Monday, 30 June 2014

BornPrettyStore Peachblow Lipstick Review

Hi Loves! I've got a super cute lipstick to review for you today. This was sent to me by BornPrettyStore, and I kid you not I have been loving this lipstick lots! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

LensVillage I.Fairy Super Crystal Grey Review

Hey Cuties! I have a short lens review for you today~

These lenses were sent to me by one of my fave go-to places for lenses - LensVillage, a while back, but I'm only getting around to the review now >.<  

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Indeed Labs Pepta Bright Brightening Treatment Review

Hi loves, sorry for lack of blogging activity this week. Just a quickie review until I have more free time later next week >.< 

I might have mentioned that I've been very into brightening skin products recently in a post here or there, and one of the products I used has given me great results, so I shall review it for you today. I mentioned this in my March Beauty Faves Post

I wanted to try this brightening treatment from Indeed Labs as I had heard good things about it on beauty forums, and also because it's quite affordable for a serum. A lot of brightening and pigmentation fading serums tend can go as much as over $100! So at the price of $34.99 I thought it was an agreeable price tag...but luckily I was able to scoop this up even cheaper from Priceline's last 40% off sale. 

Saturday, 14 June 2014

New Eyelash Extensions Update

Hey loves, I know I promised to do a whole series of posts dedicated to eye lash extensions a while back! But I'm only getting around to it now >.<

I ended up postponing them as I wanted to wait until I'd done refills so I could write about it, but then I ended up not going back for refills, and then it took a little while for me to find a new salon and I kept putting off removing the old set haha. 

But yep, I went and got the old set removed and a new set and style put on, so I'm back on track with these lash posts! 

Today's post is just showing you the set I currently have - I've had them about 4 weeks now - if you follow my instagram you'd have seen me showing them off already, lol. 

Old set of extensions
New set and style ^^

Anyways, this time round I went and had the extensions done at XY Body Treatments - they're a franchise salon with a focus on good quality services but at an affordable price. I got my brows done there recently too, since they were getting out of control (as you can see from these pics, lol). 

She gave me longer lashes than my previous set, but the lashes were much thinner and finer, so she was able to apply more lashes, which ended up looking nice and wispy ^^ They are a bit droopy though, as I prioritised length over curl.

So all in all I've had lash extensions on about 2ish months now - so I bet you're wondering whether lash extensions are worth it? 

I've been struggling with this dilemma myself - these lash extensions are 100x better than my stupid, sparse, hard to curl lashes, however if I'm completely honest I don't think it's worth forking out $90 every 3 weeks T_T 

Oh, but if you're pretty well off then I highly recommend them, lol. 

Right now I can't decide if I should have them removed in a few weeks, or keep them until after my birthday in September! Hmm, I need to mull it over a bit...

But anyway, I'll talk more about the pros and cons in another post - it's just personally for me it's probably not going to work out due to the financial cost. But there are other aspects to consider too, when it comes to lash extensions, and I will go into more detail in the next post. 

xoxo Tulip

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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Bargain Buy! Ulta3 Colour Me Pretty Lipstick Crayon

Hello, hello lovelies! 

Today's post is a quickie one ^^

Ulta3 is a mega popular budget makeup brand in Australia, best known for their amazing but affordable nail polishes. 

But while Ulta3 may be known best for their polishes, the brand also has a range of affordable makeup too! 

I was sent one of their crayon lippies to try out, and I must say I'm impressed! I got a gorgeous bright pink shade called Pretty Flamingo, right up my alley. 

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Goodbye May, Hello June! May Favourites~

Eeeep, when did June come by?! I cannot believe nearly half a year has gone by already >.< 

Time to do another favourites post, methinks. I don't think I can do a fave post monthly, but I'll try for every 2 or 3 months! It's because I tend to stick to the same old faves, so it'd be boring to have the same products feature all the time. 

Actually I think that this faves post should be titled April-May Beauty Faves! As I've been using and loving the majority of these products the last two months. 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Blog Posts

Hey cutie pies, here's a sneak peek at posts I'm currently working on ^^

They range from 1% completion to 95% completion, lol. 

I'll do my best to update quickly, but at the moment I'm only finding time on Sundays to take pictures for blog posts T_T

In no particular order...

May Beauty Favourites
Lens Village Circle lens Review
Klara Lippie Review
New Eyelash Extensions Update, and Pros & Cons
My Everyday Makeup

Of course, there's more posts in the making, but I'm trying to make these ones above the priority. 

If you take a look at my sidebar, I've listed even more blog posts I'm planning to do. So many beauty products, so little time!'s nearly 3am now, so I better go off to bed! I have most of this weekend free, so I'll be able to work on completing some of these posts - and replying back to your comments - yay!

Chat to you later <3

xoxo Tulip

Monday, 2 June 2014

Bizarre Korean Beauty Products To Check Out (Or Not)

As a major, major Korean cosmetics and skincare junkie, I'm endlessly browsing the web to see just what's out there. What's new, what's making a buzz - I do admit I spend a little too much time just window shopping! 

And through my endless hours of browsing I do occasionally come across products that make me do a bit of a double take. Here are a few products I've recently come across that I think are just a tad on the bizarre side! 

Holika Holika Wonder Drawing Hairline Maker

It's an eyeshadow pen, with sponge applicator specifically for filling in 'empty' spots in your hairline 0_o

Actually I've seen a few Korean makeup tutorials where eyeshadow has been used to colour in hairlines, so I guess it wouldn't be considered unusual in Korea, but I have yet to see any Western beauty tutorials use this method! 

Check out the vid below to see the method being used - it's around the 1.44 part~

I guess this is more for people who have that baby fine, wispy hair on their hairline? I personally don't see the need to do this - but to each their own, I guess. 

You can buy this off Beautynetkorea here

Tony Moly's Birds Droppings Cleanser

Well okayyyy then...

Birds droppings were used back in ancient times in Japan, and other parts of Asia to keep skin white and beautiful - but I have to say this - ewwwwww! 

Maybe I shouldn't be one to judge, I mean I slather snail cream on my face everyday, lol. 

But yeah, if you wanna try this you can buy it off Cosmetic Jolse here

Snail Neck Slim Patch

A product that feeds into the obsession with achieving that desirable 'V-line' facial shape, these moisturising patches hook under the chin and onto the ears. They supposedly reduce wrinkles and sagging, and tighten the chin and jawline area up, in the hopes for a smaller face shape. 

You need to wear them for 3-4 hours! I wonder how permanent or drastic the results would be? Well, I guess it's a lot less invasive than cosmetic surgery!

They're a rather interesting item, but I have my doubts about the effectiveness of these ^.^

You can grab these off Beautynetkorea here, if you're interested! 

This is the end of today's post - hope you found this interesting! I'll hopefully have a review post up next time~

Would you try any of these products? 

Thanks for reading lovelies <3 

xoxo Tulip

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