Wednesday, 16 April 2014

March Beauty Favourites

When was the last time I did a Favourites Post? I don't even recall 0_o

Anywho, here's my March Beauty Favourites! 

L-R: Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream, Indeed Labs Pepta Bright, Maybelline Color Whisper in Who Wore it Red-er, GEO BC102 lenses, Models Prefer Angled Brush

Mizon Snail Blemish Balm

I had run out of my Mizon Snail Cream and needed to buy a new one, so I decided to get the bb cream too. My skin has lightened somewhat over the last two months, so most of my current bbs were looking quite brown on me. 

Mizon's Snail bb had been on my wishlist a while since I love the cream so much, but I always shied away since it seemed too light for my skin. But my current lighter skintone gave me the perfect excuse to get it! 

And omg I do not regret it all. I fell in love with it the first time I used it. It has pretty good coverage, makes my skin look bright and glowy, and has a semi-matte finish. I wore it in my recent posts - BornPretty brown lashes, and Lensvillage I.Fairy circle lenses if you wanna see how it looks on me. I will try to review it properly soon!

Indeed Labs Pepta Bright Serum

Another product I simply have to rave about! If you have dull skin, or old acne scarring you want to fade, you have to try this! I thought my Mizon Snail Cream was slowly but surely working its magic on fading my acne scars, but this serum just took my skin to a new level.

I've been using this about 3.5 weeks now, and my acne scarring is really, really noticeably fading. And my skin is brighter too. I can't wait to review this for you!

Maybelline Color Whisper in Who Wore it Red-er

I've mentioned it previously, but I am obsessed with this lippie at the moment. Love the hydrating, slick formula, and the vivid raspberry pinky-red shade! Wore this in both my BornPretty Couture lashes review, and my Valentines FOTD post if you wanna check it out~

GEO Medical lenses in BC102

My current favourite lenses - I think I'm onto my third pair now. The dark brown shade suits me very well since I naturally have brown almost black eyes. 

I've been cycling through a variety of 'natural' brown lenses over the last 8 months or so, and none of them have measured up to these in terms of how natural they appear. I'm still browsing around to see if there are others even more natural, but I'm content to keep using these ones for now. 

Models Prefer Angled Brush

Picked this up during Priceline's recent 40% off cosmetics sale, because it's just such a bargain. I was worried it might be just a cheap flimsy brush, but I was glad to be proven wrong. 

It's sooo fluffy and soft - not scratchy at all! And it doesn't shed!

I'm using it as my highlighter brush and am loving it. Will definitely check out the rest of Model Prefer's brush range at the next sale! 

And now we've come to the end of the post. These were my carefully picked, March Faves ^^

I'll definitely be working on reviews of the Pepta brightening serum and the Mizon bb cream, so do look forward to that! Thanks for reading lovelies. 

What were your March beauty faves?

xoxo Tulip

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  1. oh the mizon snail BB Cream sounds amazing!! I am currently enjoying BB Creams again , but I use them mostly as 'base' under my foundation ^^
    I have similar angled blush brush as well, but from a japanese brand called Mashami Shouko, a very affordable drugstore one, but very good quality! ^^

  2. That Maybelline lipstick does not come to my country :c I want to try!

  3. I wanna try the Mizon Snail bbcream it looks pretty interesting!

  4. most of the products are quite new to me especially the Labs Pepta Bright Serum, makes me want to try it out ^_~

  5. It's my current fave bb cream ^^
    I've tried a few bbs under my foundation, but I usually don't like the feel of it >.<
    I haven't heard of this Japanese brand before, but I'll keep an eye out for it, I'm always looking for good quality drugstore brands!

  6. Maybe try online! I quite like the formula as it's smooth and hydrating ^^

  7. Hehe, I do go through quite a lot of beauty products so maybe I should ^^
    I'll check out your link now!

  8. I'm really loving it at the moment!

  9. Yeah, I don't know how widespread this brand is...but the serum is seriously good!


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