Thursday, 3 October 2013

September's Happenings & Haul Post

Hello! Oh my gosh, it's October already?! Time really does fly~

Today's post is a combined post of photo diary and haul - since I didn't manage to take very many interesting photos for a diary post, and also didn't haul too many things throughout September. So you get two for the price of one, lol.

If you ask me how my September went, I'd say 'really fast!' and 'there was a lot of cake...'

I really did eat a lot of cake because me, my brother, and sister are all September babies. And then there's also a cousin and an uncle who also have birthdays in September...

My birthday came first, on the 2nd of September - but to be truthful it was one of the sh*ittiest birthday's I've ever had. I don't know why but my parents just decided my bday was an excellent time to pick an argument with me. At least they bought me my fave chocolate cheesecake, lol.

My lis sister's birthday came next, on the 12th. I got her a cutesy cake from Utopia. They have the prettiest cakes! But quite small and pricey - on the upside, they make gorgeous instagram photos ^_^

I was deciding between the orange flower cake and the teapot cake! I went with the orange one because the colour was really pretty~

The first selfie here was my 'official' Bright Pink Lipstick Day pic - I went with my Etude House lipstick in Jealous Pink. It's not my brightest pink, but I wore my two brightest lippies in the days before, and didn't feel like re-wearing the same ones. 

Then the 15th came, and it was my brother's birthday, so yay, more cake! It was a jam and sponge cake, topped with profiteroles, also from the Cheesecake Shop. It was actually really delicious - probably my fave out of the three cakes we had. 

Borrowed my sister's tiger onesie for fun, and it is sooo comfy! I went online and found a leopard print one, which I'm dying to have! I love my leopard prints after all. But sadly, it's going to get really warm soon, so buying one now might be a bit impractical. 

A week later, and I went to my Uncle's surprise 51st birthday party. The surprise never happened though, as my uncle's golfing buddies blew the surprise by arriving late, and pulling into the driveway at the same time as my Uncle :)

My cousin made the birthday cake - a super rich, chocolate cake. And there was a lot of other food too, so I ate a lot.

No photo diary post of mine is complete without a snapshot of the snacks I stock up on (currently nibbling on the seaweed now), and of course my lovely boy, Mickey <3 

Oh, and the pic of the back of the bus I took when Perth was recently in the midst of Grand Final fever. I'm not much a footy fan, but it was a big deal when the Fremantle Dockers managed to qualify - I heard on the news that it's their first time in 19 years! Everywhere I went that week there were signs and whatnot~ Well, they lost the match, but at least they made it to the finals.

Now it's time for my September beauty haul! 

Back row: Sanctuary Spa Body Spray, Etude House Jelly Lipstick , Let's Wonderland Honey Moisturising Lotion, Let's Wonderland Honey Moisturising Cream, Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream
Front row: Pink Lady double eyelid tape, Skinfood Choco Eyebrow Cake, KATE Mascara Base

Everything fits into one small picture! It's been a few months since that last happened ^_^

Truthfully, I haven't had as much time to shop, and I've been a little watchful of my budget too, so I only bought things I thought I really needed. The only 'impulse' items are the Let's Wonderland moisturisers, which I bought from Sasa. The packaging, and the fact that the skincare has honey in it really swayed me, but I later regretted buying it because I actually really love the skincare regime I've got going now - hence the repurchase of the Mizon snail cream. I also repurchased the Etude House jelly lipstick in JOR203, which I really love as well. Since it's a limited collection, I thought I better buy a back-up before it disappeared. 

I've almost hit pan on my beloved Makeup Academy Brow Kit, so I came across a brow kit from Skinfood as a replacement (hopefully). And the Kate Mascara Base is a waterproof lash primer, which I desperately needed to help hold my lash curl, since the Benefit They're Real mascara I'm currently using is non-waterproof, and makes my lashes droop as well as smudge when used on its own.

Clothing wise, I didn't buy any new clothes, but I did buy two pairs of flats. One from Cotton On, and the black pair from Kmart - both were bargain buys at $5. 

