Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Etude House's Latest Releases

Hi hi! How're you all today! Today's post contains previews of all the Etude House products that have been released in the last month or two. Most of these were released without any fanfare, as far as I know, but I thought these were worth showing anyway as there are some interesting products. 

We'll start off with something that actually is getting some hype online (if you keep an eye on Etude's official instagram and youtube account).

This is a spin-off of the cushion pact trend, but instead of a bb or cc cream, these compacts are colour correcting bases. There are three shades - green (for counteracting facial redness), peach (for brightening sallow/yellow undertone), and pink (for brightening white/fair skintone). 

Although I think cushion pacts are over-hyped, I have to say they tend to give a really natural finish to the skin (based on the one bb cushion I've tried so far). I think these will be quite popular!

The next item is a shimmer blusher which was only released a day or two ago. 

The packaging is really sweet and cute! 

Both of these shades look ideal for Spring/Summer wear~

Etude seems like they're on a roll with eyeshadow palettes lately! Shortly after releasing the 10 shade Play Color palettes, they've come out with a few more 3 shade palettes. And they are prettyyyy. 

Soft and feminine
Classic neutrals
Adventurous and trendy!

Red and pink eyeshadows seems to be the trend lately! 

Up next is a new foundation from Etude - their bb cream is a best seller, so I wonder how their foundation compares.

There's only two shades which is a bit disappointing. I'm exactly between the two shades lol.

These new scrubs look delicious! They're not actually new-new - they used to come in single use sachets I think, but they must've been so popular they decided to up-size them~ 

The two variants are Raspberry Yogurt and Sugar Apple Yogurt, which just sound so good! I might give these a go after I finish my current scrub...which is ages away >_<

And a new cleanser/cleansing cream has been released too - I don't really get why it's called Every Month Cleansing Cream 0_o

Shouldn't it be Every Day? 

Anyway, the next few products are new releases to be added on to Etude's popular Moistfull Collagen skincare range. 

I have to say the packaging and marketing of this range is really pretty and tempting! 

Put the words 'super' and 'moistfull' into the one product and I'm guaranteed to want to lust over it! I really like to use products with collagen in them, but right now I'm concentrating on using products with whitening properties to fade old acne scars, so I'll have to skip this~ 

An interesting product, but a bit unhygienic I think (especially if you're prone to breakouts)! 

And the last item for this post - a new cc cream! 

I find it interesting that the cc cream comes in shades - as I thought the whole concept of cc creams was their signature white/grey colour which gradually adapts to skin tone after application. Love the packaging! 

So this is it for now - I'm eagerly waiting for Etude's next 'big' collection release - I think the last really hyped up one was the Princess Etoinette 2 release, which was in November, so I'm on edge for the next full collection release! 

Has anything here caught your eye? 

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

xoxo Tulip 

Image sources: Cosmetic Love and Beautynetkorea

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  1. The shimmer blusher caught my attention the most! They remind me of The Body Shop's Shimmer Wave Bronzer/Blusher a lot and it's been on my wishlist since forever lol. I think the Magic Cushion looks interesting too, it's like the hybrid of Baby Choux Base and the original Any Cushion haha, sadly they are pretty high on the price just for a make up base product :( (well, at least for me :P)

    ☼ ☀Summer Solstice☀ ☼

  2. That Moistful CC Cream *0* I Want to try so much ^^

    恵美より ♥

  3. Yea, I'm kind of confused by the CC cream thing, but whatever. Also, the blusher reminds me of that gradient Canmake blusher I've seen around!

  4. So many new nice and cute things to try out!!!!
    I can't wait to read what people have to say about the moistful super collagen cream and CC cream. The new blushes seem gorgeous as well

    Thanks for the update.

    Take care

  5. oh they have many interesting new stuffs!
    the eye shadow trios look the most appealing for me esp the red-pink one!
    and the foundation looks nice as well, too bad the shades are so limited T.T
    thanks for this post! :-D

  6. etude never fails in terms of innovations! I wanna try the cushion pacts and foundation :D
    thank you for sharing, Tulip ^_^
    Lova ♥ clovers and carousel

  7. Whoa, colored CC cream? I wonder how it's different from the same foundation because they look the same... Maybe they chose every month cleanser because you'll run out every month? haha who knows.

    I want the new foundation but I think even though the advertisement shows W13 as dark, I don't trust EH with all the whitening they put in everything it's never that dark.

  8. I really would like to try the moistfull super collagen cream, for I really like the moistfull collagen cream. The CC cream and the Magic Any Cushion are pretty interesting too, can't wait to read reviews of these!
    Thank you for sharing!

  9. Ohhh so pretty! I can't wait to travel overseas so I can buy some of these goodies! xx

  10. Are you kidding? Everything caught my eye! :D Especially the eyeshadows they look absolutely perfect! ^_^

  11. The heart shaped patterns on the eyshadow palettes are soooo adorable. *_* SUPER moistfull?! Haha! I do wonder how they compare to the original...The new CC cream sounds great though!

  12. Ah the waiting for EH's next big release! I've been stalking the web for news LOL. I think maybe the Every Month is referring to it being for people who don't have time to exfoliate every day...?

  13. It looks like those shimmer blushes will add a nice glow! I like the look of the magic cushions too, but I have the baby choux base already which is far from finished so I won't be trying it any time soon. I have to agree, I think it is a little pricey for a base product - probably because the cushion trend is hot at the moment.

  14. Me too - I really want to see what it's like! I'm favouring cc creams over bb creams these days...

  15. Ooh, I haven't seen that Canmake blusher yet! The Etude one does seem like it'b be quite a glowy product ^^

  16. Isn't there?!
    Those are the two products I'm most curious about too ^^
    I think the blushers look like they'd add a nice glow to the cheeks :P
    Thanks for reading!

  17. Etude's forever releasing products quickly - it's so hard to keep up!
    The red-pink shadow trio is the most interesting one I think! And the packaging is quite cute too~
    Thanks for reading, Pam!

  18. I wish they weren't so tempting, releasing so many goodies all the time! :P
    Thanks for reading!

  19. I was thinking that it'd be more like a foundation or bb cream rather then a cc cream if it's coloured :P But I still wanna try it!
    Hehe, that's an interesting thought! It just seems like a strange name for a cleanser anyway~
    Looking at foundation swatches online is a bit of a pain - I almost always go too light or too dark T_T

  20. It really looks hydrating! It's on my wishlist but I have other skincare I'm getting through atm T_T
    I'm looking forward to what bloggers will be saying about the cc cream since that's on my wishlist too~
    Thanks for reading ^^

  21. I'd love to travel overseas so I could check these out in real life too T_T
    But I think I'd probably empty my wallet real quick if I did, haha.

  22. Hehe, just like me then! The eyeshadows do look gorgeous - both in shades and packaging - I think they'll be quite popular!

  23. Etude's so good at at little details like that!
    Haha, the use of SUPER definitely caught my eye! I really wanna try it T_T
    I'm hoping to see reviews of the cc cream soon! I've been really into cc creams lately, though I thought I was a bb cream fanatic for sure...

  24. I can't wait to see what Etude comes up with next - though my bank balance should be very afraid, lol.
    I guess so, but the phrase just sounds so strange to me 0_o

  25. Etude's my favourite brand! I love seeing what they come out with, even though I can't try everything >_<

  26. i haven't try EH brand, even though I heard so many good things about them. But I don't know why I never walk up to the counter =P


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