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Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin Swatches and Review

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review

Hi Lovelies

Today I've got swatches and a review of the Models Prefer holiday set - Sweet Shadows. 

You may see that it bears an uncanny resemblance to Too Faced palettes - no coincidence, I'm sure. However as a kawaii-holic, I couldn't turn down this palette - anything that combines dessert with makeup, I need to have. I had to go to 3 different Priceline stores just to track it down! 

It's an affordable $15. But did you know that Priceline's having a 40% off all cosmetics sale this Tuesday and Wednesday?! That makes this tin a measly $9! I wish I had waited, lol.

Models Prefer is Priceline's very own budget friendly makeup brand, so unfortunately it's not easily accessible outside of Australia (sorry to my international readers!).

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review

The Sweet Shadows set is packaged in a super cute pale purple tin, with a chocolate box design. There are 12 eyeshadow shades - mostly within the neutrals range of browns, with the odd highlighter shades, soft pinks, and grey/black shades. There's also a eyeshadow primer, and a double ended mascara and brow gel - both of which are mega prettily packaged. 

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review

Each eyeshadow has its own name - and the names are really cute (there's an actual shade named Cute!). 

Presentation wise, this set gets top marks, but what about performance? 

It's a bit hit and miss, for me. 

The first row is, quite frankly, not that great. A primer is definitely required, as my brush hardly picks up any colour on its own. I generally prefer soft colours on my lids, but even I think the shadows could've been a bit more decently pigmented. 

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
L-R: Innocent, Lovely, Sweetened, Graceful
Quite heavily applied, over Essence's I love backstage primer, with a spongetip applicator
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Outdoors under bright sunlight

However, the bad mostly ends there. The second row is chock-full of gorgeously decent shades. I adore all the colours in the second row <3

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
L-R: Kisses, Cute, Sugared, Luscious
One swipe over primer with a spongetip applicator
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Under bright sunlight

Kisses does have a bit more fallout compared to the rest in the middle row, but once blended it's a lovely highlighting shade. Cute and Luscious are wonderful wearable shades, and don't need a primer, though the colour's more vibrant with one. Sugared is a pretty soft pink, though slightly pale and pastel on my yellow undertone skin. 

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
L-R: Adorable, Angelic, Precious, Enchanting
Only Adorable is heavily applied here, the others are just one swipe over primer
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Under bright sunlight~

The last row is also decent quality like those in the middle row, though Adorable, is unfortunately poorly pigmented - a shame as it's a shade I would most gravitate towards. 

Moving along to the primer - I'm not really experienced with what makes a good eyeshadow primer or not, but I really like this one. A little goes a long way, and the primer is really smooth and easy to apply - it's like melted butter! It dries mostly colourlessly, and matte - the shadows applied easily over this, and I didn't notice any creasing or fading. 

The brow gel is generic - I don't have any complaints about it. As for the mascara, I haven't tried it yet, so I can't comment on it. 

Here are a few pics/fotd's of some of the shadows in action~

Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Sweet Shadows Primer, Sugared on the inner third, Cute in the middle third, and Luscious on the outer third of my lids. Kisses used as inner eye highlight.
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Wearing the primer, Cute applied all over (with my finger - I'm easy going, yeah?), Luscious applied along lash line with a brush, and Cute along lower lash line. Also used the brow gel to set my Skinfood brow powder
Ignore the haphazardly applied eyeliner - it just wasn't my day haha.
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Precious applied all over with finger over the primer, and Kisses for lower line highlight
Models Prefer Sweet Shadows Tin swatches and review
Hey look, a pic where my hair is tied back for once! ^_^
Precious all over the eyelid, and Angelic applied over the inner half of the lids. Sweetened applied on the lower lashline.
Sorry for the giant sticker - I woke up with a really bloated face - holy moly! This is what happens when I have too salty food the night before T_T 

Overall it wasn't a waste of my $15, however some of the shades in this tin could've, or should've, been better quality. It's not a must-have, but I personally don't regret buying it. And if you do like the look of this, then remember that Priceline is having a 40% off cosmetics sale this Tuesday and Wednesday (19th & 20th November 2013). This'll be down to under $10 then!

Thanks for reading lovelies. Let me know what you think of this tin ^_^

Chat to ya later! 

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  1. This does look remarkably similar to the Too Faced palette, so it can't be a coincidence right? ^_~ It's really cute though!

  2. Wahhhh!!! It looked like a wonderful palette. If only the shadows were more pigmented.
    Reminds me of a palette from Too Faced Cosmetics like Serotinal said ^^

  3. It is def a cute packaging, esp for $15!.. it reminds me of too faced packaging, but nonetheless it is a very good worth of money. all the eye shadows look wearable and buttery on your swatches! btw you look great with side braided hair :)

  4. I'm not going to but this one but it would be such a steal if you picked it up in the sale tomorrow! $15 is still really affordable for this so don't feel too bad ;)

    Sarah | More Than Adored

  5. Wow the packaging is so neat and cute :)) well I prefer to see girl with not to or sheer color tbh for daily, because looks cuter :3

  6. I love this kit!!! and its cheap too!! I've been looking for the perfect shadow in one palette so they will always come in handy i soooo love this thanks for sharing Tulip! ;) :*

  7. Omg. This is so pretty *.* Everything is better in the tin! :D And I like the colours too, so wearable :D

  8. Definitely not a coincidence! And the packaging's just lovely for sure ^_^

  9. Yes the pricing is really great! I do like most of the shades, especially since they are quite wearable for everyday ^_^
    Aww, thank you Pam!

  10. A whole palette under $10 is definitely great value! Yep, as long as I make use of it. $15 is not bad :)

  11. The packaging's a highlight for sure!

  12. Wow, I love the similarities between between that and the Too Faced palettes. I'll have to head to Priceline and check it out. *w*

  13. It's a cute little kit - and the shades are very wearable ^_^

  14. Packaging gets top marks for sure - and the tin is very neat and convenient ^_^
    The colours are really sweet and nice overall!

  15. It's a nice palette! Minus some of the shades hehe. Yep, it definitely seems modelled after a Too Faced palette!

  16. I'm curious about what the Too Faced palette compares to this now! Have fun at the Priceline sale! I might be heading out to check out some stuff too lol.

  17. I haven't got that palette, but the quality of the shadows in the Sweet Indulgence palette are awesome. My sister was in the States last Christmas, so I got my hands on it.

  18. Great review!

    I have heard of them before but haven't really seen a review so this is great :) I do think that the swatches look really nice :D

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    Loved it
    instantly so I have no choice but to follow you around!! (GFC)

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    free to check out my blog if you have the time !

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  19. Wow I actually thought it was one of the Too Faced palettes from first glance, it actually looks almost identical to one of them o_o. The shimmery shades look really pretty * u *, it's unfortunate the quality of the eyeshadows wasn't consistent though D:

  20. Oh my lovely colors!! They deff give the UD 3 palette a run for its money! Plus the tin is so pretty :))


  21. I know the one you're talking about - the Too Faced one does look a bit more high end though hehe


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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