Monday, 26 May 2014

Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation Review

A little while ago I showed you the Benefit Beauty Kit I hauled, so today kicks off the first review of one of the items I picked. 

Benefit's Oxygen Wow Foundation is probably the most expensive foundation I've tried yet. And because I've been quite impressed with the few Benefit goodies I've tried so far, I did have high expectations for this foundation. 

This foundation is oil free, and is being marketed as a brightening sunscreen makeup. Benefit claims this foundation can help prevent sunburn, and even decrease the risk of skin cancer 0.o

Okayyy, this is the first time I've come across cancer prevention makeup! 

Well, I can't really say one way or another whether this foundation has decreased my skin cancer chances, so I guess I'll just tell you what I liked and disliked about it. 

The foundation came with a free sample of long wear primer, which I thought was a nice little touch. 

The packaging is clean and simple, with the foundation encased in a clear, plastic pump bottle. The top of the cap is embossed with little Oxygen symbols. The pump leaks a teeny bit, but it's not overly messy.

I'm using one of the lighter shades "I'm pure for sure" Ivory - which is somewhat a weird name. All their foundation names are on the quirky side actually. It's a neutral shade for fairer skintones. 

Outdoors in shade
Outdoors under sunlight

At first glance, the shade did remind me of the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation in Shade 51, but with a little less yellow. It was a tad light on my NC25 skin when I first used it, but it did oxidise and adjust to my skintone a little after about 10 minutes after application. I'd say it's more suitable to NC20 skin though, which is what my skin is closer to at the moment. 

It definitely brightened my skintone a lot, giving it a more radiant and awake look. It doesn't have a lot of coverage - the coverage is sheer to light if applying with a brush, and light if applying with fingers. The coverage can be built up slightly after two layers, however I found that by doing so my skin began to feel a bit greasy after about 3-4 hours. 

The foundation isn't particularly long lasting, but I did find a little bit of finishing powder helped it stay a little longer. The directions actually say to reapply the foundation every 2 hours - which indicates it's not got a long wearing formula. I rarely reapply foundation though - that's just too much work for me! 

It evened skin tone, but didn't significantly cover facial redness or blemishes. It can apply patchy on dry skin, but otherwise the application is smooth and even, giving a natural, slightly dewy finish. I also liked that it didn't have a notable scent to it. 

One layer applied with brush, on slightly dry skin
Ignore the eyeshadow fallout on my cheek lol. I was in a rush to get the pics before it got dark

For me I was kind of disappointed with this foundation. I liked the brightening, radiant finish, however the coverage and lasting power didn't meet my expectations - especially given it's got the word 'Flawless' scrawled across the packaging. 

It's also kind of really pricey for what it does! 

I bet people with already great skin would like this for it's sunscreen protection, and sheer and brightening coverage - but those looking for long wear formulas or better coverage better look elsewhere. 

That's it today lovelies - thanks for reading! 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. Love that they packed along that free sample,
    it's indeed a nice touch c:
    Too bad it doesn't cover 100% :c it sounds like
    a bb cream to me almost! Xx

  2. I was really excited when this first came out, unfortunately it broke me out so badly. I think it was the mineral oil in it -_-

    Beauty Challenged

  3. Sounds like a good foundation for the natural look, but not if you want to cover spots. The colour looks good for me though! I'm always hesitant about trying high-end foundations because almost anything breaks me out, so thanks for the review! Haha cancer-preventing makeup...

  4. I have this foundation but I didn't like it..
    It applies patchy and cakey on my skin especially when it is applied with brush.. it applies better with beauty blender but still it doesn't do any justice to the price.. T-T

  5. I really like Benefit products but I haven't tried this foundation yet! …and I think after this review I won't :D I have a concealer and a lip+blusher box from Benefit and I like them! :)

  6. Prevents cancer?! That's a pretty big claim!!
    And recommending to reapplying the foundation every 2 hours @__@

    This may be the most "unique" foundation I've read about...
    Thanks for the review Tulip! But I think I'm gonna pass with this foundation haha

  7. I guess anything with SPF is cancer preventing. Haha!
    I agree that the price tag is too much for the benefits it actually gives. Reapplying every 2 hours is crazy. I don't think I know a single makeup user who would ever do that! XD

  8. I guess that's true, hehe!
    I know right, what girl has time to reapply makeup every 2 hours?!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  9. It's a pretty unique claim, lol. Yup, every 2 hours is kind of overkill, I reckon!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  10. I reckon there are better and cheaper foundations out there! I've tried a few Benefit products, but this is the only one I wasn't impressed with so far >.<
    Thanks for reading!

  11. Glad I'm not the only one who didn't like it! I read a lot of positive reviews which is why I decided to choose it.
    Yup, I think there are cheaper alternatives out there!
    Thanks for reading, Pam ^^

  12. Yup, it's alright for natural coverage, but I can't really justify the price since there are cheaper natural coverage foundations out there!
    It'd be nice if we could buy mini samples of high end foundations, hehe. Then I wouldn't have to worry about wasting my money...

  13. Aww, it's a shame it broke you out! Well, I'm glad it didn't break me out, otherwise the review would be even more negative, lol.
    Thanks for reading ^^

  14. Yup, not many brands do that!
    Almost like a bb cream, but it doesn't sit as naturally on the skin like bb creams >.<

  15. Some must do, but I doubt anyone would do it every 2 hours! >.<
    Thanks for reading ^^

  16. Yes it was a disappointment since I've been impressed by every other Benefit product I've tried so far!
    Thanks for reading ^^

  17. ehhh...really?I thought this was highly raved..I guess I have to re-think of buying this..

  18. I have a sample of this from Sephora and it's coverage is kinda like a BB creams :o It's nice but I wouldn't buy it since it is pricey like you said ^_^


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