Monday, 7 April 2014

BornPrettyStore Unique 'Long Trail' Brown False Lash Review *sponsored product*

Hi Cuties, I'm back with my final BornPrettyStore falsies review ^^

And I've save the best for last! I've been wanting to try brown lashes for awhile, so I was happy to be able to review this set for you. I wasn't sure if brown lashes would look odd on me or not seeing as I have black lashes, but I was super pleased with the results. 

Brown lashes do not look out of place on black lashes at all, though it's only when you get up relatively close that you'll notice the brown tone of the lashes. I think the dark brown tone of these lashes give a softer look to eye makeup, which I really, really like. 

Not only do I love the coppery brown shade of these lashes, but I love, love the short to long style, with the thicker lashes at the very end. I like short to long styles in general, as I find them flattering on my eyeshape.

These particular ones gave me somewhat of a droopy, puppy eyed look as the thicker lashes at the end flip down, making my eyes appear a little rounder. 

The length of the lashband is also a little shorter than normal, so I didn't need to cut them, and had to place the inner corners a little further away from my actual inner eye. So if you have more elongated eyes, this lash style may be a little short on you. 

Indoors lighting

I think these lashes look superrr pretty from the side, so that's why most of these photos are side profiles, haha. 

They look pretty when eyes are closed too. You can see a bit of a gap at my inner eyes as I placed the front of the lashband further along. However I used a little bit of brown mascara to help blend my black lashes with the brown. 

I think the thinness of the lashes on the band really help to give a wispy look, which looks pretty and delicate on the eyes. It looks nice with neutral eye makeup and brown eyeliner. 

These lashes definitely get my tick of approval. If you want to try brown falsies, this is a really fab style. Check them out here on BornPretty~

They retail for a really decent price of USD $7.56!

BornPretty does have a few other styles in brown available too, so check out the rest of their lash range if you're interested. 

And the below code can be used for a 10% discount too - it's not an affiliate code, just a normal discount code ^^

Thanks for reading lovelies. Have you tried brown lashes before? 

xoxo Tulip

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  1. it's my first time seeing brown lashes.. looks good!!!


  2. I just tried lower brown lashes once and they look super natural just like you said :3 I would be interested in trying brown upper lashes too and since they're shorter than normal lashes I would be extra curious haha, Thanks for this review, Tulip!

    btw, How did you dye your eyebrows or make them matching to your hair color? I always have this eyebrow problem and want to learn how to make them probably for summer when I let my fringes grow out >w<


  3. These are so cute! It looks completely natural! xx

  4. I want to go lighter with my hair! But it's very stubborn to dye T_T
    Thank you!

  5. The colour's more natural than I thought they'd be! Thanks for reading ^^

  6. My eyebrows are still black - I'm thinking about tinting them because as you said they are a pain to match with brown hair!! I have been using a brown pencil (Etude House) to fill them in, but they don't always look natural!

    For this post I first filled in my brows with a medium brown brow powder, and then thickened the shape with brow pencil, and then finished with a light sweep of brown brow mascara. It's a lot of work T_T It usually looks good in photos, but not entirely natural in real life (depending how close you look lol)

  7. I was happy with how natural they turned out! Thanks for reading ^^

  8. loves it !! it looks natural too !


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