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August's Beauty and Fashion Hauling

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to August's Haul Post :)

August was a pretty fab month for me as there were quite a lot of good sales going on - particularly at Priceline (aka a money sucking vortex, lol). I replenished some of my fave skincare items, picked up a few new products and brands I've wanted to try, and my ever growing lipstick collection has expanded yet again...

Shall we begin? 

This is my skincare haul for the month - everything except for the Mizon Snail moisturiser is from Priceline. 

Puretopia is a new brand to me, and one I'm really looking forward to using. It's a natural range of skincare and haircare items, is Australian made, and against animal testing. It's also actually quite an affordable brand, and since it's currently on promotion at 40% off I jumped at the chance to pick up the cream cleanser (as the La Roche Posay cleanser I bought last month is too drying for me), and the face gel, which sounds really interesting as I've never tried a gel mask before. 

Sanctuary Spa is quickly becoming one of my favourite skincare brands at Priceline right now - I started off using their Facial Oil, and just wanted to try more of this UK brand. The prices are quite decent, and Priceline is always having good sales on them, so I've been able to try quite a lot of their products so far. 

I've been using their Oil Cleanser as my makeup remover recently, so I picked up a backup bottle as I find it great for removing my bb cream. Since it's currently buy 1 get 1 free, I also picked up a backup bottle of the Facial Oil as well. And since I couldn't leave it at that, I went back again for the Hot Sugar Scrub, and the Illuminating Facial Lotion. 

Also, I've just started using their Polishing Hot Cloth Cleanser, which I picked up in last month's haul, and am loving it so far~

I'll have these reviews coming soon, but so far I can heartily recommend Sanctuary Spa!

Aside from the amazing skincare sales, Priceline also recently had a fabulous 50% off Maybelline New York sale! Everything but one of the Color Sensational lippies is from that sale - but this was made in 3 separate purchases, not all at once lol. 

I really tend to wear more glossier or balmy lipsticks, so I picked up 2 of the Color Whispers in Orange Attitude and Who Wore it Red-er. Coral Crush has been on my to-buy list a few months already, so I snapped that up straight away. And a few days later I found Coral Pop on clearance for $5 at kmart, so I had to get that one too. 

Couldn't resist stocking up on some more Baby Lips balms, and I picked up the Colossal Volum mascara, which is the only mascara I've ever repurchased (this is my third tube). 

The most popular Maybelline items during the sale was undoubtedly the Color tattoos, which cleared super fast. But I was able to buy two to add to my collection - Branded, and Inked in Pink. I generally prefer golds, browns, or pinks on my lids, so I think I'll be able to get a lot of use out of these two. 

One mascara I've been dying to try for a while is Benefit's They're Real mascara - however I've always been hesitant to fork out $30 for a non-waterproof mascara as my Asian lashes are quite difficult. 

Thanks to Beauty Heaven I was able to get this by trading in my hard-earned points during Beautorium. And they even generously gave me some nice samples to go with it - including a mini They're Real mascara!

To be honest, this much raved about mascara did do wonders with volumising and lengthening, however my lashes drooped pretty much straight away, and it even smudged terribly under my eyes within 2 hours T_T 

However I haven't given up hope - I've bought a lash primer online, to use with this mascara, and hopefully it'll work really well!

Now for my clothing haul!

Hehe, these two pairs of pants are the first pants I've bought in years - I'm more a dress or skirt girl as you know, but sometimes they're just not practical. 

I like the milky pink colour of these jeans, and the suede pattern on the black pants (which you've seen in my photo diary post last week). The white top is really cute, with lace detail, and cut out shoulders <3

Another haul, this time 3 tops, all of which were on sale for $5 or $10. I love leopard print, and this one is ultra cute with a peplum style and it came with a bow belt~

And this is the super-duper cute pink and princess-y bag it came in. Haha, I love bags like this! I don't think I'll be able to throw it out...

And these are the accessories I bought last month. I already showed you my Romwe kitty eared straw hat in my photo diary post I think, and I also bought this studded hat off ebay. I wanted a similar style with horns on Romwe, but I thought it was too pricey so I settled for this cheaper version instead. 

