Sunday, 20 July 2014

BornPrettyStore Efolár Blusher Review

Hi all, hope you had a fab weekend! Today's post is a blusher review - I recieved this cute looking blusher from BornPrettyStore a while back, so I'll review it for you now ^.^

The Efolár Blusher is a powder blush, that has a matte finish, and it has quite a cute and unique packaging about it! 

The mineral blusher actually comes with it's own in-built powder puff applicator. All you have to do is give the blusher a bit of a shake and then tap the puff onto your cheeks to get a rosy glow~ I don't know how the powder is able to absorb through the puff so easily, but it definitely works! 

The cap even comes with a cute little mirror on top~!

The puff applicator is a cute concept, but I don't like to use it as it's not very accurate and tends to end up either putting blusher where I don't want it, or going overboard with how much is applied *clown cheeks alert!*. You also kind of have to lean your head back to apply it, in order to be able to shake some blush onto the puff before tapping it onto your skin, lol. 

Dismantled - if you don't want to use the puff you can unscrew the top half

I have Shade #2, which is more of a reddish rose shade, whereas Shade #1 seems more like a baby pink shade. 

Applied by tapping the puff a few times
The silver specks are glitters

The mineral powder feels soft and fine, but unfortunately it has quite a bit of glitters in it, which I'm not overly keen on. I don't mind a bit of sparkle in blushers, as long as the glitters are very, very fine, but this blusher's glitters are quite visible. 

With flash

Once applied the glitters aren't too obvious, but you can still see the specks if you come up close, and depending on the lighting. The shade of the blusher is quite pretty though, and I like how naturally it applies on the skin - it's not too powdery matte, which I like. 

Overall it's a very cutely marketed blusher, but just a smidge too glittery for me. 

If you want to check this out, here's the store link

And here's a discount code you can use site-wide too! 

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. :( Boo. My pet peeve is blushes that apply patchy! It just ruins my whole make up hehe. Thanks for reviewing

  2. the concept of the blush coming out of the puff is so cool o_o (and yea it didn't reach my brain bc too complicated tbh) this is definitely the color that ive been enjoying lately! i honestly dont understand why makeup companies put in glitters into their products... as long as it's very fine that it's ok with me too! thanks for the review!!

  3. Such a lovely color on your skin tone! Sorry to hear it's too glittery. I love shimmer cosmetics, so it's right up my alley, lol! Great review girly ^^

    Cristielle |Fairytale Princess ☾•*

  4. I agree with you on the glitter factor, i am not a fan of blushes where the glitter is quite visible.

  5. Hehe, I have a hard enough time applying blusher correctly, with this puff it's even more tricky :P

  6. I like the shade a lot - it's not too dolly, yet still girlie ^.^
    I knoww - I'd rather not have glittery cheeks :P
    Thanks for reading!

  7. Thanks! I already wear highlighter so having glitter on my cheeks would be too much, so that's why I prefer non-glitter blushers :)
    Thanks for reading!

  8. It suits some people, but it's definitely not my preference >.<
    Thanks for reading!


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