Thursday, 10 April 2014

I.Fairy Kitten Tears Real Brown Review *sponsored product*

Hi! Today's post is a circle lens review, as one of my fave circle lens sites has sent me a few pairs of lenses to review for you ^^

I've been going for more natural lenses lately since I can't wear too heavy makeup at work, but I miss being able to wear some more adventurous and dolly designs sometimes >.<

So today I'm reviewing some I.Fairy lenses from LensVillage - the I.Fairy brand has really dolly, and kind of in your face designs. But I went with a kawaii design instead, with the Kitten Tears lenses in Real Brown

The packaging is real cute - instead of those pesky glass vials, these lenses came in plastic capsules stored in a cutely designed with black kittens. 

Easy to open packaging <3
Kind of creepy but cute kittens, hehe

LensVillage were also kind enough to provide a cute animal lens case too - they provide a free case with every full price pair of lenses you buy ^^

These lenses are big, at a diameter of 16.2mm o.o - though they weren't difficult to put in, and didn't feel uncomfortable to wear at all. 

I tend to get a solid 5 hours of comfortable wear time, but then my eyes usually start feeling tired and sleepy, as I'm not used to wearing larger diameters.

Normal indoors lighting
Photo has been brightened to better show the pattern

Design wise, they have a very dark ring around the outer edge of the lens, that's quite visible on the eyes, giving an enlarging and dolly look. It's not natural looking in the least, but it does give that dolly look ^^ 

The inner design is a medium brown shade that is only really visible under very bright lighting. But! That may depend on your pupil colour - mine are very dark brown so they blend well with these lenses. If you have lighter shade eyes, the contrast may be more visible. 

Since the diameter is so large, and my pupils not particularly big there is some halo action going on, where part of the white of my eye is visible in the lens depending on where I look.

You can sort of see some halo effect on my eye here - where the colour is paler than the rest of the lens

Now, these are called Kitten Tears lenses, but if you ask me, these lenses give more of a puppy look rather than a kitten look. Not necessarily a bad thing though!

I think if you go for the green or the blue version, those may lend more of a feline look - I've always associated melty chocolate brown eyes with puppies! And don't cats have more yellow-brown eyes?

Meow? Or Woof?
Ermagosh I really like my lower lashes here - I gave them two coats of fibre mascara base, before applying mascara ^^
The brown false lashes are from BornPretty - review here~

Yeah, maybe it's the slightly droopy eyeliner, but I'm definitely getting more of a puppy vibe! 

So there we have it, these are I.Fairy's Kitten Tears lenses! A must have if you like a sort of soulful, innocent kind of look :P

Thanks to LensVillage for sending me these to review, I actually do buy from them myself often, and can recommend their service personally. So do check them out for all you circle lens needs ^^

Thanks for reading lovelies. Puppy look vs kitty look - which do you prefer? 

xoxo Tulip

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*the product/s featured in this review was provided for review purposes - but opinions expressed are honest, and still 100% my own. For further information, please see my disclaimer & disclosure policy


  1. I agree with you, they really give a puppy vibe which is really cute!

  2. You look so adorable with these on! ^^


  3. These are SOOOO cute on you! Love the lenses, and they really do give you the perfect ulzzang puppy eyes haha.

  4. Super cute lenses!*_* I really love the looks of these!

    Btw: I've nominated you for the sunshine blogger award:
    I'd be happy if you'll join :) ♥

  5. Aww, thank you so much for nominating me ^^
    I'll definitely check it out!


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