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My Makeup Journey Makeup Over the Years

Time for a trip down memory lane - today's post is all about my makeup journey over the last few years - I wanted to see how my makeup style has evolved over time.

When I first started blogging, I honestly had very little clue about beauty and makeup. I could put on foundation, and could handle a curler and mascara, but that was it. 

Kind of laughable now that I look back, how I wish I knew better back then! Unlike some girls who took to the ins and outs of makeup very quickly, at a young age, I didn't become 'good' at putting on my face until well into university. 

But here we go. Let's start with a 'before' pic *cringe* 

The first photo is from late 2010! I had very bad acne scarring at this stage, after a year course of Roaccutane, which although gradually diminished my acne problem, left my skin very prone to scarring. Because of that I would refuse to leave the house without heavy foundation on - my HG foundie at the time was the very expensive Clinique Anti-redness foundation (RRP $50).

The only other makeup I wore was a gold glitter eyeshadow, and mascara - haha excuse the smudging - it was a very, very hot day when this pic was taken! 

You can also see I had overplucked eye brows, and didn't know how to wear coloured lipstick hehe. 

Fast forward one year, in late 2011 I started my blog! What sparked it? I finally got a paypal account and bought my first pairs of circle lenses and Japanese branded false lashes. I loved reading gyaru blogs, and wanted to make myself look like a doll too. 2011 was also the year I was introduced to the wonders of bb cream - my first one was the Etude House Precious Mineral bb cream - one I still use today~!

Anywho, I became obsessed with false lashes, because my eyes were my insecurity, and lashes made a huge difference. It took me a few attempts but I learnt how to put on falsies by watching youtube tutorials :P

It's late 2011 now, my blog was still small and slowly growing, but I loved it and was having so much fun. 

My makeup style was pretty heavy on the eye makeup with long, dolly lashes (upper and lower), eyeliner, and dramatic patterned circle lenses. Neutral eyeshadows only. 

Still had too thin brows, and no lip colour! Asides from my eyes my weird lip shape was another big insecurity for me, and I was too afraid that a coloured lipstick would emphasise it, so I stuck to slightly tinted lip balms only. 

In 2012, my beauty interests started to shift a bit. Where I had started blogging with an interest in dolly Japanese makeup, I was now starting to take an interest in Korean uljjang beauty style, which seemed more natural but still so pretty looking. 

Big eyes were still the look I was going for, but I was not wearing dramatic false lashes as often. I started wearing winged eyeliner, and focused on a clean glowy base as my signature look...

I also started learning how to use brow pencils too, and started matching my brows to my coloured hair with brown pencils or brow mascara. 

Shifting into 2013, heading into my second year blogging, and hallelujah I finally started experimenting with lipsticks. Very natural looking lipsticks of course, but a step in the right direction at least, lol. 

I was beginning to think that if I was going to go through the effort of making up the rest of my face, I should at least finish off with something on my lips too...

I was still loving the winged eyeliner as my go to look, and was skipping mascara or falsies more and more - mostly out of laziness.

In late 2013, I was starting to discover the joys of a bright and cheerful lip colour! It took me a while but I got over my fear of bright lips, and after a few hits and misses I started to figure out which bright shades suited me best ^^

My eye makeup was still pretty much the same - I still preferred my simple neutral colours, but I was starting to experiment with less feline eyeliner flicks, for a more straight, slightly downwards eyeliner look. 

I also started wearing more natural looking lenses, for work, and I found that I really liked a more natural look on me. I still like to wear really dolly lenses when I do blog posts, but I wasn't as insecure about my eyes as I was back in 2010/11 any more.

And now we come to current times - Mid 2014. 

I had a brief flirtation with lash extensions - I loved them a lot, but alas the frequent refills and the related expenses was too much for this beauty fanatic T.T 

I'm back to the dolly lenses and makeup - but it's only for blog photoshoots, my makeup is still relatively natural for work. Haha even within the last few months I can notice yet another change! It went from super dolly, with thick, droopy eyeliner, to slightly more natural lip shades and softer eye pencil liner...

I'm still chasing the perfect brows - I've been trying to grow mine out so I can achieve that straight 'Korean brow' but it's challenging because my brows have a natural arch to them. I've been trying to fake it with brow pencil, but it's a bit hit and miss if I do say so - but hopefully it'll come with more practice >.<  

Anyway! This is my current beauty'll probably continue to change, because there's always going to be trends and looks that are going to influence me somewhat...but yep, it was interesting to compare my makeup looks over the last few years.

Have you changed your beauty style over the years too? Dramatically or just a little? 

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. I loved the 2013 peggy <3 you were looking tooo cute now you look matured a bit :)

  2. What a great idea for a post Tulip! You've been gorgeous since day one, and are even more so now with the techniques you've learned, which is what I reckon makeup is all about. Especially love you in a bold lip hon ♥

  3. Loving the collation of selfies over time! I think I'm at your "early-mid 2013" stage (p.s. love that selfie in the middle of that stage) right now with the eyeliner/glowy base/filled brows haha
    Trying to grow my brows out and get rid of that natural arch as well (hi5) but like with my lashes.. they're pretty stubborn to grow

    t w o p l i c a t e s

  4. Your makeup story is really nice to watch haha.I think you improved alot and the picture quality became better too lol. I think downwards eyeliner looks awesome on you! I love the makeup on the May 2014 photo, really cute and dolly haha ♥ I have naturally arched eyebrows too and trying to make them straighter at the moment too >.< I noticed that you look more mature now hehe.

  5. Very cute and dolly and natural ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. You've always looked cute! It's cool to see how your style has evolved - I'd say the bright lip colours actually really suit you. I totally understand about the eyebrows, mine are very thin and naturally arched, so there's very little for me to do about it... since my hair is very dark and so my brows, when I make them wider with brow powder, they end up being too overwhelming... =D

  7. I love you with gyaru makeup! Why were you insecure about your eyes? They are at least double the size of mine! Hehe. Great post xx

  8. Hehe, I noticed that I matured a bit's old age, lol!

  9. Thanks Pam ^^
    Haha, yes, whoever invented false lashes is a genius!

  10. I thought it'd be a fun post to do...aww, thank you kats! I never thought I'd be able to carry off a bold lip when I was younger, but now I love it!

  11. Thanks! Hehe, mid 2013 is when I started absorbing more makeup techniques and finding out what suited me :)
    Yes! My brows grow long, but they're sparse so they don't grow where I want them to, lol.

  12. Thanks Mindy! Hehe, it's really weird to look at older pics, because there's such a difference compared to now.
    I really love downwards eyeliner but I still find it so tricky to do, dunno if it's my eye shape or just my technique, lol!
    Yeah, I think I'm more mature now's old age >.<

  13. Thank you! I thought it'd be a fun and interesting post to do ^^
    I'm glad I decided to experiment with bright lip colours, because I totally love how they make me feel now!
    Hmm, I wish eyebrows weren't so tricky >.<

  14. Thank you Kim! I used to be soo insecure about them because I thought they were really small - partly because I have a round face, and partly because I was influenced by all those gyaru blogs I guess? I don't know but I always had insecurities about them until recent times >.<
    Thanks for reading <3

  15. Great post! Playing with makeup is experimental and definitely takes time and practice to get a style you like :D

    -Miss Sennnaa


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