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Innisfree Smart Foundations - Perfect Cover and Super Moisture

Hallo lovelies! I'm back with not one, but two foundation reviews for you today ^^

A lot of you expressed interest in the newly released Innisfree mini-foundations in my April Beauty Haul, so sorry for this somewhat lateish review. 

Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover & Super Moisture

Now I don't know about you, but I'm forever buying new foundations and bb creams, even if I already found one I like, because some sick, twisted part of me is always thinking 'oh, I bet there's something even better out there!' 

And then I end up with like 10 different opened bb creams/foundations, that I need to use up before it expires...

Well, Innisfree decided to release 4 'smart' foundations in mini sizes, so that it's not only easy to use up, and cheap, but also easy to mix the foundations to customise any particular skin needs for that day! 

I ended up buying two of the range - the Perfect Cover, because I was on the lookout for a fuller coverage product, and the Super Moisture, because of my dryer skin type, and because I like a dewy look. I bought them for about USD$8 each online. 

Innisfree Smart Foundation Perfect Cover & Super Moisture

Packaging wise, it's quite plain. The 15ml foundation comes in cute, travel friendly squeeze tubes, with a plastic twist cap. The only differences between the packaging for the range is a slight colour variation of the tubes, as well as the titles on the packaging. 

I feel like there's enough foundation for about 3 weeks max if you wear foundation several times a week - on the upside it means you can easily finish it and not waste the money you spent on it, but the downside is that if you love it, you'll need to buy it in bulk!

Innisfree Super Moisture (SPF 30 PA++)

Claims to be a moisturising foundation, that makes skin look glossy and feel hydrated. 

The Super Moisture foundie is light and creamy in texture (it's not really like a runny Western foundation, but more similar to Asian bb cream), and has that signature Innisfree herbal scent. 

It can be applied however you like, so I just apply with fingers. It spreads easily, and works best by patting it after you spread it onto the skin. 

I find it to be a light coverage product - it doesn't cover blemishes or really bad redness, but it does brighten the skin so that blemishes and other skin issues aren't so obvious. 

It does have a glossy finish, though it's not a very obvious effect - which is good because it won't look like greasy skin. Skin just looks healthy and bright, and a little glossy. I wouldn't recommend it for oily skin types though, or anyone who likes a matte finish. 

I didn't find it to feel heavy or greasy on the skin - it does feel a little hydrating but not very obviously so. Lasting power is a little lacking - without primer there's fading of the foundation on my forehead and jawline within 5 hours. 

I like this foundation, but it's not overly amazing. If I want a lighter coverage, glossy look I tend to stick with my bb creams, so unfortunately there's not a huge need for this in my collection.

Applied with fingers, over primer
No concealer/powder
Applied without primer/concealer, no highlighter used 
You can see it doesn't really cover the blemishes around my mouth

Innisfree Perfect Cover (SPF 33 PA++)

Claims to be a hydrating, high cover foundation that covers blemishes. 

Again though this is a foundation, the consistency is very much like an Asian bb cream, slightly thick and creamy, but which thins out as you apply it. To apply this I squeeze a bit onto the back of my hand, thin it out by 'mixing' it with my finger and then dotting spots onto my face, before spreading it all over. 

I like the coverage this foundation gives me - it doesn't cover active blemishes, dark circles, or bad redness very well, but it's got great coverage for uneven skin tone/pigmentation, slight redness, and fading acne scars. 

The Perfect Cover doesn't feel heavy on the skin - I only apply the one layer, just like I would with bb cream, and although it does have a more 'makeup look' finish, it doesn't look or feel cakey or thick. 

The finish is semi-matte on the skin, and really brightens my skin tone. It can look a little 'flat' on my face without blush/highlighting contouring because of the higher coverage, but a bit of blush fixes that. 

The foundation feels a bit velvety on the skin, but is fairly smudge-proof as long as you aren't rubbing at your face. Lasting power is quite good, didn't have any complaints there. 

