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Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream Review

Hi gorgeous girls! Today's review is an interesting one, because it's on one of the two snail secretion (read snail slime) moisturisers I'm currently using~

Snail secretion in skincare was quite the rage in Korea a year or two ago, so I am a bit late to the bandwagon, but after reading a whole heap of rave reviews I decided I just had to try this - even though the thought of it made me a bit squeamish! It's because the snail secretion supposedly has a whole heap of recovery/regeneration powers, that I decided I was willing to slather such stuff all over my face. A lot of reviews also claimed it was excellent for acne too, so that was another reason I wanted to try this. 

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

Note that snails are not killed or harmed in order to harvest their slimy secretion! 

I'll start off with reviewing the Snail Recovery Gel Cream, which I used for about 2-3 weeks on its own, before adding the Repair Cream to my routine.

Marketed as a multi-purpose cream, this contains 74% snail mucus, which isn't too bad, but apparently the higher the percentage, the more effective it is. While providing moisture, it also cares for troubled and stimulated skin, such as redness and blemishes.

The packaging is quite cute - the gel is housed in a pink squeeze tube, which doesn't intimidate anyone by screaming "chock-full of snail slime for your face!"

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream

It's actually quite small in size - only 45ml, but the upside is that it's super cheap, generally retailing less than $10 online. I got through one tube in a little under two months. 

Top: Mizon Recovery Gel Cream
Bottom: Mizon All in One Repair Cream

The cream is gel-like in texture, and really cooling when applied to the skin. Clear in colour, it smooths onto the skin easily, and absorbs quickly when patted. There's nothing about it that looks or feel yucky, as you might think something with snail slime would be, which was a relief! 

The various purposes this has, other than a lightweight moisturiser, is as a cooling cream for sunburn or reddish skin by leaving it in the fridge, or as a moisturising sleeping pack (a night time face mask that you don't wash off until the next morning). 

It's also thankfully free from parabens, artificial scent, and artificial dyes. 

On its own, I didn't think this was hydrating enough on my dry skin, so I do use another moisturiser beforehand. I didn't see any visible results on my skin immediately, though I did feel like it was gradually helping prevent small blemishes from fully coming to head, or lingering around. I would dab a little extra onto blemishes I could feel forming under my skin before I went to bed, and more than 50% of the time I found the blemishes reduced in size (or even mostly gone) the next day! Of course, it wasn't effective on the occasional angry big zits I got every now and then. 

Overall, the Gel Cream doesn't necessarily live up to all the online hype for me - but I do believe I saw better results when I paired it with its companion, the All in One Repair Cream. After 3 months of usage I do feel like there's been a change for the better in my skin and complexion.

Mizon Snail Recovery Gel Cream
I use the Mizon Recovery Gel alongside the All in One Repair Cream for better results~

I'm going to end the review here, but I will have the All in One Repair Cream review for you tomorrow night, as I really feel like the two products should go together, however I didn't want a super long review, so I've split it into two. 

Have you tried skincare with snail secretion, or if you haven't, would you? 

OMG, by the way, I recently read that the new trend in Japan is snail 'facials', where you have living snails crawl all over your face! *shudders*

I think I'll stick to my creams, thanks!

Thanks for reading lovelies - see you soon~

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  1. I actually bought a snail cream from Tonymoly.
    I can't wait to try that one c:
    Thanks for your review again!


  2. I haven't tried any products from Mizon yet but I'd love to give this product a try. New follower here. Please follow me back on GFC ♥

  3. currently i'm using the all in one snail repair cream, tulip and i like the result.. i'm thinking to add this gel cream to my have-to-buy item since you said it will work better to combine this two :D
    thanks for reviewing!

  4. Thanks for the review! I've been waiting for it haha
    I really wanted to try this one because it was so cheap compared to other snail cream/gels but it seems like it isn't that special :O
    But thanks for the review, Tulip~! :D


  5. Ohh too bad it didn't live up to it's expectations :( Great review, as always!


  6. It's a "meh" product, but thank you very much for the review~ *u* <33333

  7. Great review! I haven't tried the Mizon creams yet, I think I steered clear of them because I heard they had mineral oil in them? I've tried Scinic's Snail Matrix (it's really tacky texture but great for dryer skin) and Missha's cell renew snail cream, which is a little more expensive, but is definitely my favourite out of the two. It's also a gel, and great for my skin in summer.

  8. I use this one too. I agree mostly on your impression and I will write a review sometime, too :) But I'm really curious about your reviw for the other Mizon cream! Although the Gel Cream's prize is really really great, so I guess a lot of people will be able to try and buy this, compared to the One Repair Cream which is more expensive. :)

  9. Wow I never knew there were products with snail slime in them before! Sounds a little off putting but the texture of the cream gel does look nice :) I don't think I'll be trying these products anytime soon, yet alone having snails on my face haha!

  10. I'm pretty surprised that it helped with acne! That's good though! ^_^ I actually still haven't jumped on the snail bandwagon, but I will eventually...I also read about those snail facials too! LOL They're so scary. I'd feel way too uncomfortable doing that!

  11. Ooh, looking forward to what you think of that!

  12. One of my favourites. I keep going back to it. It really stops me from breaking out. ^^

  13. I much prefer the repair cream! But, I grew to like using both the gel and cream together, since it feels like it's twice the treatment :)

  14. Glad it was helpful! It's definitely very affordable, and it's nice to use, but I guess it doesn't help me as much as it seemed to help other bloggers who use it~

  15. Hehe, I guess my hopes were too high ^_^
    Thanks for reading!

  16. Hm... I have found so many positive review of this brand now... that I really want to try it soon!! I got a snail cream before from holika holika and stopped using because it was too drying for my dry skin..

  17. *O* i just love this stuff, one of my favourites for sure ^^!


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