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What A Girl Wants - October/November Wishlist

Hi loves - welcome to my October/November Wishlist! 

This month I'm finding myself lusting after a lot of different things, so I thought I'd do a wishlist so I can keep track. I'm definitely hoping to get at least one of the things featured on this list by the end of the month! But I'd be over the moon if I could get everything (fat chance, but a gal can dream!)

First up is one of Benefit's new limited edition Holiday Sets. The only Benefit I've tried is the They're Real mascara (Benefit's sooo expensive here), but the holiday sets are reasonably priced, so I'm definitely hoping to get one. I'm currently torn between the Groovy kind-a love set, and the Little love potions set, but I've settled on Groovy, which has more products I'm interested in. 

Image source

It's retailing at a quite reasonable AUD69 (with a retail value of $110).

Going from higher end to lower end, another makeup item I'm currently stalking, is the newly released Models Prefer Sweet Shadows tin. 

Image source

It looks like a chocolate box, how can I not want it! I've heard a few comments that the palette might've been 'inspired' by Too Faced palettes - what do you think? 

I just want it because the colours are so pretty and girlish - very much colours I like to wear. And it's a very reasonable price of $15. 

Image source

I actually purchased this palette about a day after the Etude And Rose Collection was released. Unfortunately more than 40 days later it never arrived, so I had to get a refund T_T 

I don't know whether it was never sent, delivered to the wrong address, or nicked, but I'm disappointed it never came. I used the refunded money to buy a few things from the new XOXO Minnie Collection instead! That cheered me up, lol.

You won't believe this, but I think I might finally be growing up. There's no stronger indication then the fact I've been obsessed with finding a signature fragrance these past few weeks. 

I recently purchased Juicy Couture's Viva La Juicy, my very first perfume, and am just loving how grown up I feel when I spritz it on. However, I've also got my laser beam eyes focused on one other perfume I'm dying to add to my dressing table. 

I actually want all the Marc Jacob perfumes (particularly Daisy and Lola), but after some research I decided my money will go towards Honey next. I'm hoping for a sale or gift with purchase promo sometime soon...

And the last of my beauty wish list items is the MUK stick curler. It's been on my wish list a few months already, but before I can fork out the 90+ dollars for it, my paypal account always ends up in dire straights, so I always push the purchase back. 

Moving along to my fashion wants, and another obsession that's been haunting me is the want for a macaron necklace! Every one I've found is a little pricey for my taste, since they're usually hand-made. 

I spied this one on etsy - it's sooo pretty! 

Image source

It kind of makes me hungry too, lol.

Image Source

Squeee! I *love* this dress! I happened across a dress store called Bonne Chance Collections and just fell in love with the entire shop. 

There are no better words then Cute or Pretty to describe the dresses. 

I love the 'sepia' colour, and the mockingbird print /sigh/ it's too pretty. At nearly $50 it is more than I'd like to pay, but it's not a dress I'd be able to find here...

Image source

This bunny dress is my second favourite! I just adore the blue colour with splashes of pinky-red! I feel like I need to have this in my life too :)

And last, but not least, I'm obsessing over this leopard onesie! You know I love my leopard prints, haha. It looks so comfy too.

So this is my wishlist for nowt - I doubt I'd be able to get everything here, but I can dream, can't I? 

What's topping your wishlist at the moment? 

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  1. the dress in sepia colour is so pretty! but it's too expensive :(
    and the models prefer packaging reminds me of too faced packaging :O

  2. Never been interested in onesies, but OMG that leopard one... I want! o___o And I really want the MBMJ perfume as well, haha. Daisy is my favourite, smells so nice! *u* (I absolutely hate the Chanel no.5. Just... random fact. Lol. .-.)

