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Etude House x Minnie Collaboration - Minnie Touch Highlighter and Minnie Touch Blusher Review

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Minnie Touch Blusher Review

Hello, hello. I'm back with my next Etude House review! This time it's on the Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher, from Etude's recent collaboration with Minnie Mouse. 

Let's jump right into the review? 

The Minnie Collection included one powder highlighter and one powder blusher, which I snapped up almost right away. I confess I was quite swayed by the packaging...

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and  Minnie Touch Blusher Review

The compacts are very adorable - clean white and black casing, with polka dot patterning and a cute Minnie illustration. You can easily tell the blusher apart from the highlighter according to Minnie's sweet pink cheeks. 

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
I just love the Mickey barcode! It's such a cute detail ^_^
Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review

The outside packaging is very aesthetically pleasing, but I was disappointed to see neither the highlighter nor the blusher came with a mirror inside the compact. It just seems a bit unfinished, and is a bit inconvenient too. 

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review

The powders both come embossed with Minnie's face. While cute, it doesn't last long once you start using a brush on it! Each powder comes with three different shades in the pan. 

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
Mix of all 3 shades, Background shade, Minnie's Face, Minnie's Bow
Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
Under bright sunlight

The highlighter has three shades - a silvery pink, a silvery purple, and a white peach. I can't bother to use each shade on its own, so I just sweep my brush all over the pan to highlight. The highlighter when mixed, is a silvery shade with a slight lavender undertone. 

The powder is smooth to the touch, and decently pigmented. I think it looks pretty natural on me - it doesn't have huge chunks of glitter, and isn't very shimmery, so the effect is subtle, but still makes my skin look radiant. 

The only con (aside from lack of mirror) is that since this is a silvery based highlighter, it's not going to suit all skin tones. Sallow or warmer skin tones may be better off with a golden highlighter instead. In that case, I'd refer you to Etude's Aloha V-line Maker ^_^

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
L-R: All colours swirled together, Pink and Peach swirled together, Lavender shade on its own - applied with finger
Pink shade, Peach shade, Lavender shade - applied with sponge applicator

The blusher I wasn't too certain of at first, as I did see some swatches in the beginning and the shades seemed too pastel and even slightly chalky to me. However I just couldn't resist and bought it anyway. 

I'll be honest, this blusher is definitely made for very fair skin tones in mind - anyone with warmer skin tone is going to have a hard time getting this blush to show up (actually even fair tones will find it sheer!), and on warm tones it's going to be too pastel. 

I personally purely use only the pink and beige-peach swirled together. The ratio of pink and peach blusher on its own is tiny, so it's not worth the effort of using each shade separately. The lavender shade is quite unnecessary in my opinion too - it's good for concealing blemishes (according to Etude's promos), however I'd have preferred just the pink and peach shade in the pan, as I did pay for a blusher after all!

The powder is smooth, but it does have quite a bit of fallout once the brush sweeps across the pan. The finish is slightly matte and it's not very pigmented, so it requires some building up, however I do quite like the natural look it gives. Even though I need to build the colour up, it never gets over powdery or chalky on me. 

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
The blush is barely there, hope you can see it! It's more noticeable in reality
But the highlighter looks really nice here!
Look at the 'C' section next to my eye and upper cheekbone to spot the highlight

The blusher makes my cheeks look slightly pinked, and I generally use this when I want to wear a bolder lipstick but have no idea what blush to go with it. It's natural and gives a barely there blush, that it doesn't clash with my more vivid lips. 

So overall, the  blusher's not a complete loss, however for the price I'd say unless you're a hardcore Minnie x Etude fan, it's not a must have, and you could find better blushers with better pigmentation for the same price. 

Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
Wearing the blusher and highlighter (most visible on my nose bridge) here
Etude House Minnie Touch Highlighter and Touch Blusher Review
Also wearing both highlighter and blusher here, as well as the Minnie Kissing Lips Red Lipstick

Hope this review was somewhat helpful ^_^

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

xoxo Tulip 

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  1. The packaging is adorable. Too bad it really isn't anything good formula-wise.
    Looking good as always!

