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Introducing EGLIPS - Multi Unique Primer and Multi Unique Concealer Review

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Today I'm reviewing a few things from a Korean cosmetics brand called EGLIPS. Bit of an unusual name, huh? I wonder if it's pronounced as Egg-Lips or if it's a play on Eclipse with a 'g'?

Anyway, I believe EGLIPS is not so well known as a brand internationally, but Beautynetkorea stocks them, and kindly sent me a few items as they seem to be gaining a bit of popularity amongst Korean beauty bloggers as a budget friendly makeup brand.

Here I have the Multi Unique Primer and Multi Unique Concealer to show you~

Packaging wise, the concealer and primer look near identical with its sleek black packaging and bold white font. It kinda reminds me of NARS lippies hehe. The only way to differentiate between the primer and concealer is the teeny tiny font on the bottom of the tubes, or simply by taking the lids off. 

The primer is a pale purple toned pink stick, and the concealer is yellow in shade. 

While I have tried a concealer in stick format before, I hadn't tried a primer in stick format! 

The Multi Unique Primer is packaged to look like a lipstick, so it's super portable if you want to take it out and about or travelling. I love the bold design too, and the matte black packaging means no ugly finger marks on the tube. 

It looks pinky purplish in colour, however applies almost colourlessly. There might be a slight tinge of pinkyness when applied (if you squint real hard), however it fades almost immediately. 

Due to its lipstick size, this primer isn't the best if you want to prime your whole face. It'd take forever! This is probably best for targeting specific areas. 

I was kinda sceptical about this primer at first, however after applying this to just the cheek and nose areas where my pores are most visible, and then applying foundation over the top I was very impressed by the result! 

Primer applied on inner cheek area and on nose, and Tony Moly BCdation foundation applied on top.
Definitely noticed a 'shrinkage' of pores here 

I just apply the primer in sweeping strokes where I want it, and then pat the area with my fingers (though the patting is probably not a necessary step?). It feels a bit sticky at first, kind of like a coating of something silicone like on the skin. 

Primer applied under Tony Moly foundation
The primer gives my skin a much smoother base - can hardly see my pores!

I didn't notice much difference after applying it at first, but once I put the foundation on I noticed my nose pores were almost invisible, and my cheeks looked very smooth too. I normally don't bother with primer as it's just the pores on my nose that bug me, but I could definitely see a significant improvement when I use this primer.

Asides from pore minimisation, the primer stick contains moisturising elements such as jojoba oil and rosehip oil, and even precious minerals such as pearl powder, ruby and amethyst. I have no idea if those precious minerals have any beauty benefits whatsoever, but it's different and fancy lol. 

Now because it's a moisturising stick, this is more suited towards normal to dry skin types in my opinion. I only say this as oily skin types tends to prefer matte purpose primers, and while this one isn't super hydrating, it may make makeup a tad bit dewier than compared to other pore minimising primers. 

Overall for the price it's a pretty decent pore minimising primer. I would recommend this if you want to target specific areas rather than your whole face, and if you like something a tad bit more hydrating. If you're after a more matte finish, this isn't likely to suit your needs. 

The Multi Unique Concealer claims to increase the longevity of makeup, and is best used as a lip concealer under lipstick to show off the true colour of the lipstick. Containing Vitamin E, Shea butter, Grapeseed Oil, and Sweet Almond Oil, this is definitely a hydrating concealer. 

It does feel very creamy and glides on the skin easily without tugging. It's creamy and hydrating so it's okay for dry undereye areas. 

It can be used on blemishes and dark circles, however Eglips claims it's more effective as a lip concealer 0.o

I don't think it's a great move to say that this supposed multi function concealer only really works best as a lip concelaer! It kinda makes me have lower expectations of it...

But I'd have to agree - the shade doesn't really match my skintone so I can only use it as a lip concealer anyway. It does actually apply well on the lips with a lip brush - don't apply it straight from the bullet as it'll deposit too thick a layer. 

I liked that it doesn't dry out my lips, though it sometimes makes my lips flake the next day. It doesn't play well with hydrating lipsticks as it just 'mixes' together, but matte formula lippies apply fine over the concealer. I think the concealer makes the colour a little softer though, rather than vibrant, though it might just be my application technique. 

Personally I don't really use lip concealers, so I'm not too excited about this item, but it's got a nice creamy formula which feels comfortable on the lips. 

Both the primer and concealer retail under USD$8, so they are quite affordable, and at that price I would say the quality is decent, though not amazing. I'd still like to check out the rest of their range, as their lip products look quite good! 

You can check out the primer here, and the concealer here if you're interested ^^

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I love the sleek and cool packaging, unique indeed!!!!

    恵美より ♥

  2. They do look like Lipsticks! ^ w ^

  3. They look so much like lipsticks. I have been fooled! Hahaha
    Your pores look nonexistent in that photo...Now I really want to try this. Ahh!

  4. The pore concealer sounds amazing, that is exactly what I need! And the moisturizing ingredients are really great, normally I find primers quite drying (or at best not doing anything really). Thank you for the review :)


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