Saturday, 14 June 2014

New Eyelash Extensions Update

Hey loves, I know I promised to do a whole series of posts dedicated to eye lash extensions a while back! But I'm only getting around to it now >.<

I ended up postponing them as I wanted to wait until I'd done refills so I could write about it, but then I ended up not going back for refills, and then it took a little while for me to find a new salon and I kept putting off removing the old set haha. 

But yep, I went and got the old set removed and a new set and style put on, so I'm back on track with these lash posts! 

Today's post is just showing you the set I currently have - I've had them about 4 weeks now - if you follow my instagram you'd have seen me showing them off already, lol. 

Old set of extensions
New set and style ^^

Anyways, this time round I went and had the extensions done at XY Body Treatments - they're a franchise salon with a focus on good quality services but at an affordable price. I got my brows done there recently too, since they were getting out of control (as you can see from these pics, lol). 

She gave me longer lashes than my previous set, but the lashes were much thinner and finer, so she was able to apply more lashes, which ended up looking nice and wispy ^^ They are a bit droopy though, as I prioritised length over curl.

So all in all I've had lash extensions on about 2ish months now - so I bet you're wondering whether lash extensions are worth it? 

I've been struggling with this dilemma myself - these lash extensions are 100x better than my stupid, sparse, hard to curl lashes, however if I'm completely honest I don't think it's worth forking out $90 every 3 weeks T_T 

Oh, but if you're pretty well off then I highly recommend them, lol. 

Right now I can't decide if I should have them removed in a few weeks, or keep them until after my birthday in September! Hmm, I need to mull it over a bit...

But anyway, I'll talk more about the pros and cons in another post - it's just personally for me it's probably not going to work out due to the financial cost. But there are other aspects to consider too, when it comes to lash extensions, and I will go into more detail in the next post. 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. they look very VERY beautiful, however imho it's too expensive, I would rather invest into one of those lash growing serums, which are expensive too, buuut they last for (I think) 2-3 months and there isn't a posibillity of a physical damage (bcs I, with my clumsiness, would probably rip out half of the extensions with a curler in a week :D:D)

  2. Those eyelash extensions are definitely gorgeous but the price aren't. In Asia, I could find an affordable eyelash extension service but i just the find the whole process to much of work, i heard horror stories of eyelashes dropping off because of sloppy work, right now I am just living off mascara and the best friend- false eyelash.
    Anyway the eyelashes looks very very pretty on you.

  3. The extensions look naaaaice! I tried them before but get an experienced person to do it is so important. I had a bad job done and didn't like it :( But yours look good!

  4. Your new extension look a lot better than the old ones!! They're much more natural eheh. I wish I would have enough money to get my lashes done there too haha I honestly think it's not worth it either xD I'd probably let my pair of eyelash extensions rott on my eyes until they all fall off if I would ever get the chance to get them done lol. Anyways, these lashes look reaally, really pretty on you :D You were so lucky to get your first set sponsored :3


  5. Your lashes look soooo good! I agree that $90 every 3 weeks is pricey but it would be worth it if you did it once in a while before going to a wedding or something ^_^

  6. $90!! are you serious?! here in Bahrain they cost $18 ~ $27 if you go to those fancy saloons, and it even cost less than that if you go to normal saloon.

  7. Personally, I find it easier to glue on false eyelashes and I do it every day! Much cheaper too ^^


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