And the flats were crazy cheap on sale, so I had to get them too, as you know I can't resist bows, glitter, or leopard print!

Well, this is the end of my August beauty and fashion post! I hope everyone had a fabulous month, and yay for September as it means Spring is here (those of us in the Southern hemisphere anyway) ^_^

Did you pick up any great beauty or fashion deals last month? 

Thanks for reading, chat to you soon! 

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  1. What a great haul! I love Priceline, and it is indeed a vortex that sucks away all our money! I haven't tried any of Sanctuary Spa's products before but definitely been hearing more about them lately- I really want to try the cleansing oil now! Everytime I want to get a Maybelline Colour Tattoo, they are never in stock which is annoying :( glad you picked up two though, those shades are gorgeous :)

  2. Ahhh I love reading your monthly hauls, you always seem to buy so much :O You were able to buy some pretty good Maybelline products! All I wanted from that sale was their BB cream but that didn't go to plan.

    Louise | Vanity Corner
    HAIR2GO Giveaway | MOOTTA Giveaway

  3. Ahhh bummer about that mascara!
    Loving your haul c: That pink bag
    is cute! Xx

  4. jealous of your lippies! i hope you can review the color whispers soon c:

  5. wow... my dear, it looks like you spend a lot of money on this haul =) Looking forward to your posts!

  6. You alllllllways get the nicest things! I looove that spikey hatt

  7. Loving the clothes, shoes and hats, so cute!! Puretopia is great, I'm a lover of their body scrub and really should try more of their range now that I think about it. I am trying very, very hard to love the Sanctuary Spa cleansing oil, think I need to give it more time though.

  8. ahh cute haul! I've been loving the maybeline mascara for months!

  9. I love the white lace top! I'm such a sucker for those. I bought a bunch of them while I was on vacation because they were so cheap.

    That bear hat looks adorable! I wish I was able to pull it off though, I look slightly demented when I wear hats.

  10. nice haul, Tulip!
    Can't wait for your mizon snail recovery gel cream review ^^

  11. omg the cat ear strawhat is so nice *-* I really wanna have one too! I'm surpirsed that the all so famous benefit mascara smudged :O I always thought it would be worth the hype! You should write a review about the mizon snail recovery gel! I wanted to try this one out too but I'm still hestitating :/ Thanks for sharing this haul! I'm so jelly that you bought so many things ; u ;


  12. great haul!!! love the hats so cute >.<
    Benefit they're real is the only mascara that works for my pathetic lashes. it does smudge on me, so I usually top it with waterproof mascara :)

  13. Thanks Karen!
    I definitely can recommend Sanctuary Spa - I'm using quite a few from their range and am yet to be disappointed :)

  14. Nooo, I don't wanna hear that I buy too much >_<
    Haha, it's like an obsessive desire! Yep, I don't really have much Maybelline stuff, but at 50%, it's too good a deal to miss.

  15. Thanks Mei, it was a bit sad such a raved about mascara didn't really work. But I hope it'll perform better with a primer~

  16. I have way too many T_T
    Okay, duly noted! Will try to do that soon ^_^

  17. It's my weakness I think, thanks Amy ^_^

  18. Thanks Hailey! I'm looking forward to trying Puretopia, I've heard good things :)
    I'm using the cleansing oil more as a makeup remover than an actual cleanser - I adore the hot cloth polishing cleanser from Sanctuary Spa though!

  19. Thanks! The mascara's pretty good for lengthening and volumising, so I quite like it :)

  20. White lace tops have such a sweet feel, don't they :)
    Haha, I'm the same, I find wearing hats a bit challenging, but I just can't resist them anyway...

  21. Thanks Rini! Yep, the review will be out really soon!

  22. Hehe, it's a really cute hat! I admit I was very hopeful for the mascara to work wonders on me too T_T
    Yep, the snail gel review will be up really soon! Thanks for reading ^_^

  23. Thanks Pam! I definitely like the lengthening of the they're real! And I just got a waterproof lash primer so I have high hopes I can make it work ^_^

  24. I have a similar white spike hat! The cat straw hat is super cute ;___;


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