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Karadium CC Cream Review *sponsored product*

Hi beauties, hope you're all fab this evening!

Cosmetic Love has kindly sent me a CC Cream to review for you guys, from a brand they will soon be stocking on their website, called Karadium. 

CC Cream has been bandied about as 'white lie' makeup for it's no makeup, makeup look and finish. Normally a white cream in formula, they contain teeny capsules inside which burst upon contact, which releases colour correcting properties that help even and adjust to skin tone. 

The Karadium CC Cream is packaged in deceptively plain and simple black and white, but definitely outperformed my expectations. 

Karadium luster base colour control cc cream

Unlike most of its other packaging, which is very flowery, colourful and cute, Karadium has designed their Colour Control Cream more simply and elegantly. The tube is white with black text, and comes with a twist off cap, and a narrow nozzle. 

Unfortunately there's very little English text on the packaging, so I'm not sure what the exact claims are. But I can determine that it's a colour controlling cream, which refers to evening out the skintone, and helping minimise issues such as pigmentation, redness, and blemishes. It's also got skincare properties such as anti-wrinkle, whitening, and SPF30PA++

Texture-wise, it's similar to almost every other cc cream I've seen. It's a very lightweight, slightly watery, white cream, and if you look closely you can see grayish beads within the formula. It has a very vague floral-like scent, but I'd say it's barely fragranced overalll. 

Squeezed from the tube
Spread out
Mostly blended

The beads burst when applied, and they have colour adjusting properties that helps the cc cream adjust to the skin tone. 

From reading reviews, and having tried the Etude CC Cream, I'd learnt that while CC Creams may be lightweight and feel more natural than BB Creams, they also tended to lack good coverage. However, I found myself surprised and impressed with the coverage factor of the Karadium CC Cream. It's almost as good as a bb cream! 

Before and after - aside from brightening the photos (it was grey this morning), there's been no other editing

While it doesn't conceal my acne scars, or all of the redness on my cheeks, it did a quite fantastic job evening out my skin tone overall. I actually have worn only this as my base, out and about - and most of you would know I never go out without my bb cream on! I have also worn this as a base and put my normal bb cream on top for fuller coverage, but I have to say on its own the coverage is really decent, and would be more than adequate for anyone who has decent skin already. 

Those with quite blemished skin and looking for something high coverage wouldn't be blown away by this, but those with blemished skin looking for something lightweight and natural looking, might like it. 

One layer of the cc cream applied all over, plus a little extra on cheeks and blemishes
No powder on top, but a little highlighter and blush applied

And I must mention how natural the finish of the cc cream is. It's slightly matte in finish, but not in a powdery way, but more similar to a skin-like texture way. As in, it practically looks like your actual skin. It also feels super lightweight on the skin, like wearing nothing an all, which I'm a big fan of. 

The only con I have is related to cc creams in general, and not just targeted at the Karadium CC Cream. To get the most natural effect, the cc cream has to be blended or massaged into the skin, and since my skin is on the dryer side, all that massaging tends to create patchy areas on the driest parts of my face (around the mouth, nose, and apples of my cheeks normally). I think cc creams would work amazingly well on normal to slightly oily skin types, but dryer skin types would have a harder time to get that natural skin-like finish without any patchiness. 

Overall, I think the Kardadium CC Cream is quite a good product, and I've enjoyed using it. If you're on the hunt for a good cc cream to try, the Karadium one could be a good start. Cosmetic Love should be stocking it soon, so keep an eye out! 

Who's using cc creams at the moment? And who's sticking devoutly to their bb cream? ^_^

Thanks for reading lovelies!

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  1. It leaves a nice natural look on your face,
    and I think this packaging has indeed a
    classy elegant look c: Xx

  2. the packaging reminds me of the one from chanel!! esp with the black and white plus the CC logo hihi ^^
    the finish looks radiant on your skin.. i have tried the cc cream from tony moly but I was not very impressed with it.. I think i prefer BB cream and foundation ^^

  3. The packaging looks so clean and nice hehe ^-^* I love the finish, it looks really natural and a bit dewy I think :D What circle lenses are you wearing in these selcas? They look sooo natural and I like them~


  4. Fräulein Schnee11 October 2013 at 04:41

    I'm really curious about all the Karadium products. They all look really interesting. Thanks for your review!

  5. Karadium sounds good on reviews!! and the packaging reminds me of *coughs* chanel *coughs* cc cream lol this product sounds really promising. Thanks for the review~

  6. This look like a really awesome product! I did not know about this brand before recently <3

    I always thought all cc cream don't have much coverage, but this one seems to be different. You make me really want to give this brand a try now <3

  7. Oh really nice brand dear, looks like procdes a nice coverage. xx

  8. This CC Cream sounds good, this brand Karadium is quite a new for me, haven't try any product from them, I think I would love to try this one, is this CC Cream can match for NC30 skin?

  9. I thought so a little too! Very Chanel-esque :)
    I've tried a sample of the TM one - it's a little more hydrating which is nice, but I definitely love my bb creams more!

  10. Although I tend to like pretty and girlish packaging, the classic look of this cc cream is appealing too :)
    These are my day to day lenses! I need something more natural for work T_T
    They're the Geo Brown Circle Lens BC101

  11. I am too now, after trying the cc cream ^_^
    Thanks for reading!

  12. Yep, I don't many online stores sell it yet...
    The coverage is what I like most about this! Thanks for reading ^_^

  13. Most cc creams will adapt to skintones - I'd say this one is a good match for NC25 as it's slightly dark on me. NC30 should be fine too, but it might have a more brightening/whitening effect, so careful blending would be good.


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