Monday, 1 September 2014

Pre-Birthday Clothes Shopping Haul

Hi Cutiepies, 

Just a short, quick clothing haul post to break up all the beauty posts ^^

So today was my rostered day off, and I was finally getting over a 2 week cold, and tomorrow's my birthday, so I decided I wanted to have a girl's day out with my Mum. We went to Harbourtown, which is basically a DFO shopping centre in the city. 

I hadn't been in so long, but it turned out to be good timing because a lot of the stores were having really good end of season sales <3

There was a lot of Winter stock on clearance, which was both tempting and sad because it's way too warm to be wearing any of that now! I had to put down and walk away from a few super cute knitwear and jackets, because I just wouldn't be able to wear them until next year if I got them #firstworldproblems

Anyways, I did end up with some fab bargains, if I do say so myself. The cheapest item was $4.99, and the most exxiest item was...$10, I think? Here's my loot! Apologies for the amateurish quality of the pics - I'm not too good at taking photos of clothes, plus I was in a bit of a rush - I'll try to do better next time >.< 

Bargain of the day award goes to these Jay Jays denim shorts, which were only $5 each. I know right? That's insanely cheap. Got these two pairs for myself and another 2 pairs for my sis. There was actually another pair I wanted, which had daisy embellishments sewn on the pockets, but another girl was quicker to grab the last one in my size *nooooo, curse my clumsy non-coordination skills*

Haha, it's cool though, still very happy with these two. 

Over in Dotti, I was particularly drawn to this skirt...not sure what the style is called, but I've seen a lot of fashion bloggers wearing these. I didn't think they were my style, but I like the pattern on this, and the fold part isn't as exaggerated compared to what the fashionistas are wearing, so I thought I'd be able to carry it off. This was $9.95, and there was a matching cropped top, but it was $19.95 so skipped getting that *is hella stingy* 

These blue tights I got from Chic-a-booti (which happens to be having a Nothing Over $10 sale atm!), and they were $4.99. I rarely wear blue, but the colours are so vibrant and the print is too beautiful to pass up. 

Favourite buy of the day goes to this tiger sweatshirt, with his ever so dashing glasses. This was also from Chic-a-booti, and came out to be $7.99. The glass frames actually have studded embellishments on it, which adds some texture and interest to the top. My Mum actually really likes this too, and says she wants to borrow it sometime ^_^

Also came across this sweet and slightly sexy LBD in Chic-a-booti. I can never go pass a simple yet cute black dress! I really liked the neckline detail and shift shape. Think this one was $9.99

Actually that was my second LBD purchase of the day.

Earlier I bought this one from Dotti for $9.95. I really liked the back cut-out detail and I love the slightly flared skirt shape (flatters my bigger hips/thighs quite nicely).

And last but not least, my final purchase for the day, which I just could not pass up - this lipstick kisses knit top. It's a size too large, but since it's cropped I should be able to get away with it. This was $9.95 at Valleygirl, and the material feels really soft and nice <3 

It's not too thick too, so I should be able to wear it a few times before it gets to warm. 

Overall, it was quite a successful shopping trip! Only thing is, now I have to make room in my wardrobe for everything...blegh, not looking forward to that. 

Anyway, thanks for reading! 

Chat to you soon ^^

 xoxo Tulip

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  1. You got great deals! My state only has like 1 DFO which isn't that good :( I want those shorts! :O

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  2. Love your haul :)

  3. Oh gosh, the clothes are so nice! *___* I LOOOOVE that tiger sweater - I wish I can find something like that here. ;___;


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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