Thursday, 7 August 2014

PeriPera Water Lip Tint - No. 1 Cherry Juice

Lovelies, I've got a super cute lip tint to show you today, courtesy of LoveShoppingholics ^.^

Peripera is a really cute Korean brand, with the most darling packaging! Their packaging is cute, with a hint of edginess. 

Peri's Water Lip Tint is a watery lip and cheek tint, which comes in 5 different shades. I have the first shade Cherry Juice, which as the names suggests, is a sweet cherry red shade. 

The tint comes in a generous size, seeing as only a little goes a long way, in a little glass bottle with a plastic cap. The cap is illustrated with a very cute looking figure - if you look closely you can see she also has red lips to match the tint. 

There's a furry applicator attached to the lid for application - I prefer it to the brush applicator in the Benetint, but as the applicator is quite large and can soak so much tint, it can over apply easily if you aren't careful. 

The tint formula itself is very pigmented for a water tint - especially in comparison to the Benetint (the only other red tint I own at the moment) and the Etude House Cherry Pink Tint (which is more of a milky formula rather than watery). 

With the Peri tint you can go soft and natural, or bright cherry red depending how much you apply and how you apply it. For a soft and natural application I tap a drop or two on my fingertip and then sweep it onto my lips and lightly patting. And for a much more pigmented lip I apply directly with the applicator and smooth it out with my finger if needed. 

It didn't dry out my lips either, which I love, and it's fairly long wearing, as long as you don't eat greasy foods or constantly wet your lips :P 

As a cheek tint, because it's so pigmented, you have to be more cautious when applying it - two light dabs of the applicator to my cheek is all I need. And because it's a watery formula you have to work quickly before it dries up. 

Gradient lips - dapped the tint on my inner lips with the applicator, and applied the rest with finger tip
Also wearing it as a rosy flush
Under bright sunlight
Heavily applied with applicator - fingertips used to smooth out the outer edgers for a less sharp lip line

FOTD details of the above look can be found here

I've actually been loving this a lot - this even featured in my July Beauty Faves. It's a gorgeous colour - I've been wearing it softly rather than fully pigmented, and it just gives lips a pretty cherry popsicle like sheen. 

I was quite impressed with this tint, so I'd definitely recommend giving this a go if you're on the hunt for a cherry red tint!

You can grab it here from LoveShoppingholics 

Have you tried any Peripera makeup before? 

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. Where did you get the bunny figurine? It's adorable!

  2. I love the colour, packaging and everything about it! Big fan of the doe foot applicator! I had a similar tint from Mememe which had a brush and tickled my lips every time I applied it lol

  3. i love love love this kind of color lately! i guess this is the closest dupe to benetint, but better, because the pigmentation is better? i think doe foot applicator is better even though i've never tried those brush applicator before (accept the ones to apply nail polish lol) but whenever i see people apply benetint on youtube i'm like "why won't you stop wiggling arrouuundd"

  4. I really love the color! This tint reminds me of th tony moly tint~ I never tried this tint but so many bloggers are praising this tint >.<;; I prefer this furry applicator a lot over these brush applicator too, the brush applicator never seem to pick up a lot of product T T This review is really detailed, Thanks for Tulip ^-^ I really want to get this tint but there are way to many liptints on my wishlist so far haha xD

    btw, I think the light version looks better on you hehe~

    Mindy ♥

  5. Beautiful color!! I like it so much! More than Etude House lip tints!

  6. The color looks really nice and suits your complexion! I have good experience with Benefit tints, this one looks tempting since I already used them up. I have PeriPera's SPF sparkly body balm, it's really nice and lasts very well, but it doesn't last for too long.

  7. The gradient lip looks really pretty on you ^_^

  8. I've never tried Peripera before but the packaging is so adorable and the shade looks great! Love the gradient lips!

  9. I've tried this too, and it's amazing! >u< Thanks for the review~ >u<

  10. It's cute isn't it ^^
    I don't know, it was a X-mas pressie from an aunty, sorry!

  11. Haha, yeah the brush on my benetint is tickly too!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  12. It's such a pretty shade - a little more sexier than pink, and it's still perfect for day to day wear ^^
    I still use my benetint as regularly as this one - sometimes I like the softer colour of the benetint - but yep the brush on the benetint is a bit silly, and it tickles too, lol.

  13. I haven't tried the TM tint yet, though I do have a sample - think I might go try it and compare! Hehe, I prefer the furry tip too - and you're right the brush applicator doesn't pick up a lot, and plus it's wiggly, and tickly too, lol.
    Thanks for reading Mindy ^.^

  14. It is a gorgeous colour - more mature than pink, but still sweet and wearable ^^

  15. Thank you ^^
    I've tried the benetint and the lolitint, but I prefer the benetint more, and I want to try the other tints too. This Peri tint is much more cheaper, but still performs really well :P

  16. This is my first Peripera too - and luckily it was a good experience, lol.

  17. It's such a good tint - I think I might want to get a few other shades now! Thanks for reading ^^

  18. Wow the packaging looks so kawaii..! Fits your personality hihihi..!


    Adrian FS.


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