Monday, 2 June 2014

Bizarre Korean Beauty Products To Check Out (Or Not)

As a major, major Korean cosmetics and skincare junkie, I'm endlessly browsing the web to see just what's out there. What's new, what's making a buzz - I do admit I spend a little too much time just window shopping! 

And through my endless hours of browsing I do occasionally come across products that make me do a bit of a double take. Here are a few products I've recently come across that I think are just a tad on the bizarre side! 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker

It's an eyeshadow pen, with sponge applicator specifically for filling in 'empty' spots in your hairline 0_o

Actually I've seen a few Korean makeup tutorials where eyeshadow has been used to colour in hairlines, so I guess it wouldn't be considered unusual in Korea, but I have yet to see any Western beauty tutorials use this method! 

Check out the vid below to see the method being used - it's around the 1.44 part~

I guess this is more for people who have that baby fine, wispy hair on their hairline? I personally don't see the need to do this - but to each their own, I guess. 

You can buy this off Beautynetkorea here

Tony Moly's Birds Droppings Cleanser

Well okayyyy then...

Birds droppings were used back in ancient times in Japan, and other parts of Asia to keep skin white and beautiful - but I have to say this - ewwwwww! 

Maybe I shouldn't be one to judge, I mean I slather snail cream on my face everyday, lol. 

But yeah, if you wanna try this you can buy it off Cosmetic Jolse here

Snail Neck Slim Patch

A product that feeds into the obsession with achieving that desirable 'V-line' facial shape, these moisturising patches hook under the chin and onto the ears. They supposedly reduce wrinkles and sagging, and tighten the chin and jawline area up, in the hopes for a smaller face shape. 

You need to wear them for 3-4 hours! I wonder how permanent or drastic the results would be? Well, I guess it's a lot less invasive than cosmetic surgery!

They're a rather interesting item, but I have my doubts about the effectiveness of these ^.^

You can grab these off Beautynetkorea here, if you're interested! 

This is the end of today's post - hope you found this interesting! I'll hopefully have a review post up next time~

Would you try any of these products? 

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. IT'S SO FUNNY HOW YOU ATTACH THAT THING ON YOUR EARS OMG i saw that on getitbeauty where japanese do that for their usual face masks. well i think that's kinda amazing (and smart). koreans are getting really ridiculous tbh. first there launched that cute eyes maker for your aegyo sal, now they have the ones to fill the hairlines when both obviously can be achieved using eyeshadow and brush. well i guess koreans think that if they make something that is specialized for that specific thing, it will be more convenient lol (which i dont think so, just waste of money t b h)

  2. I'm sorry... what? Bird's dropping!?! ToT

  3. omg I never would have even thought about being worried about my baby hair lol, how funny!

  4. Birds dropping cleanser... I wonder if anyone actually purchases it...

  5. Bird...droppings...............................I like how there's a happy picture of the bird on the box. LOL!
    I saw that face mask before. I remember I really wanted try it, but I know the results are so slim it really doesn't matter! =0=

  6. Yeah, I just can't see the hairline maker looking very natural. Maybe for photos though or if you had a bit of hairline hair fall out? (Which I actually did have once due to a scalp injury, so I can maybe see the appeal there...)

  7. hello ! thank you for the beauty tips... i follow your blog ^^

  8. wah ! thanks for the beauty tips ... you are pro ! i follow ur blog,to get more tips from you.thank yuhhh ^^

  9. I think this would be really interesting! My hairline is actually kinda wonky because it's not symmetrical. I might actually get this LOL

  10. ahaha I've never heard of a hair line maker before XD
    sounds super intresting lol~
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- Charmaine

    Charrmyn || Hyosung GoodNight Kiss Makeup Tutorial || Join My Giveaway

  11. lol..the hairline thing i know that its getting popular in korea and that bird dropping, I did saw a product like this before but in powder type but really - just eww..

    the neck slimming thing, i don't think it works that much in terms of shaping and slimming though..haha

    but overall, their ideas are vey unique and it's fun lol


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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