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New Etude House Play 101 Pencils, Pearl Aura Skincare, and Play Therapy Sleeping Packs - KAWAII!

Hi Lovelies! 

Today I've collected a few images of some of Etude House's most recently released products. It's a good mixture of skincare and colour makeup items - I'm pretty excited about some of these new goodies! 

Let's take a look at what's new, shall we? 

Play 101 Pencils 

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Image Source

These are just newly released onto the market, and I have a feeling they're going to sell really well. These pencils are being marketed as multi-functional - they can be used as concealers, lip pencils, cream blushers, eyeshadows, eyeliners, highlighters, and brow pencils. Some are matte-powdery in finish, others creamy and shimmery, and even glossy or glittery too. 

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Basically you can create a whole makeup look using just a few of these Play 101 pencils. 

And just look at all the colours - sooo many! There's 50 new pencils to be precise. 

Image Source
Image Source

These are being endorsed by the super cute and pretty Pony, from youtube makeup channel Pony's Beauty Diary

I personally am in love with her Baby Doll look, since it's an innocent look using mostly neutral colours ^^

Definitely check out the vids if you wanna have a clearer look at the colours and performance of these pencils~

Image Source

Fresh Cherry Tint 

I tweeted about these 2 new lip tints a few weeks back! They're limited edition colours added to the Fresh Cherry Tint line. I quite love the look of the purply tint!

I have the one of the original shades (PK001), and use it heaps as lip tint and blush. The only thing I dislike about it is that it wears off the mouth quickly when eating or drinking. I love it as a blush though <3

Play Therapy Sleeping and Wash Off Packs

I think this new range of sleeping packs looks really playful and fun - the packaging and marketing overall is really appealing, to me anyway lol. 

Sleeping packs are basically face masks you can sleep in, without washing off til the next morning. They generally absorb into the skin, and provide extra hydration, though some have specific uses such as brightening or pore tightening too. Etude's got a pack to suit everybody's needs. 

Though it should be noted that not all the Sleeping Packs can actually be slept in - some are wash off ones!

Pore/Oil Control - Soft Clay Pack

Image Source

Contains Brazillion Clay to help control pores and oil. 

This is a wash off pack, not a sleep in pack. 

Skin Brightening - Brightening Up Pack

Contains Vitamin E and Birch Sap extracts to brighten and soften skin. 

This is also a wash off pack, not a sleep in one. 

Problem Skin - Spot Care Pack

Image Source

Clears and hydrates spotty skin, with special ingredients including brocolli, blueberry and Avena Sativa (a type of cereal grain). 

Also a wash off pack.

Elastic and Firm Skin - Firming Up Pack

Image Source

This sleeping pack is the most appealing to me, as it claims to make skin elastic and even firm it up while you sleep. 

Ingredients include Evening Primrose, Mango Seed Butter, and pomegranates, which I heard they're known to have anti-ageing properties :P

This one you can sleep in, and then wash away in the morning. 

Dry Skin - Moist Up Pack

Image Source

This one contains marine minerals to add hydration to dry skin. It retains moisture, and shields the skin from drying out overnight. 

Pearl Aura Brightening Essence

Image Source

I'm super-duper lemming this at the moment! I've been on a brightening kick the last few months, looking for brightening skin products to add to my skincare routine, and this one is seriously tempting me :P

I'm using a Skinfood brightening serum at the moment, so I don't think I'll get it just yet, but knowing me, I'll probably cave and get it sooner, rather than later, lol. 

This has Tahiti Black Pearl and deep sea water in the ingredients to brighten skintone, as well as hydrate. 

Wahhh, I really want to try this! 

Pearl Aura Brightening Lotion

Image Source

Here's the follow up lotion to be used after the essence. It also contains Tahiti Pearl and deep sea water and minerals. 

I think if you're after brightening skincare, without the skin whitening effect, than these two products would be good to try. 

Okay, I think that's all for now. Has anything here caught your eye? 

Thanks for reading lovelies, chat to you soon! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I really want to give the Play101 pencils a go after watching all of Pony`s tutorials on it! <3 Especially Baby Doll, Kiss of Fire and Hey! Bad Girl

  2. play 101 pencils have caught my eyes since pony released the first tutorial! i was thinking to buy all 50 but the total of it is 300 bucks so i back off lol. the idea of it is so smart like imagine bringing only pencils in your travel makeup bag. so convinient and also looks so fun to use!!

  3. I couldn't resist ordering some of the play 101 pencils as soon as they wre available online. I'm really curious how they will perform.

  4. Wow!great produts!
    With nice videos!
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. The play pencil 101 is so versatile ;)

  6. the idea of this is ingenious but i just can't imagine sharpening these!

  7. From the promo images I think these are automatic (twist up) pencils so you don't need to sharpen them

  8. They come with those little sharpeners on the ends of the pencil!

  9. nope..unfortunately it wasn't automatic need to sharpen these.

  10. As much as I love the 101 Pencils collection, I just hate the fact that it needs to be sharpen..
    Still, I really want to buy :)

  11. I really want to try the two last products!! I always love the packaging of Etude House's products! So pretty :D I never throw away the packages XD

  12. Etude really needs to stop releasing products because I can never catch up!!! T____T Ahh!!! Everything looks too good!

  13. really want to try the sleeping pack. but are they free from paraben? seem there are no description about paraben free in that product


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