  3. I want all the things you want ;_; and everything is so priced. I saw clothesencounters mentioning daisy and i think it could be my fave if i ever bought one bc she said it smells sweet. BENEFITT THOUGH SOBS TTTT_____TTTT

  4. I loove similar palletes in tin soo much, despite not having any :D But everything is better in tin! :D and the second one has amazing price *.*

  5. Omg I've been eyeing the Benefit holiday set as well! I've also been lusting over the Honey and Dot perfumes for ages now but I can't justify spending that much >__<

  6. That's a lovely wishlist and you mentioned a lot of cute and interesting things !!!
    I think I will include the Etude House palette in my wishlist ^^

  7. It's gorgeous isn't it? Yeah, it's a little pricey T_T
    Hehe, I think I'm going to pick up that palette soon!

  8. Haha, it's really cute, isn't it? I was trying to decide between Daisy and Honey - they both seem gorgeous. Maybe Daisy can be on my December wishlist ^_^
    I haven't had sniff of Chanel before - maybe it's more a mature scent!

  9. TriedandTestedBlogger19 October 2013 at 18:33

    I saw Benefit post the Christmas packs on their Instagram and oh my gosh, I want them all! Marc Jacob's Honey is amazing! Definitely keep an eye out for a promotion.

  10. My tastes have become more expensive recently T_T
    I'm kind of torn between Daisy and Honey! I'll have to put Daisy on my next wishlist I think!

  11. Yeah! Because you can reuse the tin later :)
    $15 is pretty fab - hope the quality's nice too!
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Benefit's doing a good job tempting me!
    Yeah, the MJ perfumes are pricey - but I'm desperately hoping for a Xmas promo soon!

  13. Thanks kat :) I've been stalking my two closest Pricelines for the MP palette, but yet to see them, so I might have to travel a little further to get my hands on it!

    Aww, that's sweet of you to say - and thanks again for the nomination!

  14. It's a really pretty palette - especially for Autumn!

  15. The onesie haha xD I think it looks soo adorable, I bet it would suit you well. And I heard the Etude House Rose Palette should be really bad and not so pigmented so don't be too sad about that hehe :3~ And I just went to an anime convention today and there were tons of Macarons necklaces and stuff xD

  16. haha there is alot of items on my wish list just like yours!
    But Honey is definitely a must have! Its gorgeous on the dresser! I am currently using Daisy and everyday that I use it I think money well spent! :)
    I am in Melb Aus and I think sometimes Priceline has pretty awesome discounts for Daisy :O

  17. I've never tried any Benefit products before. I've always wanted to but it's hard to get it here. Now it's also on my wishlist! I hope I can get the Benefit's Holidays Sets too :D

  18. I'm surprised by the variety of things I've chosen - there's a good mix of cute and high end stuff ^_^

  19. I'm the same! But for sake of my wallet I'm limiting myself to one only :)
    I'm hoping there'll be a nice X-mas promo - I really want to get my hands on it!

  20. I want them so bad...
    Hehe, they are adorable, aren't they? :)

  21. Aww, thanks Mindy! I'm utterly obsessed with the onesie haha.
    Yeah, after reading a few reviews, I wasn't really in love with some of the shades, but I thought the red one was quite gorgeous and unique. But I'm happy to have used the refund to get the Minnie collection instead!

  22. Hehe, even if our wishlists are long, we can still dream!
    I think I want both Daisy and Honey! If there are some good Xmas promos, I may just treat myself and get both :)
    Oh yeah - I heard tomorrow and Wednesday Priceline's doing 40% off fragrances! I guess I'm going shopping tomorrow!

  23. Ive only used the They're Real mascara - Benefit's so expensive but since it's so highly raved I figure I should treat myself :)

  24. The Made Up Maiden22 October 2013 at 19:10

    Great picks! I have the MUK curl stick and it's fantastic!

    I also have Honey and love it to bits!

    Word of warning re the MP Sweet Shadows tin...some of the shadows are a little chalky, though some are truly gorgeous. I did the adult thing and put it back on the shelf, though, as I already had dupes in my stash! Just something to consider, it's a really pretty palette though. :)

    I also have a weakness for Benefit travel packs, they last ages and are so darn cute. :)

  25. Thanks Nalini :)
    I'm hoping the Xmas period coming up will be fruitful for some good sales!
    Yikes, I wish I knew about the MP palette earlier! I already picked it up - there weren't any testers available so I just bought it. I'll try not to get my hopes up when I open it up >_<
    Hehe, the Benefit packs are so cutely packaged - so tempting!

  26. the mocking bird dress is soooo cute! and i've heard so much about honey but i haven't had a chance to sniff it yet :C marc jacobs as the best scents!


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