Thursday, 19 June 2014

Indeed Labs Pepta Bright Brightening Treatment Review

Hi loves, sorry for lack of blogging activity this week. Just a quickie review until I have more free time later next week >.< 

I might have mentioned that I've been very into brightening skin products recently in a post here or there, and one of the products I used has given me great results, so I shall review it for you today. I mentioned this in my March Beauty Faves Post

I wanted to try this brightening treatment from Indeed Labs as I had heard good things about it on beauty forums, and also because it's quite affordable for a serum. A lot of brightening and pigmentation fading serums tend can go as much as over $100! So at the price of $34.99 I thought it was an agreeable price tag...but luckily I was able to scoop this up even cheaper from Priceline's last 40% off sale. 

This treatment serum is described as ultra concentrated, and is formulated to fade dark spots, prevent dark spots, stimulate cell turnover, and brighten dull skin. 

The tube looks tiny at first, but surprisingly a little goes a long way. The treatment just looks like a thin white cream - it's light to apply, and absorbs easily. It has a bit of a scent to it, but it doesn't linger, thankfully. 

I applied it day and night and saw results fairly quickly - so surprising actually! I'd say I saw some improvement after around 8 days, and more significantly visible results after 2 weeks. My skin did seem brightened - though I wouldn't say there was much whitening effect - my skin just seemed a little more clearer and healthier? But the most obvious results was the fading of my acne scars on my cheeks - the bane of my life *grrrr* from my younger hormonal teenage years, lol. 

I'd estimate that by the 3 week point came around, my scars were about 40% faded from previously? Which was unexpected, but very appreciated ^o^

Hmm, but sadly after 4 weeks I didn't see any continued fading of my acne scars, which is a pity. However since my skin is a bit weird - it scars easily and heals slowly (probably due to the course of Roaccutane I took), I was still super pleased with the results, because nothing else I've used has given results to the level Pepta Bright has.  

I definitely recommend giving this a go, if you're after an affordable acne scar/pigmentation fading cream! 

If you have any pigmentation fading serums/treatment HG products, do let me know ^.^

I'm also kind of interested in AHA peels - anyone tried that before? 

Thanks for reading! 

PS, sorry for the kinda crappy photos - it's getting harder to have good lighting as the season gets colder T.T 

I'm looking into getting some photo lighting kits or something soon...

xoxo Tulip

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  1. Nice review :D I first saw the cream on your blog and decided to purchase two of them from Priceline's Buy 2, save 40% ( the other creams didn't appeal to me as much) and started using them this week. So hopefully like you, I'll see results 8D

  2. ahaha I totally understand the bad weather=crappy lighting!!!
    I had to use a full flash for all my photos for my upcoming review lol
    this serum sounds really good :D
    *sigh* I need to find something that lightens or gets rid of scars for my legs...have any recommendations? I've tried using Bio-oil but it only kinda works a little
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    xx Charmaine

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Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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