Monday, 14 April 2014

March Beauty Haul

Hi loves! It's been forever since I last did a haul post. I know a lot of you love reading haul posts, but I haven't done one in awhile because I bought a new car last November! And I was pretty broke for a while, lol. 

Anyway, since I've been somewhat good about spending since then, I treated myself to two hauls in March - one Korean beauty haul and one Priceline haul, when they had their awesome 40% off Cosmetics Sale! 

Tony Moly Panda's Dream White Magic Cream, Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream, Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

I blogged about Tony Moly's new Panda's Dream Collection in February, and I couldn't resist the cute Panda themed packaging and ended up buying the whitening cream from the new range. I've been really interested in whitening products, not to whiten my face, but to fade my old acne scarring. 

Continuous use of bb creams with their whitening properties, SPF, and skincare benefits has somewhat helped my acne scarring, and then the Mizon snail cream impressed me with its healing and whitening properties, which saw my skin improve even further. But it still wasn't enough, and so I bought the Panda Cream since it's specifically for whitening, to add some extra oomph to my acne fading regime. 

Will review it soon!

I am so loving the Mizon BB Cream at the moment! Since my skin has improved so much since using snail filtrate skincare, I decided to amplify the healing properties of snail filtrate by working the bb cream into my regime too. Hopefully I can review this for you soon too. It's a great bb cream! 

The Mizon Snail cream is a repurchase, and is my third jar. Love it. 

My guilty indulgence - asides from skincare and bb creams, my other beauty obsession is lipsticks! I'm a fan of vivid pinks and the occasional reds, but the chilly Autumn weather has me craving burgundy and oxblood shades!

The colours scare me a little, but I'm determined to pull off the vampy look this season!

The only new product to me here is the Holika Holika lippie - I have other shades from the Rosy Tint Lips range, and the Dear My Blooming Lips range. 

I so, so look forward to Priceline's hugely popular 40% off sales! They rarely come by, but when they do, you'll definitely find me popping in no matter what! Actually when I heard this sale was on I was going to skip it because I was hanging out for a skincare sale. But then I remembered I had an Essence eyeshadow I had my eye on so off I went. 

Sadly the shade I wanted - Frosted Apple, which is a glittery pink, had been opened and swatched, so I walked out without it. But I did get a 4 shade neutrals palette, a glittery gold shade, and a burgundy lipstick from Australis.

Of course, once I jumped onto Instagram I discovered that makeup brushes were included in the sale, so off I went again the next day (to a different store), which thankfully had that Essence shadow I wanted, and I also picked up a Models Prefer angled brush to apply my powder highlighter. 

As for my fashion hauling, I think my fave haul of the month is this biker jacket! 

I've always wanted something like this since my high school years for some reason. I think because I've always been seen as a goody two shoes, I just want something to show that I'm not always sweet? Lol, I don't know. 

This is the end of my March Haul Post - yah, it's already way past March, but I'm a little disorganised lately >.<

As usual thanks for reading, lovelies! 

Look forward to chatting to you soon ^^

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. Everything looks so pretty! ^-^ I love the panda cream! At least the packaging is adorable!


  2. lovely haul!! I'm excited to hear your thoughts on the essence eye shadows! ^^
    I have heard a lot of good things about the etude house rosy tint lips, can't wait for the review :-D

  3. Sweetie, you know I'm here because of the panda...not going to lie O_O

  4. wow congrats for your new car, peggy :D
    i also repurchase the mizon snail cream for the third time :D
    i'm in love with burgundy shade too, i think you will love the holika holika lipstick because i think it works better than Etude dear my lips talk ;)
    anyway can't wait for your review ^^

  5. omo, the panda is calling my name, lol
    and congratulations for your new car, Tulip! :D

    Lova // clovers and carousel blog

  6. I loved lippies ^^ Nice haul ~~

  7. Lovely haul, I can't wait for your review for the Tony Moly cream, I'm so curious because I've used the cream for a couple of days when I got it and then stopped using it and when I deided to go back to it it caused me some breakouts :'( I guess I'll keep the pretty package and that's it. I can't wait to see how the Holika Holika lip performs because I also got one, but it's the moisture version and I have no idea what's the diference lmao nn
    Congrats on getting a new car!

  8. gimme gimme gimme I want that panda!!

    恵美より ♥

  9. I loved this haul!lovely products!your post let me discover new brands and beauty products!
    niece pieces!
    Have a great day!

  10. Would you pleeeease swatch the lippies soon if you wouldn't mind? I've been wanting the holika and etude ones but can't find swatches ANYWHERE :(

  11. Sure! I can do that ^^
    I hesitated to get the Holika Holika one for the very reason of not being able to find any swatches, but luckily it's not expensive >.<

  12. I have an inability to resist cute or pretty makeup :P
    Thanks for reading ^^

  13. Thanks Pam! Hehe, I can't resist a little of glitter when it comes to eyeshadows ^^
    I have tried the rosy tints before and I like the texture a lot so I got another shade that's suitable for Autumn..can't wait to try it!

  14. Hehe, the panda is just too cute~!

  15. Thanks Rini :)
    I can't wait to try the holika holika lipstick - and the burgundy colour looks quite romantic ^^

  16. Haha, he's too cute to resist!
    Thank you ^^

  17. I have a lippies obsession, hehe ^^
    Thanks for reading!


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