And today I bought a new perfume! I lurve it so much - but since it's an October buy I guess you'll have to wait till next month to see it :) 

I do have a pic of it on my instagram if you're curious anyways~

Hope you're all having a fab day - thanks for reading!

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  1. Happy birthday~!! Though it is a month late but hope you the best wishes (....cliche) 3 out of 4 of my family members have birthday on the same date too!! Our birthday is in july~ but since my sister and dad's bd is just one day apart, we only buy a cake so we dont get to buy lots of cakes~ the photo diary you made makes the pics look nicer and tidier <3

  2. Happy belated birthday! Wow so many birthdays and cake! You're making me hungry Tulip!
    I think you can get summer onesies where the sleeves are shorter and the legs are shorts instead of pants; slightly less impartical and still just as cute lol! I'm currently going into winter and can't wait to wear my onesie more hehee :D

  3. Happy belated birthday! Those cakes are gorgeous- much prettier than the icing-blobbed ones I usually see here in the US.
    I'm hoping to stock up on Jelly Lips too! I tried JPK004 (thanks in part to your reviews!) and really want a backup as well as trying a JPK002.

    Nice happy snapshots, the cakes looks nice c:
    Your skin is so flawless as well!
    Mickey your dog is such a cutiepie <3 and
    wow flats for just 5 bucks BARGAIN! Xx

  5. Happy belated birthday, Tulip :D

    I love the cake and all the food on your pic making me want to eat cake now too T^T

    And the tiger onesie you're wearing is cute haha~ It's awesome your sister borrowed you it :> Taking photos with this is cute and fun LOL

    The flats are sooo cheap QwQ you're so lucky~

    Btw, I didn't know you're using double eyelid tape, always thought you had naturally ones :D

    and btw, I want to invite you to my giveaway huehue :D click here hehe . It's with beauty products and hair accesoires so I thought you might be interested ; u ;


  6. Wahh~ So many birthdays in a month!
    First of all, Happy Belated Birthday, Tulip! c: Sorry to hear that your parents decided to pick an argument with you on that day. :c I remember on my 18th, I didn't even get to celebrate, because I had an interview with a rather prestigious school that day, and my mom being really superstitious decided that I shouldn't celebrate at all. OTL'''

    The cake you picked out for your sister is so cute! *A* Toronto has a lot of cute cake shops too - I hope one of my friends have their birthdays soon, just so I can go and buy cake. OTL'''

    Love the flats you bought - and such bargains on top of it! >u<

  7. Happy belated birthday! SO many Yummy and pretty cake in a month!

  8. Oh many birthdas dearm, so cute that.
    Very cute cakes.
    Thanks for share!

  9. happy belated birthday! i'm sorry it wasn't great but at least all the cake made up for it! i hope you review the skinfood brow kit soon :D

  10. Thanks bel ^_^
    Haha, that makes for a hectic July for your family then! Aww, I guess only one cake makes sense, but it's more fun to have two!

  11. Thanks Jing Jing! Haha, yeah September's always cake overload!
    Ooh, I'll have to check out the summer onesies then! Thanks for the tip ^_^

  12. Thank you Mei! Haha, I only get to eat this much cake in September ^_^

  13. Thank you Mindy ^_^
    Haha, September's the only time of the year I get to eat so much cake!
    I want my own onesies to take selcas with lol.
    I use the eyelid tape to keep my right eyelid from changing - sometimes it likes to change after I rub my eyes/cry/sleep so I use it to keep them even~

  14. Yeah, it's kinda hectic in Septembers! Aww, not celebrating your 18th must've been sad! It's a pretty big milestone~ Hehe, you can't fight superstition though I guess.
    We don't have that many cute cake shops around here, it's basically just the one franchise store T_T

  15. Thank you Lisa! Hehe, yeah it might not have been great but I don't really celebrate my birthdays in recent years anyway.
    I can't wait to try the brow kit, will try to review it soon!

  16. Thank you Chibilaria ^_^
    I always get hungry looking at food pics too!

  17. Thanks Snowbunny! Heh, the range of cakes is actually pretty small around here, but I guess we just pick the nicer ones ^_^
    Glad you like the jelly lips - I wear them nearly everyday - especially PK002!


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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