Monday, 21 October 2013

Sanctuary Spa Secret Facial Oil Review

I've just finished up my first bottle of the Sanctuary Spa facial oil, so I thought it was about time I finally reviewed it. You would've seen it featured on my Skincare Routine post a while back too. 

This was the first Sanctuary Spa product I tried (I'm a definite convert now, especially after falling in love with their Hot Cloth Polishing Cleanser), and it's one of the most essential items in my skincare regime. 

I first started using facial oils as a way to combat dryness and redness on my face - at first I was wary about using oils as my skin can be blemish prone too, and has reacted badly to things with lavender oil or boab oil before. However, I can happily say the Sanctuary Spa Facial Oil has never irritated my skin - the opposite in fact. 

It hydrates, soothes, and pampers my skin. 

I use this daily - mornings and evenings if I'm being good, but if I'm lazy I just use it before bed (I feel like it works better as a night treatment). 

Sanctuary Spa claims this as the 'secret step' in a spa facial - this golden liquid contains a powerful blend of pure oils, including rosehip, sunflower, jojoba, and wheatgerm. 

The oil is golden in colour but applies to the skin colourlessly - it sinks into the skin with ease within moments, leaving my skin hydrated and slightly dewy. I then apply moisturiser and then bb cream, and don't have to worry about dry patches on my face. 

The packaging is really pretty - it looks quite expensive as the oil's housed in a clear glass bottle with a stopper. 

Retailing at $29.99, I think it's great value as one bottle lasted me about 6 months (and that's practically using it every day). 

I use 4-5 drops as I have dry skin - normal skin types could get away with 3 drops. I apply this before moisturiser, but for those short on time, mixing a few drops into moisturiser also works really well for hydration. 

I'd really recommend this to those who enjoy using facial oils, or are interested in using facial oils. This one is not heavy on the skin, absorbs quickly, not strongly fragranced (it has a bit of an aromatherapy-ish scent), and leaves skin soft and slightly dewy. I feel like my skin is less dull and more softer since introducing it into my regime! 

Fave selfie of the week ^_^

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

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  1. Oh it seems a great product !!!
    I checked the full ingredients list on the official contains a lot of good oils ^^


  2. I love using facial oils, my favourite is rosehip :) I've seen this Sanctuary Spa one around but was never tempted to get it! The bottle for this facial oil looks so pretty and luxurious though :)

  3. Wow I never heard of facial oils. I might try especially since winter is coming .

  4. the packaging reminds me a lot of the lotus oil from clarins! I like face oil esp in winter but since I have combination skin, it is not easy to find a good face oil that doesn't make my skin greasy.. I am currently using the josie maran argan oil and it is amazing!! I loveeee it so much! :-)

  5. I love it your last pic, about this product I must confess I never tried any product from Sanctuary the problem with the oils to me is that never works and my face is oily so not is smooth, maybe this product if works and has a nice price for a bottle for six months. Many thanks for your detailed review.

  6. I've never dare to try Facial oil tbh, because I have oily skin and I think if I add more oil it will caused acne and breakout to me >3<

  7. Thanks for the review ^_^ Do you think it's suitable for my oily skin? Or cause acne and breakouts?

  8. It seems like a lovely blend of lots of different nice oils ^_^

  9. I find rosehip just a tad more hydrating :) I switch between the both often!

  10. They're nice for pampering and hydrating the skin - I use them a lot in winter!

  11. I bought it during a BOGO offer, so not too bad! But yep, even at full price it turns out affordable as it lasts ^_^

  12. I'm wondering how I'll go with the oil this Summer - hopefully it won't feel greasy.
    I've heard some good things about argan oil - might have to check it out next time ^_^

  13. Thanks :)
    I have dry skin so the oil never feels oily on me, but I guess oily skin types need more time to find a oil that works for their skin tone.

  14. I have problematic skin too, but this one hasn't broken me out, and rosehip oil doesn't break me out either. It's all about finding the right oil type :)
    My skin hates lavender oil though >_<

  15. I've heard great things about the nuxe oil! Might have to check that one out some time - so tempting!

  16. It says it's suitable for all skin types :)
    It absorbs quickly and shouldn't leave a greasy feel on top of the skin - I'd say less than 2-3 drops is enough for the face if you have oily skin.
    I have blemish prone skin, but this doesn't break me out!

  17. Thanks for your review as always :3 I really don't know wether to try this or not because it's sooo pricey and I have oily skin :c But it's a good thing that it worked good and lasted long for you! ; u ;

  18. You have really nice skin!
    I am really scared oil will break me out >< but it looks nice and moisturising.
    AND i had no idea that facial oils existed! :O mind blown haha


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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