

I also would've preferred a more grainy formula - this EGLIPS polish is more for not so dry lips I think. Having a more grainy formula or more bigger size of exfoliating beads would be more effective for the removal of more dry or flaky lips. 

As for the JolieBéBé Lip Treatment, it's described as a pudding gloss type lip treatment for smooth and moisturised lips. It contains shea butter and aloe, and essentially it's a glossy finish lip balm.

Texture wise, the treatment is thick and indeed does have a glossy feel and finish on the lips. It does feel very hydrating, but due to the thick texture it can feel a bit heavy and sticky too. But you can reduce this heavy sensation by using a more delicate touch with the application - I tend to squeeze the tube too hard and often end up with more gloss than needed :P

This gloss also looks great over lipsticks or tints! And you can have both a glossy finish as well as added hydration by layering this over lip products. 

Just a warning to be very careful not to get a taste of this lip treatment - I tried once and it was quite gag-worthy as it tastes like bad oil or grease T.T 

Both items are fairly inexpensive and decent for the price, though to be honest I'm not blown away by what I've experienced from this brand just yet. 

You can grab the lip treatment here, and the lip polish here, on Beautynetkorea if you want to check them out ^^

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. It's a shame that they weren't very impressive, considering that the lip treatment is one of their best selling products. I was thinking about getting the treatment but I think I'm going to go for Aritaum's Ginger Sugar one instead. Thanks for the review! ^^

  2. Ohh these look like they could be fun to try out! ^ - ^


  3. Oh these two products look very interesting! I've been thinking about buying a lip scrub, the homemade ones don't really work for me, I might give this one a try, since my lips are not awfully dry, it might be enough. Thanks for the review!

  4. Very unique *0*

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