Wednesday, 15 October 2014

My Korean Beauty Haul ^^

It's been ages since I last did a beauty haul post! I've been resisting the temptation as much as I can lately, but when I saw that Beautynetkorea was having a 15% off sale for members I decided to treat myself ^.^

Here's what I picked!

L-R: Mizon Night Repair Rich Cream, Tony Moly Tony Tint, Secret Key Choco Browcara, Baviphat I Love Tint Gloss, Etude House Cherry Tint, Aritaum Full Cover BB Cream, Holika Holika Magic Waterproof Eyeliner, plus free samples

So not only did I get 15% off this haul, plus earning points for credit, I also got a bunch of free samples, plus a full sized Tony Moly lip tint! Beautynetkorea often puts in either a full sized freebie or generous sample sized freebie for orders over $50. Last time I ordered I got a mini Tony Moly foundation (review coming soon!), which is always a nice incentive to order :P

But anyways! Most of these items were purchased to replace other items I had or finished. 

I've finished up my Mizon snail cream and decided to replace it with a different cream by the same brand, just to mix things up. I didn't want to get my skin too used to the same skincare, so I thought I'd switch over, and I'd been eyeing this Melting Rich Cream for a while. 

I've been using brow mascara a lot more than brow powder these past few months but the one I'm using at the moment is past its used by date (think I've had it for like 3 years now!).Don't think I've tried any Secret Key before, so I'm looking forward to it! 

The Etude House Lip tint is a repurchase as I'm not too far off finishing the one I have now - it's my everyday go to lip product <3

I'm still on the hunt for my HG brown pencil eyeliner, so the next one to try is this Holika Holika one. I'm currently using Etude's Auto Proof eye-liner, which is the best smudge free liner I've tried to date, but sadly I hate the colour! Instead of a chocolate brown which is what I want, their brown shade has an grey undertone to it, which I really dislike. 

Another new brand I'll be trying is Aritaum - after hearing beauty youtuber Sunnydahye mention how much she liked this Full Cover bb cream I decided I wanted to try it too ^.^

And last but not least is a cute little lip product from Baviphat which I am super loving! I can admit shamelessly that I bought this purely for the apple shaped packaging~

But after trying it yesterday I am super impressed with it - the pigmentation is ah-may-zing. It's a bit difficult to remove, but it's well worth if for how pigmented and long wearing the formula is. I actually jumped back online and purchased another two colours last night because I need to have more! 

Just to let you know, the Beautynetkorea 15% off sale ends tomorrow, and after that it'll probably go back to the normal 10% off sale for members, so check it out if you want to treat yourself to some Korean beauty goodies ^^

Anyway I have a long backlog of reviews and posts I'm trying to get done, so hopefully I'll have a new post up tomorrow. For now, chat to you later lovelies! 

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xoxo Tulip

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  1. So cute ^^

    Love the packaging!!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. Amazing haul I can't wait for the reviews especially the one for the Baviphat tint, the packaging is to die for! And the Mizon cream looks interesting but I stopped using their creams because I find them to be too rich for my skin :( I couldn't resist the temptation and today I made an order too and I really bought too many things and there are more things I want to buy lol XD My wishlist seems to be endless.

  3. woahh that Baviphat lip gloss must be really good that made you purchased another two colour. Can't wait for your review ^^

  4. The Baviphat tint is sooo cute! Do you find eye brow mascara to look more natural natural/be easier to use than powder? I've been using eye brow powder and pencil and thought powder looked really natural, but it is sometimes smudging or being hard to apply... Is mascara better?

  5. Nice haul ! Waiting for your review of foundation :))

  6. Oh can you write review of Aritaum's full cover bb cream? I've been thinking about buying it because it looks amazing!! I hope it works for you too :)

  7. I also change my creams up so my skin doesn't get to 'use' to them, I find when I stick with the same thing for too long I end up with bad results rather than good so I always move on to something new but keep backups of tried and tested products for when my skin had a bad reaction to new things.

    I've found I have a bit of an obsession with Japanese and Korean things for a while now, it started out with food because I was bored of the usual stuff and enjoyed the new flavours and the mystery of buying something and not knowing exactly what it was and that developed in to an obsession with skincare, I find a lot of things are just so effective and I'm yet to find a Korean lip product that I don't like (whereas I hate most of what is available on the Australian market).

    Your blog is enabling my obsession!

  8. Lovely haul.

  9. Thanks! Hope you enjoy your own haul - haha my wishlist is endless too!

  10. I just really like combination of the pigmentation and the glossy finish <3
    Will review it soon ^^

  11. I actually think brow powder and pencil looks more natural! I use browcara because it photographs better, but in real life pencil and powder looks 'softer' overall. But yeah I get what you mean, powder and pencil is more time consuming than browcara T.T

    But I like to use a combination of all 3 - if I'm in a rush I'll fill in the spaces with pencil and then put browcara on top, just to match my hair colour, but if I have time I'll put powder first, shape the arch with pencil, and then finish with browcara. I find it looks more natural that way.

  12. Hehe, switching skincare up just gives me the excuse to shop and buy new things ^o^

    There's just something about Korean makeup that gets me, compared to Western brands - the quality for the price, as well packaging is just way more appealing?


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