Tuesday, 3 December 2013

MyNewSkin Multipurpose Balm Review - Lemon Myrtle and Lavendar *sponsored product*

Okay, so I have a bit of an obsession with finding skincare to nourish my dry skin...

And lately I've been really interested in skincare which uses natural or organic ingredients too. So when I was offered the opportunity to trial some some MyNewSkin Multi-purpose face and body balms, I was intrigued! 

Not only is MyNewSkin an Australian brand (located and operated in Queensland), but their balms are made from completely natural and chemical free ingredients. The balms are made from plant oils and herb extracts - which are processed within 3 hours of being freshly picked. Is that super fresh or what? 

MyNewSkin Balms are multi-purpose and can be used on face and body. Use it as a face moisturiser, or use it on dry elbows, knees, ankles, cuticles, or lips.

There are currently two balms available - Olive and Lavendar, and Olive and Lemon Myrtle. They're both 100% natural, and both intensively nourish and restore skin. With regular use, they nourish, moisturise, soften, replenish, and refresh dry, ageing, or uneven skin tone. 

Each balm is made from 7 types of freshly picked herbs (each with its own targeted skin benefits, plus either Lavender oil or Lemon Myrtle. 

Olive and Lavender, and Olive and Lemon Myrtle

I personally am loving the Lemon Myrtle variant, because it just smells so darn good. Although slightly herbalish in scent, the main fragrance I get from it is exactly like those hard-boiled lemon candies! 

The balms are packaged in tubs with screw top lids - the balm is fairly solid, but melts upon contact with warm fingers. So it's basically like a lip balm or petroleum jelly in texture. 

Swatch - it melts a little once warmed up
Spread out - it takes a while to absorb into the skin, but once it does skin feels soft and smooth~

There's a slight green yellow colour to the balm but it absorbs clear once carefully applied - used as an all over face balm, it is an odd sensation at first as the balm texture feels a bit thick on the skin for several minutes. You definitely do not need a lot, as it spreads easily, and a little goes a long way. 

I've been using this as a 'night cream' a few times per week, and although it feels a bit strange to use a balm as an all over face cream at first, due to the oil, my skin seems to really soak it up overnight. My skin is baby skin smooth the next morning - and definitely feels well nourished too. 

With regular daily use MyNewSkin claims it can help minimise redness, uneven skin tone, and the effects of ageing skin within about 3 months. I haven't been using it that long yet, so I can't attest to that, but MyNewSkin is so confident in its products, they have a money back guarantee for unsatisfied customers. 

Definitely something worth checking out if you're interested in buying local, and buying 100 percent natural skincare products. 

Check out the MyNewSkin website for more info (you can read some customer testimonials there too)

Have you used face balms before? 

Thanks for reading lovelies - chat to you soon ^_^

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  1. Omg, this looks super moisterizing!
    And so nice that's a Australian brand c:
    I think I'd pick the lemon one as well!

  2. I've been loving this too :)

  3. TriedandTestedBlogger4 December 2013 at 11:02

    Sounds really good, especially for the winter months! I don't think I'd like it as I wouldn't be patient enough to wait for it to soak in.

  4. I'm a little afraid that this will make me break out! It does sound really really nice.
    That picture of you is super cute. :)

  5. this reminds me so much of the egyptian magic balm tha got hype previously ;) exept mynewskin packaging is way better than the egyptian ;) thanks for sharing ^_^~

  6. I have never tried a face balm before because of my skin type. I am always worried that products like a balm might be too heavy for my skin. I love the photo on you at the end of this post, so cute!!

  7. I love kawaii and your blog is delicious! :)

    new follower
    come and say hi: Alice's Pink Diary
    Alice's Pink Diary FACEBOOK PAGE

  8. It's not quite as gel-like or as cooling as aloe gel, but it does have a similar soothing effect :)

  9. Hehe, the lemon smells much nicer than Lavendar in my opinion :P

  10. I love that it's natural in particular!

  11. It'd definitely be great for nourishing dry winter skin! Yep, I only use it a few times per week as I don't have the patience to apply it every evening :)

  12. I was worried too! But it never broke me out thankfully ^_^
    Thanks Amy <3

  13. Ooh, haven't heard of that magic balm before!

  14. I was a little uncertain about 'coating' my face with this at first, but my skin seems to really like it! I bet those my combo or oily skin might find it a bit heavy though!
    Thanks Liz ^_^


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