Saturday, 11 January 2014

3W Clinic Sheet Masks Review *sponsored product*

Hi cuties! 

Today I'm reviewing some sheet masks from Korean brand 3W Clinic, courtesy of Cosmetic Love. I'm a huge fan of sheet masks, as they're pretty easy to use, non-messy, and often have almost immediate brightening and softening effects on the skin ^_^

Up to now I'd only used My Beauty Diary sheet masks before, so I was pretty keen to see how these 3W ones compare. 

The face sheets are made of 100 percent cotton - and come soaked in essence. There's a whole bunch of different variants, and the ones I received were snail filtrate, potato, gingseng, placenta, and Syn-ake (something that mimics a type of snake venom, good for anti-ageing apparently!) - definitely a few 'exotic' ones in the mix! 

I found the material of the 3W masks a teeny bit thicker then the MBD masks - but otherwise they seemed to perform similarly. 

The sheets are generously soaked in essence, and didn't have very strong scents. For the most part they smelt like either baby powder or floral, save the ginseng mask which smelt herbal. 

All of the variants noticeably brightened and softened my skin after 30 minutes. 

I think I liked the Snail filtrate mask the best as it really brightened my skin, and my skin felt so smooth after, but really all the variants were similar to one another with regards to effect. 

The only thing I could think of for improvement would be the fit of the masks - I found the mouth and eye holes a little too small, and although the sheets fit okay on me overall, I thought they seemed to be manufactured for smaller face shapes (or maybe I just have a big face, haha). Other than that, no other complaints from me. 

These masks definitely would be great for this coming Summer - keep them in the fridge for an extra cooling effect! 

You can check out the masks on Cosmetic Love here 

Thanks for reading lovelies. Do you use sheet masks, and which brands do you like? 

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. I like to use mask sheet as well ^^ but for the mask, I have never picky on brand that I'm using, lol.
    As long as the mask suit my skin and fit to my face I would use it XD

  2. The masks sounds pretty good ^_^ Love how each mask have different extracts!

  3. I love using sheet masks! My favorite are also the My Beauty Diary ones. These seem pretty interesting especially the snake venom one!

  4. I love sheet masks because it won't get as messy as with wash-off masks. I honestly don't use them often just 1 per month T__T I would love to try the snail sheet masks one tho :D The few masks I tried are MBD and Skinfood and I loved both brands~! Thanks for sharing this masks with us, Tulip :D

  5. I love using sheet masks to pamper myself on the weekends, or even at night after a particularly stressful day at school. I like Tonly Moly ones but I really want to try MBD sheet masks ASAP! Thanks for the great review ^_^

  6. That's true - most sheet masks seem to have similar results, so there's not much need to be too picky :)

  7. Sheet masks are always relaxing to use! Yeah, it's fun to try different variants :P

  8. They're great for brightening and hydrating the skin! MBD has some really great ones :P

  9. I like them for that reason too - and also because some wash off masks sting my skin 0_o
    I used to use the MBD ones once a week, but they whitened my face too much so I use them a lot less now too, lol.
    I'll have to try some Skinfood masks next time!
    Thanks for reading ^_^

  10. Sheet masks are awesome for some easy pampering ^_^
    I haven't tried any TM masks yet, I'll have to put that on my list! MBD are super popular, have heaps of variants, and are pretty affordable~


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