Thursday, 7 November 2013

Benefit Holiday Set, Groovy Kind-a Love Swatches and Review *pic heavy*

Hi gorgeous gals! I've got a rather long and pic-heavy post for you today. 

I recently splurged and treated myself to one of Benefit's Holiday Sets, as I had a gift voucher I wanted to use, and because I've wanted to try the highly raved about Benefit cosmetics for ages now. 

Even with a gift voucher it wasn't easy to hand over my cash, as Benefit is not exactly cheap (especially given the price hike here in Australia). I went for the set which I thought had the most amount of products I would be happy to use. The Groovy kind-a love set seemed to be the most worthwhile 'investment' to me, though Little Love Potions came a close second.

Here's what the set looks like - not exactly the sort of packaging I like, but it's pretty retro and playful. 

Benefit holiday set groovy kind a love

It retails at Myers at $69, nearly double the American price T_T  

However, it's a great opportunity to try a decent range of products, without paying the full price. I mean, the full size Benetint costs $55 on it's own! I'd rather pay for sample sizes and be able to try more products, rather than buy one full size product at a time~

Benefit holiday set groovy kind a love

The holiday set comes packaged in a lightweight rectangular tin, and the contents inside are 'deluxe' sized samples

  • 1x 7.5 ml the porefessional
  • 1x 4.0 ml benetint
  • 1x 1.5g dandelion and 1.5 g gimme fever cheek powder duo, with brush
  • 4 shade 1.2g eyeshadow palette, with sponge applicator
  • 1x 4g they're real mascara

Benefit holiday set groovy kind a love
Inside the tin - there's a clear sheet covering the top, with the names of the blushers and eyeshadows embossed
Without the plastic sheet. It's rather nicely arranged and presented.
I have the full sized They're Real standing next to the deluxe sized sample for size reference. 
It's so tiny and cute - good for travel or handbag

The samples definitely look small, but after trying each sample, I'd say the mascara and tint should last a decent amount of time, as will the eyeshadows. However I think the primer will most likely be the one to run out the quickest, as it's an all over face product. 


Smells amazing! It has a gorgeous rose scent - usually I find rose a little old fashioned, but this smells lovely. The sample size looks tiny, but there's actually a really decent amount, as only a few dots is needed per cheek, or on the lips. 

It gives a fresh rose colour to the cheeks - I was really surprised at how natural it looks! It looks like a real, rosy flush, not a manufactured blush at all. 3 dots on the apple of my cheeks is all that's needed for a soft flush, but I need to repeat the process another time for a slightly more obvious flush. Those who want a more vivid pop of colour would have to apply 3 or more times. 

It dries quickly, so fast fingers is needed for application - I found the Benetint easy to apply, even though I haven't used tints on the cheeks before. It blends easily, and doesn't disrupt my bb cream like I feared it would. 

As a lip tint, I really liked the colour on my lips, however after about 3-4 hours, my lips were beginning to look a bit 'wrinkly' as they were feeling dry. I just pop a clear gloss over the top, to prevent this.

I can definitely see why so many people rave about this. 

*The POREfessional*

Admittedly, my pores are not my major skin concern, however I really like what this face primer/balm does for me. Beige in colour, the primer smooths my skin nicely, seemingly filling in much of the pores on my cheeks. It spreads easily - a little goes a long way, and it leaves my skin feeling silky. My bb cream goes over it so smoothly, and the end result looks really nice. It'd be great for special occasions, when a flawless base is needed. 

Benetint blended out, and the POREfessional


I'm in love! Described as a 'pink perk me up face powder' it can be used all over the face as a radiant powder, or concentrated on the apples of the cheeks like a blush. 

I love using this as a barely there blush - under certain lightings the soft pink with teeny golden shimmer looks so pretty and glowy. I'm a sucker for a glowy look, so this powder really thrills me. 

It does need to be applied fairly heavily to obviously show up, so medium to tanned skin tones may find it difficult to use as a blush. 

