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4 Mini Korean Beauty Reviews

Hi Lovelies! 

Today's post is an assortment of mini beauty reviews, made up of beauty products that I had planned to fully review, but never got around to (for whatever reason). Rather than let the photos languish forever on my computer, I will just give you my quick thoughts on these ^^

Some of these date back quite a bit! 

Etude House Juicy Cocktail Gradation Nails #5 Princess Marry

A super cute nail polish set from Etude - the polishes are quite tiny, however it's not expensive for the set. I think I paid about $8 for it? 

The base polish is really sheer - I wouldn't wear it on its own since it would make my nails look a bit unhealthy, against my yellow skin tone colouring. The middle shade is your typical clear polish with really fine gold shimmers. If you wanted you could just use the base and then this glitter shade for subtle gradation nails. 

The third polish, the top off polish has larger pieces of gold glitters in it. If you like an even coating, you have to layer on this polish quite a bit, as the glitters apply sparsely and don't really group together. 

Overall, you could probably create your own set using similar polishes, but this is inexpensive and cute, so not a bad buy ^.^


Mizon King to the Kong Berry Aqua Step Up Cream 

Comes in a massive 300ml tub! Packaging is humorous and fun, and the texture of the cream is interesting. 

Rather than a cream, this is more of a gel...haha, it looks like hair gel too :P

The little dots in the cream are moisture beads that burst as you apply the gel to your skin. 

Feels really cooling as you apply it, and absorbs clear. 

Considering it says that it'll supply moisture deep into the skin, I didn't actually find it very hydrating. It's very lightweight, and absorbs super quick, leaving my skin feeling like it hasn't had a hit of hydration at all. But if I apply a second layer, my skin ends up feeling a bit sticky instead. 

Didn't really enjoy using this, unfortunately. 

Petitfée 98% Hydro Gel Eye & Spot Patch

This was an impulse, random purchase from a while back. I had started noticing dark undereye circles at the time and decided to get this to see if it worked. 

The patches feel super cooling when applied, with a bit of a superfresh tingly type of sensation? 

But I have to say the shape of the patches were puzzling as they didn't actually fit my under my eye - not even close! It's a weird C shape that doesn't sit well under the eyes. 

I didn't notice any brightening effects either. As for spot treatment, they didn't do much to minimise any of my breakouts! 

But I have to say these patches stuck to the skin surprisingly well - you could go about your daily business while wearing these and they wouldn't fall off. 

Don't think I'd recommend these overall - a bit pricey for what it is, and no noticeable results as far as I could tell. 

Tony Moly Luminous Goddes Aura Make-Up Mist

Last mini review!

I'm kinda obsessed with glowy or dewy skin, and one of the products you can use to fake the look is an oil based face mist. The first dewy mist I tried was Etude's mist from their Collagen range, and boy did that one break me out! Which was a shame since I loved how dewy it made my skin look. 

So fast forward a few years, and I decided to brave another oil based mist, and happily this Tony Moly one did not break me out. The dewy effect this gives is more subtle than Etude's but that's a good thing since it's harder to be mistaken as greasy or oily rather than dewy :P

I use this when my skin's a little dry, when I rush through my skincare, so my bb cream ends up looking a bit dehydrated - and this fixes it right up, so that I don't look so powdery, and giving my skin a healthier sheen. 

If you are looking for a dewy-giving face mist, then give this one a go - it's not expensive, and it works ^^

Hope you enjoyed these mini-reviews. Thanks for reading! Apologies for the lack of blogging - work has been so busy, and I was getting over a 2 week cold too. 

My full time work contract will be dropping back to part time in a few weeks too, so I'll probably have heaps of time to devote to blogging starting next month, lol. 

Anyways, chat to you soon!

 xoxo Tulip

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  1. I have almost identical nailpolish set from Beyond! At first I thought you had the same one - but I guess all the brands release similar items. The mist sounds interesting, I've moved to a more dewy make up as I started to leave out powder from my routine, but my skin still ends up looking quite matte and even dry after half a day or so... this sound slike a product that could help!

  2. oh big love for the nail art!! Did you do it by yourself??
    I have once tried Etude House nail polish but was not very impressed by it :(
    The face mist sounds very good! I like face mist but most of them don't really give any visible effect on my skin.. ::/

  3. That eye gel patch cream thingy looks
    interesting :o bummer that it didn't worked
    for you...
    That Tony Moly face mist sounds good
    really c: Xx

  4. Ohh I have the Juicy Cocktail Nail Polish in this colour too! ^ ^
    It looks gorgeous on your nails~ Be my nail artist teehee? ^ - ^

  5. Those nails!!!!!! Super love. I'm actually so sad I'm not allowed to wear nail polish in clinic :(. Thank you for mentioning the oil spray- I've been considering getting one! I'm always a bit concerned it will smudge my eye makeup though....

  6. I actually have the Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura Mist but never used it, I think I'm going to give it a try.

  7. I love the nail set!! I saw this in an local Etude House store a while ago for only about USD5$ but didn't get it because I didn't know how to make gradiation look with this set lol ;___; ..I think it looks awesome on your nails tho!! ^-^ ♥ It's a shame that the eye patches and the Mizon cream didn't work well for you. I imagine it looking funny to use these eye patches while working ahaha. Your co-workers would be staring at you lol. Unfortunately, I'm not so much into that dewy skin look atm because my skin is so oily when I use BB cream alone :<

    Mindy ♥

  8. Oh too bad the eye patch thing didn't work that well.. I'm still looking for a perfect eye cream for myself. I hope one day I'll find it hehehe

    Adrian FS.

  9. Yep I think many brands tends to release similar things based on trends - which is good because especially if cheaper brands can offer a similar look to more pricier brands :)
    Oil based mists may definitely help! I used them as a quick fix when my skin was a lot dryer and a bit flaky.

  10. Thanks Pam! Yes I did, hehe I think I piled on the gold glitters on the tip too much, but I prefer a bit of bling bling ^^
    I have a number of Etude's glitter polishes, but haven't really tried any of their solid colour polishes yet.
    I find oil based face mists a good quick fix when I skip skincare which can make my face look dry. Normal mists for fixing makeup don't tend to have any visible effects on my skin though!

  11. I thought it might help eliminate dark circles, but maybe I should concentrate on getting more sleep rather than hoping for a quick fix, lol.

  12. Thanks Kim ^^
    Aww, that's a bit of a bummer!
    The mist is quite fine, and the few I've used I've never had a problem with smudging - except for pencil eyeliner if I get the mist on the top of my cheek.

  13. The mist is a lot finer than I thought it would be, considering how 'oil-like' it looks in the bottle - definitely give it a try ^^

  14. Awww, thank you! The sets are super cute, and the colours are too - they make great little gifts too ^^

  15. The whole selection is really cute, check them out if you like gradient nails ^^

  16. Yeah, it was a little disappointing. Finding the perfect eye cream's not easy - there's so many to choose from too!

  17. Ooh that's pretty cheap! I wasn't too sure about the pinky nude base colour on my yellow skintone, but after a couple of coats it looks better, especially when the glitter is added.
    Yeah it's always the opposites for people - dry skin types want dewy skin but oilier skin types want matte skin, hehe. The dewy skin look definitely can be hit or miss, especially considering the look is only really popular in Asia, so for people outside of Asia it's easy to be mistaken for greasy >.<


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