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Beauty in Bloom - Arbonne Country Garden Palette (Limited Edition)

Spring is nearly upon us (or at least those of us in the Southern Hemisphere), so today I want to show you Arbonne's new, limited edition, Spring makeup release - the Country Garden Palette. 

The Country Garden Palette is an all-in-one makeup compact set, with a sheer pink lipstick, 4 eyeshadows, and a blush and bronzer duo all in one. It's also created with a vegan formula (yay!), and dermatologist tested. 

Packaging-wise I think the English countryside inspired palette is just gorgeous to look at! I love that they've inverted the colours so that the leaves are pink and the roses are green  - it's very pretty and elegant overall. 

The compact feels fairly sturdy, made from a thick cardboard type material, with a magnet to keep the lid snapped close. I'd be careful not to put any heavy weight on it though, or drop it (I did and the bronzer inside cracked T.T ) 

The set includes a Rosebud Sheer Moisture Lipstick, a classy looking lippie packaged in sleek white and gold.  

It has a very sheer and hydrating formula - balmy and slick in texture, which allows just a light hint of colour on the lips. It's perfect for achieving a lovely natural pink pout to suit the bloom-filled Spring season. 

It's almost a nude colour on my pigmented lips - they make my lips look lighter, and looks very natural and sweet. The texture does feel very smooth and hydrating, which is great for dry lips, however the thin, slick texture can sink into lip lines and emphasise dry flakes, so I'd definitely recommend exfoliating lips beforehand. 

The colour's a little too pale for my liking, but I think a lot of people would like this as it's such a natural shade, and very easy to wear. 

As for the lasting power, it doesn't last very long, as it is a balmy texture, and can wipe off easily. However it's very easy to reapply. 

Inside the palette is the cutely named Summerset Meadow Blush and Bronzer, four eye shadows - Bluebell, Woodrose, Birch, and Willow, and a brush and sponge applicator. There's also a very generous mirror on the top of the lid, so this all in one set is meant to be very travel friendly and convenient for taking on the go. 

The palette overall is quite soft and light in colours - the blush is my favourite as it just gives cheeks such a subtle glow. 

Rosebud Sheer Moisture Lipstick, Bronzer, Blush - all heavily swatched

The blush is very fine, with a satiny sheen finish - not shimmery or glittery, but still somehow glowy. The colour is quite sheer on me, so it may be more useful as a highlighter for anyone with a medium to dark skin tone. But I do love it, as you know I love a glowy look ^^ 

Unfortunately I'm not too good at contouring with bronzer - I tried but I looked really weird, so all I can say about the bronzer is that it's got good pigmentation, isn't powdery, and finishes on the skin with a slight rosy bronze sheen to it. It's quite day appropriate I would think. 

As for the eye shadows - they are perfect English Countryside colours. The shadows are smooth and silky - they have decent colour payoff, but are generally very soft colours (asides from that charcoal gray shade). These shades are more for people who like understated eye makeup I think. 

Woodrose, Bluebell, Birch, & Willow

Woodrose is a gray brown shade that can be used to create a smokier evening look, while Bluebell is a pastel blue shade that wouldn't really suit my yellow skintone, but would look really nice on fair and cool skintones. 

Birch is a really wearable everyday shade for understated and natural eye makeup, and Willow is the softest shade in the palette. It barely shows up on my skin, but is perfect as a base or highlight shade. 

All the shades have just a teensy scattering of teeny tiny gold flecks in them, and a satiny finish.

Below I am wearing the blush and lipstick. On my eyes I have Willow as a base, with Birch as the main shade. I also used Woodrose along my lash line too.  

The sheer lipstick can also be mixed with more pigmented lipsticks or lipgloss
Better shot of the blush and eyeshadow at this angle
Not wearing highlighter, just the blush ^^ 

Overall, this palette is well suited to anyone who likes glowy makeup and soft shades and finishes. It's a very pretty as well as classy palette - I can imagine it being the perfect go to item to take on a countryside holiday :P 

The palette is limited edition, and can be found on the Arbonne website here, so do take a look if you're interested. 

I actually received another Arbonne palette to review, it's just as lovely (I actually like it better than this one!), and I just finished taking the fotd photos for that this afternoon, so I hope to have it up for you soon! 

What sort of Spring makeup do you like to wear? 

Thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. I actually thought that was a laptop case initially while scrolling down instagram LOL.
    But the palette reminds me of the summer Tarte palette in terms of colour scheme~ The blush looks like it gives a really nice, natural glow to your face tho :D

  2. Oh my gosh, this is so pretty! *A* The packaging is gorgeous, and the colors are really nice~ I really like how natural the blush is!
    Thanks for the review~

  3. Wowie, the packaging is great! Love the mint roses and pink one c:
    And the colors are nice too and definitely suitable for people who
    loves pastel and soft things! Xx

  4. The packaging is soo pretty oh my! *-* But I think the eyeshadow colors are not my cup of tea :c They look a bit chalky and not soo pigmented on you T T I think the shade 'willow' looks decent though~ I honestly never heard of this brand before but I just checked out their website and they look really professional :O Thanks for this review!

    Mindy ♥

  5. Pretty packaging! That light blue eyeshadow is so pretty too

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. The packaging is sooo feminine and cute, but it seems a little too light for me. XD I have the same problem with bronzers. I have yet to master them...

  7. The design of the palettes looks so beautiful! But the colours of this one are a bit out of my usual colour combinations. I really like Canmake palettes since they have very natural shades. :) With the bronzer I'd say it may be too dark for your skin - I have similar shade and it looks pretty weird if I'm not tanned. Pale golden one looks a lot more natural for highlighting. :)

  8. Hehe, I'd love to have a laptop cover with this print >.<
    Yup, the blush does give a nice natural glow, which is why I like it ^^

  9. The packaging is a highlight - the colours are nice if you like more soft and natural shades ^^
    Thanks for reading!

  10. The packaging is too cute ^^
    Yup, it's a little too soft for my tastes, but it's quite classy!
    Thanks for reading <3

  11. The packaging sure is a highlight! I think the shades were a bit too soft on my colouring, but it would suit people who like very soft colours. I much like the other palette - the shades in the Golden Coast one are lovely!
    They make good quality products (as far as the ones I've tried), but don't seem to be very accessible since they operate like Avon.
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Agreed! The blue shadow is pretty, but sadly it's not a colour I would wear >.<

  13. Packaging is definitely a highlight! Yup, this palette seems like it'd be too soft for a lot of people, I much prefer the other palette~
    Hehe, with contouring I guess it just takes practice - we'll get there one day!

  14. The design is certainly a high point! The colours can come off as bland, for those who like to more creative with their eye makeup, that's for sure.
    Ooh, that's a good point about the bronzer...I have no idea how to use it, but maybe it would've looked too dark anyway. Thanks for the tip!

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