I personally am seriously considering dropping $51 on the full sized product 0_o

*Gimme Fever*

Definitely more pigmented than Dandelion, this blush is a brown - peachy shade that is on the shimmery side. The brush picks up quite a good amount of colour on the first stroke, and it doesn't take much effort to get some colour on the cheeks. 

I'm not too crazy about the shade since it's almost like a shimmery bronzer, and I'm not a fan of brownish shades in general, but I do use it swirled together with Dandelion on occasion.

Outdoors natural lighting
L-R Dandelion blended, and swiped, & Gimme Fever blended and swiped (using the brush from the kit)
Bright outdoors sunlight

*Eyeshadows in tickle my ivory, gilt-y pleasure, shimmer down, and kiss me, I'm tipsy*

What cute names! I'm a neutrals eyeshadow girl at heart, so I definitely looked forward to checking out these shades. I was blown away by the quality - the shades are all so pretty, very smooth, and decently pigmented. Lasting power was decent, doesn't crease on the lids (even without primer), very minimal fallout during application. 

Gilty-pleasure is now my top favourite eyeshadow ever - if I could only use one eyeshadow the rest of my life, this would be it. Although, I hope that type scenario never happens, lol. 

I can think of no cons regarding these shades - really pleased with them overall. 

Natural outdoors lighting
L-R tickle my ivory, gilt-y pleasure, shimmer down, & kiss me, I'm tipsy
Applied with one swipe from a sponge applicator - no primer
Under direct bright sunlight
L-R tickle my ivory, gilt-y pleasure, shimmer down, & kiss me, I'm tipsy

*They're Real mascara*

The only Benefit product I've tried, prior to buying this set. It's a good mascara, but I prefer a more dramatic and 'lashy' look (a syndrome from having super straight lashes all my life), so while the They're Real is fantastic for lengthening lashes, and doing it naturally, it's not a mascara I'd repurchase (unless I get tired of the lashy look). 

Also, it's not waterproof, so I can't wear this without a waterproof mascara base underneath, as my stubborn lashes will just droop without a waxier/dryer formula. 

And now for some fotd's using these Benefit goodies. 

Wearing the POREfessional under my bb cream, tickle my ivory as inner eye highlight, and gilt-y pleasure all over the eyelid (applied with finger), and lower lashline.
Also a light dusting of Dandelion over the apples of my cheeks
Blotted Max Factor's pen stick in Passionate Red on my lips - am obsessed with it!
Wearing They're Real mascara, all the 4 eyeshadows, and a hint of Benetint on the apples of my cheeks 
Wearing Burt's Bees Cherry Cerise Lip Shimmer on my lips - review here
Wearing They're Real, the eyeshadows, and the Benetint in a gradient lip effect
Wearing shimmer me down all over the eyelid, tickle my ivory as brow highlight, A mix of Dandelion and Gimmer Fever on the cheeks, and a smidge of Benetint all over my lips 
Topped off my lips with a clear lipgloss, to prevent my lips from pruning up after a few hours

Wah, that was a really long post - if you're still reading, thank you!

Overall, I was really impressed by all the Benefit products, and it's definitely a brand I would love to try more of (High Beam, Cha Cha tint, and Posietint are all on my wishlist!). I think the holiday sets are actually really good value, even though you're essentially paying for sample sized products. But at least you can try a few different items, at the price of one or two full sized items. 

At the moment I'm seriously lusting over the Benefit Countdown to Love Advent Calendar - its got 21 samples of their bestsellers, plus 3 trinkets. Haha, but can I justify dropping $99 on it? Still mulling it over...

Have you tried any Benefit before? Anyone else have Benefit goodies on their Christmas Wishlist?