  2. The packaging is lovely, but the pigmentation not it´s good so bad. Thanks for your lovely review!

  3. I was caught by the cute design too. Thankfully I did myself some self-motivation with not purchasing this and I

    But that was totally cute! The blusher color looks pretty much the same with Etoinette S1 blusher and it suits you well :D

  4. hey pouty :D :)
    you look adorable sweets and I feel they lack pigmentation

  5. great review,Peggy!
    I was so disappointed with the blush.. I have quite fair skin but still it won't show up on me no matter how many layers i put on.. I agree with you about the packaging, why didn't put mirror inside, right? it looks somehow unfinished.. T-T

  6. Your makeup always looks perfect girl. I love your eye makeup and lip color! It's too bad the blusher isn't any good cuz I like the compact.

  7. aww, the packaging is so cute >///< I really wanted to get the blusher and highlighter too but now I think they wouldn't fit my warm skintone T__T But anyways, thanks for this review~!
    And thanks for the eyeliner recommendation, I'm always afraid to annoy other beauty bloggers when asking for recommendations or advice, Thanks a lot, really ! ; w ;

  8. They're so cute! Thank you for reviewing most of Disney collection, I really appreciate it! The blusher is so adorable, though the color is so sheer. I was always curious, could you pleasee do your daily make up look? D: I was searching you you haven't posted it on already, but I haven't found anything. (Gosh sorry to sound like stalker, I just think you're so adorable!)

  9. Agreed, the packaging is lovely! But yep, Etude could've worked on the blush pigmentation more >_<
    Thanks Amy ^_^

  10. Agreed! Thanks for reading ^_^

  11. The Made Up Maiden16 December 2013 at 21:50

    Okay, I'd have bought it just for how cute it was...but the pigmentation is almost non-existent! It wouldn't work on darker skin tones at all. I also agree that it's a bit annoying not to have a mirror.

    Thanks for a great review and you look gorgeous, as always. :)

  12. Hehe, it's *very* hard to resist some cute makeup!
    Oh, I haven't got the Etoinette blusher, but if it's similar to this then, I'm glad I don't have much temptation to get it now ^_^

  13. Aww, thank you ^_^
    Yes, the pigmentation could've been improved! It's not a blush many people could use >_<

  14. Thanks Pame ^_^
    Hmm, I don't swirl any of the purple shade, and I can get some colour after 2-3 applications. I kind of pat it on instead of blending tho!
    Yeah, the lids even have an indent so it has space for a mirror...

  15. Aww, thank you! Haha, it's a pain getting my eyeliner right as they're both different shapes T_T
    Yeah, maybe Etude should've worked more on the pigmentation as well as the packaging 0_o

  16. I think Etude's really put themselves in a corner with this collection - the pink lipstick, highlighter, and blusher are all definitely aimed at girls with fair/cool toned porcelain skin! Which is a pity >_<
    That's ok! I don't find it annoying at all!

  17. Haha, reviewing everything makes me feel less guilty for having absolutely no willpower against cute makeup ^_^
    Ooh, I like that idea! My everyday makeup is pretty simple tho 0_o
    But I have been trying to think of a non-review related post to do lately, as I've only been doing reviews these past few weeks...thanks for the suggestion Mina. I will definitely try and get that done!

  18. Yes, I couldn't help comparing it to the aloha compact! The lids even have an indent for a mirror, so I don't know why there isn't one 0_o

  19. Haha, I fell into the trap of buying it based on packaging! Yes, the colour's really sheer, and it takes effort to build up, so it's not one of Etude's finest products. I was genuinely surprised and puzzled there wasn't a mirror 0_o
    Thanks for reading MM :)

  20. That's what I thought! I purchased almost the entire line of the Etude House Sweet Recipe line (see reviews on my blog under powder room) but when this came out I thought they put more into the packaging instead of the product. Looks great on you though! So pretty.

  21. The packaging is beautiful but it does suck that they don't come with a mirror! I was hoping that it did since it would make it a lot more practical.

    It's also too bad that the product itself didn't meet expectations, but at least now I know that if I do buy it, it would be only for the packaging -_-

  22. I've been wanting this for so long! I love all of the Minnie Mouse makeup that's coming out.

  23. Hi,

    I tag you for Versatile Blogger Award

  24. I also bought most of the Sweet Recipe line! I liked almost everything I got - the packaging was cute, and everything performed decently too.
    Thank you ^_^

  25. If they're going to make the packaging the focal point of the collection, a mirror should've been included 0_o
    Hehe, yeah, this isn't one of the better collections Etude's released T_T

  26. OMG, I lOve the packagings, sO cute *-*

  27. I got the blusher not long ago and I love it to death! Its so cute and the colour.. I'm quite fair so this is a perfect blush for me, don't have to worry with overdoing it and looking like a clown. :)


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