Thursday, 26 June 2014

LensVillage I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Review

Hey Cuties! I have a short lens review for you today~

These lenses were sent to me by one of my fave go-to places for lenses - LensVillage, a while back, but I'm only getting around to the review now >.<  

Asides from brown lenses, my next preference are grey shades. I find grey lenses on Asian colouring can look really exotic and different, especially against black hair. Hehe, I have brown hair, but I still like grey lenses anyway! 

The I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey lenses are super cute - I picked them because they don't have that thick black ring around the rim of the contacts, as I wanted something a little less dramatic and dolly. The Crystal Grey's are still really eye catching though, due to the 16.2mm diameter, and striking icy, grey-blue design. If you're after something a little cool and sexy, but a little sweet, these would be the ones for you~!

I find that even though they have a larger diameter, they are still really wearable since they don't have any black rim. The lenses themselves are really comfortable and soft - I don't experience any discomfort wearing these. Some larger diameter lenses do make my eyes tired, but these ones don't, thankfully! 

You can grab these Super Crystal lenses at LensVillage here, and you get a cute little lens case with each purchase too ^^ 

Thanks for reading lovelies - chat to you soon! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. Pretty! I like the crystal effect it gives, makes your eyes look really shiny! ^^

  2. beautiful lenses♥

  3. wow ^^ I recently watched Maleficient and I think her eyes somewhat looked like yours in the film, they only had some gold parts, too… I never dared to wear circle lenses myself since I have such a poor eyesight and I thought that even the optical circle lenses can't correct it properly :(. But I always like to read your reviews anyway ;).

  4. This is quite adorable, suits you really nicely!


  5. Love that lip color! And ofc the lenses are pretty :3

  6. I've heard good reviews about Maleficient! I wanna watch it >.<
    Aww, that's too bad - but thanks for reading anyway! ^.^

  7. Grey seems to suit better than blue or green on me! Thanks for reading ^.^

  8. Thanks Christina! I'm loving this lippie too - review coming shortly :P

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Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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