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  1. Ouch, thats a pretty pricey box! Why are the things in
    Aussie so pricey? I would lovelovelove to have the
    Benetint, just to give a bit of a blush or darken my
    naturel lipcolor c: I'm glad you love the content ^^ Xx

  2. I love benefit products! I have tried so many products from them for example : the porefessional ( my HG primer ), benetint, chachatint, high beam, they're real mascara ( my HG mascara ), the stay flawless 15hr stick primer, the blushes -coralista, bela bamba, and hoola bronzer. I've been so far happy with almost everything I have tried from benefit for the exception of the stick primer..
    so bad that the price is so marked up in Australia.. it is also more expensive here in comparison to the US price, but I think not as expensive as in Australia.

    btw, I loooove your eye make up on the last pic! so pretty with the highlight :-)

  3. Dandelion looks so pretty! Benefit always has the cutest packaging. They're coming out with a new lip tint called Lollitint which is an orchid color and gah I just want to collect them all lol.

  4. this looks so pretty! thinking about getting it for my sister for christmas :D

  5. Hi dear, thank you so much for the detailed review! I really love this review! And thanks to you for your wishlist post, I got to know about this set and I bought it too ^_^ but somehow I am lack of skills in doing eye makeup. You look so good using all these eye colors! I am so glad it works for you. Now I can't wait to try mine! Too bad the price is so expensive in Australia. Perhaps you can consider buying online from the official website since they are having free shipping now :D I just love all Benefit products because they are so cute and vintage retro! I hope it works well for me too ^_^

  6. Amazing review!! Porefessional is one of my favorite primers~~ Dandelion is also my go-to for a natural blush. The product included in this set are really nice. All the looks featured in this post are beautiful~~~~

  7. Great review, Tulip! I'm actually a really big Benefit fan but I never tried any product from them because the price is hella expensive T__T Their eyeshadows, highlighter and primer are on my wishlist for a long time but never got to buy them. I think there's a dupe for the blush from benefit from wet n' wild hehe~ Anyways, thanks for this review ; u ;

  8. TriedandTestedBlogger9 November 2013 at 11:02

    This box looks so good! I agree, its so expensive to buy Benefit here so I always order online! I haven't tried any benefit eye shadows but I love the ones in this box as they're really nice neutrals! And the mini sized products are decent sizes too.

    Ooo I really want the advent calender too! Why must it be so expensive! I don think i'd buy it for myself but if someone bought it for me as a gift, I wouldn't complain!

  9. Yeah - you should of seen me paying for it at the counter, I was so hesitant lol.
    The price hikes is kind of ridiculous - I know that factors such as the cost of shipping it all the way here, and the higher wage levels counts for some of the price hike, but nearly double the price is just overkill T_T
    If you can get the Benetint, you should! It's really natural and pretty ^_^

  10. I'm slowly falling in love with benefit too! Ooh, you've tried a lot of the things I want to try ^_^
    The price hike is insane! I'm definitely ordering off the US site next time instead - might save myself a few dollars, even with the cost of shipping~
    Thanks Pam! I was experimenting with a new eye makeup look ^_^

  11. It's a really pretty powder! One of my fave items in this set ^_^
    Ooh Lollitint is such a cute name! And an orchid shade sounds divine - I'll have to keep an eye out for that (not that I should be splurging on so much makeup haha)

  12. It's a well put together set - there's everything needed for an entire look ^_^
    This'd make a fab gift!

  13. Hi Joyce, I'm so glad you enjoyed this review!
    Don't worry, I'm not very good at eye makeup either - I normally just stick to one shade on the lids! But recently I just look at a lot of tutorials online, so I'm slowly practising.
    I'm definitely checking out the US site now! Free shipping is awesome, I may just make an order sometime ^_^

  14. Thanks Liz! I was super impressed with all the Benefit goodies - I'll definitely be trying more of them in the future ^_^
    Aww, thanks!

  15. Thanks Mindy - it was a fun review to write ^_^
    I agree, the prices are so expensive! But the quality I've seen so far at least matches the price. I want all the highlighters! I'm such a highlighter fan haha~
    Maybe treat yourself to something from Benefit this Christmas!

  16. I'm definitely ordering off the US site next time T&T - especially since they seem to do free shipping promos every now and then!
    Yep, I wouldn't complain if someone gifted me the advent calendar either (I can dream, haha)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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