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Eye Lash Extensions - My Experience

If you follow me on Instagram, you'd have seen that I recently got eyelash extensions done ^^

Having sparse, stick straight Asian lashes has always been an annoyance to me - so much so that a few weeks ago I started seriously considering eye lash extensions, and started researching places that did them. 

If you're not aware what eye lash extensions actually are, it's basically the process of having semi-permanent, synthetic eyelashes applied over your own lashes, for the appearance of more longer and lusher lashes. 

Each lash is painstakingly, individually applied to your own lash, but about 1mm from the eyelid - and there are different lash thickness, lengths, and degree of curls to choose from! So you can choose between dramatic (good for special events) or natural (good for those wanting natural enhancement for day to day life). 

Firstly I had mine done for free, because I saw a callout for models on facebook. I was pretty nervous because I've heard some horror stories on the net about bad beauty salons, but the one I went to have a pretty solid reputation, so I took the chance. 

Because I was basically a guinea pig, I didn't get the chance to have a consultation on what type of lashes I was after, so I had no idea what kind of look I would end up getting *o* 

Once I got to the salon, I filled out a disclaimer and then they made sure I wasn't wearing eye makeup or contact lenses. I definitely recommend not wearing any makeup at all, as it'll just get smeared everywhere since the technician will need to occasionally rest their hand on your face while they apply the synthetic lashes. 

They got me to lie back, cleansed my eye and lash area to remove any dirt and oil, and then taped down my lower lashes. This was to make sure my lower lashes weren't accidentally glued to my upper ones! 

And then they applied adhesive to my lashes - it smelt slightly like superglue, and wasn't as wet or sticky as I thought, it was quite a dry adhesive actually. 

Lash extensions generally take between 1-2 hours, and you keep your eyes closed the entire time. It sounds relaxing right? I thought it'd be a breeze, but actually it was a pretty terrible process. Asides from the constant face touching, I'm pretty prone to neck pain, and the salon I went to had chairs that didn't have great neck support. So about 1 hour in I was starting to feel pretty sick. 

To be fair, the technician did consistently keep asking if I was okay and comfortable and I kept answering 'fine' even though I felt dizzy and slightly nauseas. I just wanted it to be overrrr~

Back to the extensions - other than the neck pain it was a pain free process, I only felt a slight poking sensation to my eyelid area when the technician was lining up the lashes. And also there were occasional moments of tugging where the technician had to pull off certain lashes if they didn't apply right...I hope none of my real lashes got tugged off though lol. But I got a trainee, so the tugging shouldn't happen as often if you get a more experienced technician ^^

So after approximately 2 hours, they used some kind of air pump thing to blow off stray lashes on my face, and to help dry the adhesive. And then they used a balm to clean the lash area as the glue dries kind of grey if it gets on your skin. The next thing they did was peel off the tape covering my lower lashes, and that was kinda uncomfortable - it was sort of like ripping off a bandaid where there's hairs, lol. 

And then they said I could open my eyes. My eyes were a bit watery from the tape removal, and having them closed for so long! My first impression of my new lashes were that they were really 'cute' - they went with a natural look, with a length that was about 1.5 times longer than my real lashes, and a bit of a curl which looked quite natural. 

Bare lashes
Lashes with mascara
With extensions
With extensions

If I were to be really picky, I would've liked lashes with a slightly higher curl - however since my lashes aren't natural curled or lifted, they may not have been able to support a higher curl anyway. I also would've liked another 2-3 lashes at my outer lash area, just to elongate my eyeline - however that may be due to the fact that I didn't have any lashes there to apply any synthetic ones, or because the lashes there weren't long or strong enough to support any. 

The technician went through the after care with me, and then I went home and threw up from the neck pain :P

Haha, TMI right? Honestly I think most people should be fine, it's just that I'm particularly sensitive to neck pain, so I don't think anyone's going to have quite the experience I did. 

Asides from losing my lunch, I don't have any regrets, and am now loving my new extensions. At first I thought they were more natural than I prefer, but now I like them just as they are. I love rolling out of bed and not having to worry about eye makeup - I just put on bb or cc cream, lipstick and then I'm ready to go. I've only worn pencil eyeliner once, and eye makeup twice in the 7 days I've had these extensions *0*

You can wear non-waterproof mascara, and eyeliner, but honestly the extensions look good enough on their own! I particularly wanted lash extensions for the 'eye liner' effect as well - you know when people have such lush lashes it already looks like they've got eye liner on? That's what I wanted! I don't have quite that effect, but it's a lot better than what I naturally had, lol. 

I'll end this post here. Since there's so many things I want to talk about regarding lash extensions I'll be splitting it up into different posts. 

I know there'll be questions on the pros and cons, taking care of the lashes etc etc, so I'll be doing individual posts on those soon. But if you have any specific questions and you can't wait, you can still ask me below ^^

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  1. So cute, the lashes are very natural ^^

    Beautiful :3

    恵美より ♥

  2. I actually used to do eyelash extensions on people, when I still lived in Belgium and worked as a make-up artist. Yours look really good. Very natural! Never had 'em myself though. Can't put eyelash extensions on yourself :-(

  3. I've been considering to get eyelash extension as well but it is very expensive here.. is it expensive there and how often does it last?
    They charge €135 for the first extension and €55 / month for touch up. The touch up is a must here, otherwise you have to pay again the €135 if you don't touch up more than 4 weeks.. that's why I am not sure whether I should do it.. T.T
    your extension looks incredibly natural! very pretty!!!

  4. your lashes look so beautiful, seeing your pretty results I want to get mine done ~
    I guess I'll start looking for a saloon to get them :)
    hope you'll get the related post posted soon <3

  5. They look wonderful and very natural! That's awful about the neck pain though... It's kind of important to have good chairs if that's what all of your clients are going to be sitting on! Very pretty though :)

  6. wow your eyelashes look so much longer, fuller and so cute! Like you'd be wearing false lashes but super natural ones :O It looks awesome! I bet extensions are super expensive, you're so lucky to get them for free !

  7. They do look natural - but better than my own real ones, lol.
    Thanks for reading!

  8. Oh that's cool! It looks like you need a really steady hand and patience to do it :)
    Hehe, that's true - I can't imagine even trying to put on lash extensions on myself, it'd turn out all wobbly!

  9. Thanks, they took a bit to get used to, but I am loving them!
    Hehe, I'll try - I'm just about ready to get them touched up since it's been 3 weeks now.

  10. Thanks ^^
    Yeah, I'm thinking about finding a salon with beds instead next time! I might be overly sensitive though, as there was a lady next to me getting extensions done and she was fine >.<

  11. I think they're pretty expensive here too! Though it varies from salon to salon. The one I went to charges $140 for natural lashes and $190 for dramatic lashes, and then for maintenance it's $45 for 1/4 refills or $90 for 1/5 or more refills I think. I've had mine 3 weeks now and it's definitely time to get them fixed up as there are a few gaps as well as lashes twisting in weird directions now, lol.
    If you can afford the upkeep, they're definitely worth it!

  12. Thanks Mindy! They sort of feel like false lashes too, not as soft as real lashes, lol. Yeah, I personally think that extensions are expensive, but it might be cheaper in some Asian countries!
    It was definitely good luck and good timing I think :)

  13. I get nauseous every time I get mine done too! Which is why I looked up if anyone else did and this post came up. I think the salon I go to needs better and more comfortable chairs, theirs seem pretty cheap. I go back every two weeks and dread feeling sick afterwards.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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