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March Empties

Hi Hi! I don't think I've done an empties post before, so I did one for you this month ^^

I usually don't use up many products on a monthly basis...especially makeup which I have way too much of, lol. As for skincare, it usually takes me 2-3 months to finish on average, so March happened to be the month I managed to finish up most of my current skincare. 

L-R: Sanctuary Spa Stop the Clock Moisturiser, Mizon All in One Snail Repair Cream, Let's Wonderland Honey Moisturising Lotion, Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara, Essence Longlasting Eye Pencil, Etude House Nutrifull Cream Sample Sachet

These are my empties - well you can see I have a teeny bit of the Honey Lotion left, but it'll be finished by the 31st ^^ 

Should I share some of my thoughts on these products? Some of these have been reviewed - just click the titles ^^

Sanctuary Spa Stop the Clock Moisturiser

I picked this up at Priceline's last 40% off Skincare Sale - as it retails at $29.99, it was quite the bargain. It's a very thick and rich cream - not unlike Philadelphia cheese in texture. The first few weeks I used this it gave my skin quite an oily sheen, however after a month or so my skin just drank it up, and now that I've finished it I've noticed my skin is no longer dry and is more on the normal side now. 

Definitely more for mature skin or very dry skin though. I won't repurchase at the moment, as it's out of my budget at full price, but I may return to it if Priceline has another 40% off sale.

This is my second jar finished, and I have purchased a third - which is probably a record for me since I love switching skincare so much! 

It's a light, gel-like cream, with a slightly sticky finish, however I like to layer a richer cream over the top to hold in all the snail filtrate goodness :P

This is one of the few skincare I've used that I've actually noticed a significant improvement to my skin, so I'm completely devoted to using this until it no longer works on me. It's brightened my skin, smoothed my skin texture, and faded some of my acne scarring. 

Other products I used have also helped too, but this is one of the main products that I contribute to my skin improvement. 

It has a slightly algae-like smell, but other than that I love this moisturising toner! 

Its watery, gel-like toner is lotion and toner in one, which soothes and hydrates my skin. 

I like it a lot and would like to repurchase it, however I just bought a serum which is a bit like a toner, so I can't use both at the same time >_<

I had a terrible impression of this mascara at first - though waterproof it didn't hold my curls at all, and even made them droop! But then I bought a waterproof mascara primer/base, and this mascara became much more appealing.

I liked the spindly applicator, and it lengthened and thickened my lashes nicely. And it doesn't smudge - the only mascara I've ever used to not smudge! 

I bought a second tube, but I regret it now as the newly opened mascara has a bit of a wet formula, which still makes my curl droop a bit. 

I've decided I won't repurchase a third...

Essence Long Lasting Eye Pencil 

I think this is my third finished pencil. It's sooo cheap that I just can't pass on it. And it's very nice and creamy too, and doesn't drag on the delicate eye area. It's my go to, day to day eyeliner (if I'm not using liquid liner).

Used the liner in my New Year's FOTD Post~

The only thing is it does smudge terribly on me if I don't powder my under eye area - probably because my bb creams are on the dewy side. I'll need to start looking for a new brown pencil soon, but for the moment I do love this Essence one. At $2.50 you really can't complain!

Etude House Nutrifull Shea Butter Cream (sample)

Even though I have a lot of samples (a lot), I rarely use them, because I usually just forget to, lol. But I received this one in a haul recently (March beauty haul post coming soon!) and I decided to try it, as I just purchased a full sized one, which I'm waiting to arrive. 

I needed a cheaper alternative to the Sanctuary Spa cream above, and this Etude House one looks just as rich, and is cheaper at around $23 - and it comes with a bonus sample sized sleeping pack too! 

At the moment I'm unsure whether I will regret purchasing this or didn't occur to me until after checkout that I would prefer to have a cream with multi-benefits such as anti-ageing properties. This cream only seems to have hydrating properties and nothing else >_<

Hopefully I'll like it anyway!

And now we've come to the end of the post. Thanks for reading lovelies!

What empties have you ended up with this month? 

Chat to you soon~

xoxo Tulip

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  1. I also rarely use samples because I often forget them! lol
    that's why , now I put them in a little basket on my dressing table so I see them every time I get ready in the morning. ^^
    btw, i like your lip color on the pict! :)

  2. I actually haven't tried any of the products that are your empties yet, but I'm glad that I can choose some of them to purchase as you seem to like them. :)
    I am a sample whore! lol! XD I really like samples and I use them all the time. ^_^

  3. I love the Mizon cream, I'll purchase my second one soon. I also like Hollika Hollika Jewel light Waterproof Eyeliner in brown, it's one of my favorites day to day eyeliner (I have them in gold, pink topaz and silver), they are really long lasting and cheap. Just a suggestion, but maybe you can try the brown one ^.^

  4. Based on your review, I'm going to try that Mizon cream when I've used up my current snail cream.

  5. THat Mizon cream sounds amazing

  6. I'm glad to see your quick review of the magic pole mascara. I really don't like it at all on my uppe lashes either because it barely curls at all, and IMO there is zero volume at all. I like the pole thing for lower lashes, but overall, I wouldn't ever buy it. -_- I'm dreading writing the sponsored post about it.

  7. Hmmm that snail cream seems like something I really need...

  8. i;ve never tried snail creams because they're sooo expensive.. i'm still a student and can't afford that much .. so much make up and skin care products u have there.. woaaa!

  9. I have mine in little plastic bags in a drawer so I never remember! I've recieved some nice looking samples recently though, so I must make an effort to use them ^^
    That's the lip crayons from Max Factor, a pink and red for a gradient lip look.

  10. I always come across new products I want to try after reading others empties and faves posts! Hehe, I love getting samples but weirdly I just like to store them rather than use them. I need to start using them up!

  11. Oooh, thank you for the eyeliner recommendation! There are so many brands out there it's hard to just zone in on one >_<
    I'll definitely check it out next time I do a beauty haul ^^

  12. I have so much love for this cream - hope you'll like it just as much too ^^

  13. It took about 2 months to notice a big difference, but my skin's been so good since starting my first jar!

  14. I was worried about spending $20+ dollars on a cream at first, but there were so many good reviews I just had to try!
    Yeah, being a student can be tough on beauty budgets!

  15. It's strange because it's the only waterproof mascara I've ever tried that actually makes my curl droop! But it worked fantastic once I used it over a primer...but the catch is the mascara needs to be somewhat old and a little dryer to keep the curl 0_o

  16. I highly recommend it! Wish I had discovered it sooner T_T

  17. Fun post(s) thanks! I hadn't heard of snail cream before.

  18. it's difficult to budget the money when you have the love for beauty. haha


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