Sunday, 27 October 2013

Perth Royal Show 2013 - October Photo Diary

Hi all! It's nearly the end of another month already - I seriously don't know where the time goes. 

It's time for another photo diary post, and the highlight of my month was probably going to the Perth Royal Show. It's an annual event, but this year was the first time I've gone, in about 8 or 9 years! 

My parents used to take my brother and I nearly every year when we were little <3

This year I took my little sister along - I felt somewhat guilty as I've been to the Royal Show so many times as a child, but my poor sis has only been once or twice, and mostly too little to remember much at the time. 

The Royal Show kind of started as a 'Fair and Cattle' Show in the 1800's - nowadays it's more than just agriculture and cattle (though it's still an integral part of the event) - there's games, rides, trinkets, and lots of displays and shows to check out.

Anyways, it was kind of an expensive day (tickets alone cost a bomb), but we had heaps of fun checking out all the cute little baby animals, and going on some of the rides. 

We went on the second last day of the Show - somehow it wasn't as crowded as expected, which was good as it made walking around much more comfortable. The day started off fine, but it started to get cloudy and rainy later that afternoon, which might've been the reason for the smaller crowds. 

Haha, there was an area for kids to bounce on those ball things, but obviously no one was interested. I kind of wanted to go play on those, but I was wearing a short dress, so not a good idea!

For those not familiar, showbags are probably what most parents are most scared of - they're bags filled with candy and nick-knack toys, and every kid that goes to the show will probably demand at least 5 showbags to bring home, lol. It can get *expensive*

The first thing we did once entering the show grounds, was to obviously go straight to the baby animals pen! 

There were baby goats (so cute), baby lambs (so, so cute), baby alpacas (even cuter!), and also bunnies, hamsters, a crazy goose (it kept honking really loudly), and some duckies and chooks (chickens).

Aww, that baby lamb was so sweet and docile, and its wool felt so soft <3

Hehe, and there was another goat pen in the area, where one of the goats decided to climb onto the hay instead of eat it.

Some random pics I took while walking around - there were a lot of stalls selling big plushies. They must make a killing every year - most of the larger ones priced at more than $40-50 each.

There were a lot of horses too - I would've taken a closer pic, but truthfully the smell was really...bad. Haha, one of the 'joys' of the Show is to always watch the ground where you walk, lest you step into some horse poop - well, they have a lot of staff who quickly clean any up, but you never know ^_^ 

Went to visit some more animals. Saw some babie emus! Hehe, their striped patterns are so cute, but the grown up emus look kind of scary and mean so I didn't go too close. 

And there were so many cute alpacas! I think alpacas are so super-duper cute! But truthfully I can barely tell the difference between alpacas and llamas, so I may be mixing them up lol. 

Also saw some camels! They look a bit scary, but I kind of think they have really pretty eyes? They're so big and brown and kind of doe-eyed.

Last stop of the day, after going on some of the rides and having lunch, was to visit the Show Dogs Pavilion. We went to see the show cats too, but all the kitties were caged up~

We saw that they were judging pugs, so we hung around to watch a little while. Pugs are really cute ^_^

Then we went inside to look at more dogs. Oh my god, there were sooo many cute dogs and puppies to look at! A lot of them were caged up, but a lot were also out while their owners chatted to everyone. 

I totally fell in love with a white Pomeranian called Lily! She's only 11 months old and was the most sweetest thing ever. She won best in breed, and I can see why - she's just precious! And her owner even let me cuddle her. I didn't want to let her go, I only gave her back cos we had a train to catch T_T 

It was a fab way to end the day - the show dogs pavilion was definitely the highlight for me. A lot of the owners are really nice, and always keen to chat about their dogs, and even occasionally offer them up for cuddles <3

And that's the end of the post - hope it was interesting. 

Chat to you soon!

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  1. I bet it was really fun to look at the cute animals : )

  2. It sounds like a lot of fun! Awww, baby animals are the best and those alpacas are adorable!

    What, you have to buy those plushies? I thought they were prizes for games, kind of like a fair O_o.

    Omg, that dog is so cute and fluffy, I want to steal it.

  3. ALPACAS . Omg they're the cutest creature I've ever seen. It must be fun there! ^_^

  4. This is soooo cute. There are never any animal showcases where I am in the city hahaha
    Pomeranians are hands down my favorite dog breed. Soooo FLUFFY

  5. Yep there were stalls selling the plushies - there are stalls where you can win the plushies too, but you'd have to be pretty good at the games (or lucky) to win any prizes lol.
    Hehe, I wanted to steal her too! She was so adorable <3

  6. Alpacas are strangely cute, aren't they? It was a pretty fun day ^_^

  7. It was a fun day - it's more about the rides and displays these days, but the animals are still a classic ^_^
    Pomeranians are the cutest dogs ever!

  8. We went this year too and it did cost us a lot! Our mistake was going on the public holiday, because it was packed! Did you go on many rides? It all adds up doesn't it? I may give it a miss next yr.


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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