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Etude House Summer Releases: Lock 'n Summer, Ice Shot, & more!

Hi Cuties, it's time for another Etude House update ^^ 

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Etude recently released a whole bunch of Summer appropriate goodies - some of which are on the weird and kooky side of the scale, so let's take a look! 

Reaaaally image heavy post ahead - click to read more - I know you wanna :P

I'm going to work backwards, and start with the newest releases - the Lock n' Summer Collection, which has some really interesting new products to get excited about. 

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We all know that the cushion pact trend has been quite strong these past few months, but Etude has now taken it a step into a new direction. Not only have they given us foundation cushion pacts, but now we can get eyeliners and blushers in cushion form too! 

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These liners come in a range of fun colours, asides from the traditional black and brown shades, including a deep purple and a reddish rust shade. I actually really want to try this! 

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As for the blusher I kind of have my doubts. On the one hand I think that a blusher in cushion form would be great because the liquid would adhere to the skin really well, but on the other hand I'm not sure how easy it would be to apply the colour evenly! However, the blushers don't seem that pigmented, so maybe it'll be easy to build up. 

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There are two Summer appropriate shades - pink and coral. Both seem like really sweet  and cute shades. 

Next up we've got new shades of the Lips Fit matte lip creams on offer. Etude House released the first collection of Lips Fit lippies for their last Spring Collection, which wasn't too long ago. They must've been popular, for Etude to bring out some new shades ^^

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I am loving the first shade! It seems a little more like a Winter shade to me though? But I think it'll be a top seller ^.^ 

There's also a supposedly super waterproof and smudgeproof mascara on offer in the collection too. I like mascaras with this type of brush - these tinier bristles are good for coating all my (short and sparse) lashes~

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Oh my goodness, this has a SPF of 50?! Definitely very Summer appropriate, hehe. This'd be really good for the Australian Summers actually! Might have to put this on my wishlist - though I'm very satisfied with my Innisfree cushion at the moment. 

Final item in the Summer Collection - a face mist! A good Summer essential for making sure makeup stays in place in the heat ^.^

Okay, before the Lock n' Summer Collection was released, Etude released a collection of cooling products in a range called Ice Shot. A few of these products have a high resemblance to some Summer products released last year, but with new packaging. 

This year's version collection features cooling down products, made with Canadian glacial water. 

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These are aqua gel patches, perfect for cooling down the forehead, neck, wrist or shoulders when it gets all hot and sticky. Put them in the fridge so they're extra cool when you use them ^^

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We have another face mist, but this one is more for refreshing and cooling the face, rather than fixing makeup. I wonder how much of a cooling effect it has? 

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And here we have a cooling toner, which not only cools the skin, but also moisturises and minimises pores too. 

I don't know what the -7 degrees thing is on the promo pic, but I highly doubt that a toner could cool the skin down by that much! 

Oh, and instead of a liquid, this toner sprays out like a foamy lather - that's kinda cool! ^.^

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And I've saved the most unusual for last! I don't even know what to call it...

It's a Cooling Band, which is literally a firm foam spray, that you can use as a cooling pad? 

Haha, it looks a bit like those fake snow sprays to me :P

Here's how it works. It kinda comes out as a foamy lather but turns into a wet tissue-like band after a moment. 

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I find the whole concept a little silly, but the childish part of me wants one just to play with, lol. 

Now some miscellaneous releases to end this post. These products don't appear to be part of any collections, but I thought I'd show them to you anyway, cos they are super cute! 

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There isn't a lot of info on what this is, but as far as I can tell it is some kind of skin clarifying gel. It contains sparkling water and lemon extract, and you use it once a week. There's also a matching foam scrub too. 

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New nail colours for Summer! There's some nice bright and adventurous shades here ^.^

Some of the names are so weird though, hehe. 

They also seem to have a range of textures too - if you look at the chart some of them are described as 'paint' which I assume is just your regular polish, there's 'jelly' which seems to have more of a shiny gel like texture, and the 'neons' look like they glow in the dark? 

Wahhh, so cute! If you're a fan of cute and eye catching nail art - and ice cream! Then these nail beads (caviar nails?) are just for you ^.^

More eyeshadow shades released~ 

Image Source and Product link here, here, & here

They're meant to be tropical inspired, so there's a lime green, a yellow, and a bright pink mixed into the lot. It's a mix of textures again, from shimmery to matte. 

And now we come to the end of the post, finishing with something that's is going straight onto my Wishlist! 

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It's a makeup stand! It's so pink and princessy - very Etude House <3

It's a bit pricey though! It retails around $35, but if you really love it I notice Cosmetic Love is currently having a 20% off sale on Etude, so go grab it here for a little under $30~

Omg that was a long post >.< 

Hope you enjoyed it though, lol. 

Anything here catch your eye? 

Chat to you soon! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I really want to try the eyeliners and the toner! I'm kind of considering the stand though, since my makeup is all over the place... but it looks really small OTL

  2. I bought the makeup stand off of ebay for $28. It's really cute, but was a complete pain to put together.

  3. Etude's packaging never fails to impress me! XD
    I'm so interested with Lock 'n Summer & Toc!s products ^^

    Don't forget to join our Etude House & Holika Holika Goodies Giveaway ^__^ [INTERNATIONAL]

  4. Great post! Thanks for taking the time to share all that with us. I think I'm most excited about the nail art beads. Most "caviar" is so small and these look more like actual sprinkles. Wouldn't the stand be fun to deco? I think I'd need five of them to hold all my makeup though LOL.

  5. They all seem like such cool products. Thanks for sharing!


  6. The cushion liner seems sooo cool! The cushion blush too ^_^ I remember the cooling band from last year's summer collection too. It's cooler (no pun intended) in theory though XD

  7. I need that make up stand in my life! It's so...Etude House xD
    I feel it's the most un-beautyish of the products but I want to try the Ice Shot Rapid Cooling Band the most for the fun factor lol. I've never seen anything like it!

  8. I think the eyeliners look interesting ^.^
    Hehe, I agree about the stand - if it were a bit bigger it'd be better!

  9. Haha, I wondered if it'd be difficult to put together! And $28 is quite reasonable ^^

  10. It's a super cute stand! And I want to try the cushion eyeliners too - just to see what it'd be like in cushion form ^^
    Thanks for reading!


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