This is one foundation that I really liked, however there are a lot of negative reviews of this out there, and I can understand why. This claims to have perfect coverage, but it doesn't cover all imperfections. I'd recommend this if you're after coverage for uneven skin tone and faded blemishes, but if you're currently dealing with acne or bad redness/acne scarring it won't meet your coverage expectations. I've read it's not long lasting on oily skin either - I've dryer skin so I didn't have any issues with that. 

No primer, concealer, powder
Only blush as contouring
Didn't quite cover redness around nose, or active pimples next to mouth, but I only applied one layer and didn't build up
Perfect Cover Shade 21 vs Super Moisture Shade 21

All in all, the Super Moisture is an ok foundation, but lacks coverage and long-lasting wear time, so I won't be repurchasing it. 

As for the Perfect Cover, I'm kind of torn - I like how it looks on my skin, yet it didn't deliver perfect cover for my active blemishes. I guess for the price, it's quite a good deal, and it does give slightly better coverage than other foundations I use at the moment, but I still prefer something with flawless coverage. I think I'll keep looking, but this will stay on my backup list for now. 

If you have any perfect cover foundation recs, do let me know! 

Thanks for reading ^^

xoxo Tulip

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  1. i have to many base makeups to buy another one, but ive been wanting this ever since ponysbeautydiary used this in one of her vids!! i want the long lasting one as i have oily skin!! i like the dewyness the super moisture gives on you, i would like to have dewy base but my skin is mega oily :(

  2. I saw the Ulzzang Pony using this in one of her makeup tutorials on youtube! It's a shame it didn't last for a long time, I totally love the finish it has! You're so lucky to have dry skin instead of oily skin >.<
    And I honestly think this foundation already gives you a perfect finish tbh! Your skin looks really flawless and smooth with this foundation! I don't think you need better coverage haha. I heard the MAC or Bobbi Brown foundations should be good though! Or the Dr. Jart silver label BB cream should have super good coverage for a BB cream too. The blogger comment under mine (Belinda) wrote a review about that one a long time ago and said it's super good~

  3. Ooooh as if there was a something in between this 2 foundations, maybe it would be perfect, wouldn't it? :-)
    I personally prefer how the super moisture looks on your skin, very natural and not dull. ^^

  4. I really like the natural finish it gives you :) Your skin looks almost flawless :P I've heard some good reactions about the make up forever hd foundation, but I haven't tried it self yet. Right now I'm in love with the bareMinerals matte foundation and i think this will be the only foundation I will use for a long time <3 If you have dry skin, you might want to try the bareMinerals original foundation :) You can get a full coverage with it by layering. SInce I want natural finish, I don't like to use many layers of foundation. Instead, I like to cover any blemishes and spots with the make up forever full cover concealer, which is perfect! Combining the products together gives me a flawless and natural :) It also doesn't break your skin out, which I'm a total fan of! My skin actually hasn't looked this good in years :P

  5. Thanks for the review ^^

    Sad it's not long lasting!!

    恵美より ♥

  6. I saw this in the store and honestly had no idea what it was. I was like "Huh? I need to buy two bottles? To blend them? Oh. Mmmm, maybe next time."

    I'm glad you mention the glossy factor. I just recently ditched my MAC BB (really oily) and have fallen in love with Etude's Cotton Fit BB. Its like wow, matte powdery finish that covers really nicely. It does get a bit cakey if your skin isn't well exfoliated though.

  7. I'm in the same boat - but I just can't resist! Yeah, pony's tutorial vid was where I found out about this range. They looked so good I had to get a few to try ^^

  8. That's where I found out about the range ^^ It looked so good on her I had to get a few to try as well lol. Haha, dry skin has its cons too (flaky skin, yuck!)
    Really? I guess I just need a good concealer for pimples then! But I don't really know how to apply it so that's why I'm always looking for a foundation/bb cream with complete coverage instead lol.
    Ooh, thanks for the rec - I might add that to my very long wish list ^^

  9. Hehe, yeah that would be make a really good foundation! I'd buy that :P
    I liked the natural finish too - if only I had less face redness and blemishes to deal with >.<

  10. Oooh, thanks for the recs! I'm not very good with using concealer skillfully so that's why I always look for a full coverage foundation...but I like the idea of not having layers of foundation and just spot concealing instead.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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