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Kawaii Tech Stuff: Cute Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

Hi cuties! Today's post is a little different as it's not very beauty related, but I think this will still be of interest to some of you. I am an absolute Instagram-a-holic, and since I'm frequently asked about what apps and filters I use to make my photos ultra kawaii, I thought I'd share some of my favourite smartphone apps.

I can't always take perfect pictures due to the shoddy quality of my phone camera, due to bad lighting, or due to an unsightly background - or for whatever reason! So filters and stamps come in very handy for kawaii-fying my pictures ^^ And it's sooo fun too - it's rare for me to snap a pic and then post it up on Instagram as is. I like to spend a few minutes trying to make the pic even nicer to look at! 

My Instagram process goes a little like this...

Step 1: Take a photo of something cute
Step 2: Purika the heck out of it
Step 3: Slap a pretty filter over the top. Done.

Read on for more detailed tips, tricks, and recommendations~

First things first, all of the apps I use are free to download - though they all come with special features you need to pay for if you want it. But I personally am very stingy and have never paid to use any of the special features - if you're creative enough, and willing to spend some time and effort, you can make your pics super cute without spending a cent. 

The downside of using only the free basics is that in order to have access to lots of filters and templates and stamps/stickers, you'll have to use between 1-3 apps depending on how much work the picture needs. 

Yes, I do go through all that effort for the one picture! But honestly, once you're familiar with each app and its features, you'll be able to edit a picture in less than 5 minutes.

Some of these aren't available for android phones - sorry. I've hyperlinked some of these apps to the itune store for you, so just click on the names ^^

I often use Line Camera to snap my photos, as it can capture photos in a 1:1 ratio - which is the perfect size for Instagram. Most cameras snap photos in 4:3 ratios which means when you upload it to Instagram, you'll have to crop it down and risk cutting off important parts of the photo. 

There's a heap of photo borders or frames to choose from, and its got a lot of awesome filters!

My personal faves are Clear which can sharpen fuzzy photos - which is important if you're going to layer filters over it, as some filters fuzzify photos after you apply it.

Baby is nice for softening and smoothing photos. Latte is nice for slightly brightening photos, while Tender is good for adding a slight vintage-like filter, without being too yellow.  

Photo taken on Line Camera
Filter: Clear (if I recall right)
Filter: Antique layered over Clear

And you can adjust the level of the filter too! I don't think I have any other apps that allow you to do that. 

This is a well known app. But I normally only use this to take selfies, lol. 

It has a number of different camera lens options and filters, which you can switch in whatever order you choose. I personally only use the Basic frame option, paired with either Dazzle or Vintage Brown as the filter. 

Vintage Brown

It doesn't have any in-app editing options, but it's great for snapping pics on the go. 

EDIT: Note that this app is not available in the Australian itunes store! Try changing your region to access it in the US store if you really want this~

If you're really into ultra cute stickers and purika style photos, then this app is the app for you! 

It has one feature that is an absolute treasure - the brightening function. It's amazing for brightening any too dark photos, and will make a huge difference to the appeal of your photo. 

Before brightening
After brightening

The other thing I love about this app is the plethora of stamps (or stickers). There are so many to choose from, and it's all free! Of course you can get even prettier ones if you want to buy them, but I'm pretty content with the free ones. 

Bows, stars, hearts, sparkles, even macarons...there's all this and more. You can literally spend hours decorating your photos on this app.

A little cuter
Instagram ready

Not as useful, but I keep it on my phone as I like some of the filters - HDR for its ability to sharpen some images, and Cutie for its mega sweet pinky filter that's perfect for pretty-fying photos of makeup. It requires HQ photos as some of the filters tend to soften and blur images.

I also like the collage function, though it doesn't allow 1:1 photo ratio. 

Similar to Line Camera, as it also boasts a good selection of photo frames. It's also got a cool selection of pre-made templates with filters and stamps already in place. Good if you're feeling lazy or uninspired. 

As for their filters, I'm not much a fan - I prefer the filters on Line Camera. But I think Decopic has a wider selection of frames, so it evens out~

Cropped to size on Decopic, and then using the pre-made template Miss U Darling

Decopic is also good for automatically cropping photos into 1:1 ratio, so you'll always have the photo just the right size for uploading to Instagram ^^

Extra tips

Brighten your pics!

Take your photos in a 1:1 proportion when possible - otherwise crop it to size before you start editing your pics. 

An overload of cute stickers works best when you layer a filter over the top to soften harsh lines.

Sometimes less is more - some photos are pretty in their simplicity, so leave the stickers for another time.

If you can, use higher quality photos taken from a digital or DSLR camera.

Thank you for reading lovelies - I hope this has been of some help to those who were interested in what I use on my Instagram photos ^^ 

If you have any recs for apps you use yourself, please feel free to let me know in the comments below! 

And if you wanna check out more of my Instagram feed, click here

I hope you liked this post!

Thanks for reading ^^

xoxo Tulip

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  1. aww! I have etude house panda cream too!!

  2. Line Camera is my favorite app too!

  3. Thanks for the photo app suggestions! I use a couple of these apps already but I love finding new ones!

  4. Cuteness attack *w*
    Thank you so much!!

  5. Awesome! i do use photo wonder.. its fun but yes i will try some of these! Cute apps!

  6. I completely understand where you're coming from with this post! I use my phone camera all the time for my posts and it doesn't always work well, so I need all the help I can get to take better pictures.
    Thanks so much for all these wonderful apps! :D

  7. Thank you for the shared info. I am now downloading the Rkuga-cite :)

  8. I completely agree with you. I do the same. Most of my photos are decorated with around three different free applications. The ones I use the most are Snapeee and Line Camera. I used to have Pudding camera as well, but I had to uninstall a few things and when I went searching for that app again, it was gone! I can’t find it anywhere!

    Cool Post. It’s always nice to learn more
    about how to make cute pictures.

    Take care!

  9. Very nice. I love collecting cute little photo editing apps. Especially as my phone camera is terrible. xD

  10. Really useful post! I'm gonna use some of there app for sure ^^ thanks!

  11. thanks for sharing!
    I think I need to try rakuga cute :D

  12. I'll have to check Snapeee out ^^
    I can't find puddingcam either, but I remember I had to change my region to US to access it - but maybe it's not available anymore? Hmm, I'll have to check it out.

  13. Thank you !! I will download some.

  14. Thank you for posting! I was trying to figure out how people were doing this!

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    helpful for us. Thanks for sharing your informative.

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