Saturday, 10 May 2014

My Benefit Custom Makeup Kit ^^

After I splurged and treated myself to a Benefit Holiday Set last Christmas season, I fell in love with the popular brand! Upon some advice to buy directly off the US site rather than pay the rather exorbitant Aussie prices here, I jumped online and bought another of the holiday sets, plus a customisable Build Your Own Beauty Kit (this was back in November, so it's a super late haul type post?).

Oh my gosh, the build your own kit is amazingly priced at USD$79, which just blows my mind, because you get 3 full sized products, an additional full sized product free, and a cute cosmetics bag too! Gahhh, I'm practically freaking out (in a good way) because that is seriously amazing value. 

Yeah, $79 may seem quite exorbitant to you, especially if you're from the States, where you can get drugstore branded makeup for only a few dollars, but prices are different here in Australia. To illustrate - the Cha Cha tint retails for $30 in the US, but Down Under it retails for $55.00! I could do so much with that amount of money >.<

Just for fun, shall I calculate how much this haul would cost me here? 

Oxygen Wow Foundation $55
Boi ing Concealer $37
Cha Cha Tint $55
Creaseless Cream Shadow $35

= AUD$182.00

If I were to buy these individually on the Benefit site

Oxygen Wow Foundation $36
Boi ing Concealer $20
Cha Cha Tint $30
Creaseless Cream Shadow $20

= US$106

If I were to buy it through the Customisable Beauty Kit deal

= US$79

...quite a difference!

Okay, enough whining. Back to the Kit Builder - for a set price of $79 you can grab 4 makeup items, plus a cosmetics bag. 

Here's what the process looks like - each category has a selection of their 'best sellers'. It's difficult just to pick one, because the selection is varied and tempting! 

Jump onto the Benefit website

The layout is really clean and cute, and easy to follow. 

First category is Complexion - there are primers, foundations, and illuminators to choose from. Notice the purple arrow I put near the bottom of the page? The round dots should be clicked to navigate the next page - they're easy to miss!

When you've selected a Complexion product you can move onto the second category, which is Cheeks - so products like blushers and bronzers are available here. 

Third category is Eyes. Here you've got a pick of concealers, mascaras, and eyeliners. 

And the final part is the tricky part - choosing your full sized freebie! I think the current options are the creaseless cream shadows and some lipsticks/glosses. 

All you have to do after that is checkout and sit back and wait for the parcel to arrive ^^

I think the only issues I had was not knowing which foundation shade to choose (it's so hard for me to buy based on online swatches!), having to pay with Credit Card when I prefer Paypal, and forgetting to factor in the exchange rate (still so worth it though!). Ohh, and occasionally Benefit will have free international shipping, but unfortunately it rarely allows the inclusion of the Custom Set. 

Now, as tempted as I was to just dive into everything, I'm trying to clear up older makeup before opening all my new goodies, so I won't review my customised set as a whole, and will do it one by one as I open them. 

The first review will be on the Oxygen Wow Foundation, so do keep an eye out for that ^^ 

Here's the link to the Build Your Own Kit if you'd like to check it out.   

Have you tried any Benefit products? Any recommendations? (Not that I need to be spending any time soon, lol). 

Thanks for reading lovelies!

Chat to you soon - I'm behind on replying to comments as it's been a hectic week, but I'll get to it real soon >.<

xoxo Tulip

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  1. Whoa this seems like a fantastic deal! I haven't tried any products from Benefit before, simply because I don't have that kinda money. Can't wait for your reviews and thanks so much for blogging about this deal! Might just have to splurge once I calculate the exchange rate!

  2. why's makeup in australia seems so expensive like o_o is it the tax or something? getting 4 products (fuullll sizee) for $79 is great deal making it $20 each! (well still expensive to me bc i don't make my own money lol)

  3. thats a good idea and nice picks :)

  4. It's really affordable. Here in Chile these brands have high prices too ._.
    the concealer it's at 28 usd, Oxygen foundation at 49 usd and so on... think I better stick to korean products haha

    Thank you for this information!

  5. Lovely, I will check them out ^^

    恵美より ♥

  6. I really want to try benefit's tints because they look so lovely *0* btw, changed my URL!

  7. Yeah, I was pretty amazed when I heard about it too. This is pretty decent value if you want to try some products from the brand ^^

  8. I know! People say it's because minimum wage is much higher here than in the US, and then there's also a few other factors, but it just seems a little too overpriced to me. Lucky there's online shopping I guess!

  9. Thank you ^^
    It's a great deal - hope Benefit keeps it as a permanent one!

  10. Hehe, that's why I love Korean beauty products - good quality and good value too ^^

  11. Have you seen the new tint balms? They look sooo nice!
    Oooh, thanks for letting me know!

  12. Wow I think I need to invest in this! I've only tried a handful of benefit's products and I really want to try more!! Thank you for this post!!
    Kate |

  13. I really love Benefit's products! I only have few their products but I really want to try their skin care emulsion and mist! I tried them little ago and they were awesome!! :) I really wish their products wouldn't cost so much :(

  14. I love Benefit too much♥♥♥ Every single product is too lovely and works perfectly♥
    Definitely follow u now ♥ Could u follow me back please? ^^

    I do reviews & make up too


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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