Monday, 26 August 2013

Weekly Photo Diary

Long term readers might remember that I used to do 'random filler' posts, where I blogged pictures from my phone/camera about interesting things I saw/did/ate. Well, I just realised the last time I did such a post was OCTOBER 2012!!!

I know some of you really enjoyed them, so I'm sorry I haven't kept up with it! I've been kind of filling the void of not doing these posts by posting my pics on tumblr, and more recently on instagram, instead. But I've decided to try and do a weekly (or fortnightly) photo diary blog post here too. Some weeks I honestly don't do much other than go to work and then spending my free time bumming around at home - maybe doing a photo diary will motivate me to do more interesting stuff!

Most, if not all, of these pics are off my phone, so the quality's not the best sometimes. But I hope it's a fun post anyway ^_^


I went shopping at Garden City with my Mum and Grandma - Mum normally spends Sundays going to the flea markets with my Dad, but he's picked up a weekend job, so she asked me to take her shopping!

I think Grandma was in a good mood because she gave me money to buy sushi and cake for lunch :P

For some reason I don't actually find the Miss Mauds large sized cakes tasty, but I much prefer the taste of their smaller individual cakes instead?

And then after I had stuffed myself with sushi and cakes, one of my parent's employees bought us some pastries! Umm, more sweet stuff, yes please! They were just from the Woolworths bakery, but still yummy~


I was cleaning up my dressing table (it gets really messy over the week), and I found a whole bunch of samples that I'd just been storing, rather than using. I selected a few I was interested in trying, and vowed to finish them within one week. 

I didn't use them all, but only because my skin's been a little unbalanced recently, so I've put these samples on hold till my skin's back to normal. 


Selfie of the day! Went to work, came home from work, took a selfie. End of story.

Oh wait, I did get my latest Romwe purchase. This kitty eared straw shaped hat <3


First clothing haul of the month! A sweet white top and two pairs of pants/jeggings. One in black, with a suede-like swirly pattern, and a milky pink pair. Y'all know I'm a skirts/dress girl, so these are the first pants I've bought in years?! I've only worn the black pair so far, but I love them!

A selfie from that afternoon~


??? Can't recall doing anything interesting! No photos on my phone on this date either. 


Sparkly, glittery shoes to celebrate the upcoming weekend!

Bought fantales to celebrate too - haven't eaten these in years since I had braces. I missed the chewy sticky texture!

Popped into Priceline to stock up on some Maybelline Baby Lips balms while the 50% off sale was still going on. I picked up some Color Tattoos and a mascara a week earlier, but I'll show you that in my haul post later on. 

Unpacked my bag to see I've been lugging around 6 lippies, a lip gloss, and 2 lip balms, which had accumulated over the week. 

Click here if you'd like to see the what's in my handbag post, that I recently did. 

And then I went for Japanese food again! This time I had Katsu Chicken Don, and then I bought the Soft Crab Shell set to take home to share. 


Slept in, lazed around at home.

Recently finished my current HG bb cream the Lioele Triple the Solution BB Cream, and now I think I'm falling back in love with my previous HG, the Etude House Precious Mineral Bright Fit BB Cream (haven't re-reviewed for you since they reformulated it a year or so ago, but let me say the current version's better than the previous precious minerals version!). 

Lioele's got better coverage and more long wearing, but Etude's lighter, and has that dewiness that I like. 


Mum wanted to go shopping again since Dad's busy. We went to Carousal this time, but I made my brother drive because the traffic around that area is just insane - though it was much less busier on a Sunday compared to a weekday.  

We had grilled burgers for lunch - I had Moroccan Lamb something or other. And then Lychee bubble tea to top it off. 

I wasn't able to do much shopping, but I did make another impulse purchase with another cat ear headband to add to my collection. It was from Gloss Cosmetics, and only $3.90 - even cheaper than similar styles on ebay!

And to conclude this week's photo diary, I must spam you with pics of my Mickey :P

He hates having his photo taken - he'll try to turn his head away every single time, but I managed to snap these~

Thanks for reading lovelies. Should I do more posts like this in the future? 

Thanks for all your sweet comments on my new blog name and layout too - I'll be replying to the comments there tomorrow as I'm going to bed now! Chat to you soon ^_^

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  1. I have a very similar pair of the glittery shoes with a bow. I like it a lot. :)

  2. Aww, the cute ear hat looks so cute! ^__^

  3. omg , look at all the food *Q* I'm getting hungry qq
    I love the cat ear strawhat you bought it's so adorable and so many asian girls on the internet are wearing these :o

  4. Nice random pictures c; Loveeee that
    straw hat with cat ears! Xx

  5. I love this kind of post, you should do it more often ;)
    the cupcakes look very yummy, I loveeeee sweets ^^and the hat is so cute >.<

  6. All the food looks so delicious! I love the cat ears headband and hat <3 Mickey looks so cute!

  7. I love these posts! Your hair looked so pretty with the braid and the bow :)


  8. Ahh I love Japanese foods! Looks delicious. And that hat is so cute! ^^

  9. I need to get snapping more on my phone - it's always fun to see a summary of your week :D This was really interesting! That hat with the ears is super adorable - I think I need those in my life!

    Loving the Sunday outfit with the bow and shirt ^^

  10. I bought my first precious mineral fit in 2009, but seems like the repackaged it for the 3rd time! I haven't tried the newest one about 80% done with mine, but looking forward to picking up a new one soon *A*

  11. Hehe, we can be shoe twins ^_^
    I love the sparkliness of them!

  12. Definitely an insta-buy for me lol

  13. I can't wait to wear the hat - it's got a very 'Spring' feel to it ^_^

  14. Thanks Mei! Hehe, I can't wait to wear that hat!

  15. Thanks Pam! I'll definitely do more then ^_^
    Hehe, I'm a sweetaholic as well!

  16. It was delicious ^_^ I can't wait to wear the cat hat!
    Haha, Mickey can be naughty sometimes, but he's too cute~

  17. Thanks Márcia! Heh, the braid and bow is my go to style when I'm lazy but want to look nice~

  18. It's delish! Yep, can't wait to wear that hat!

  19. I'm kinda snap happy ever since I got onto instagram! Sometimes I take really random uninteresting pics tho, lol.
    I can't wait to wear that hat ^_^
    Thanks! That burgundy shirt is my current fave~!

  20. They must keep improving the formula ^_^ I'm forever grateful to my friend who first gave me the etude bb cream, couldn't live without it now, lol!

  21. Hey I nominated you for the Elegant Blogger Award!
    -Jenna <3

  22. You don't know me really, but I swear we're almost the same person. We live in the same city too, yay! - Scray Scray from BH =]

  23. Hey, that's cool ^_^ Yay for us Perth gals!

  24. Cool blog. I hope you can drop by mine. :)


Aww, thanks for your comment! I'll be replying or visiting your blog soon ^.^

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