Friday, 23 August 2013

The 'What's In My Handbag' Tag

Hi loves! I'm happy the weekend is here now :)

Today's post I'm going to do the 'what's in my handbag' tag - I've wanted to do one for a while, but truthfully the stuff I carry around is very ordinary and not very interesting at all! 

The above pic is the handbag I've been lugging around for the past week or two - it's a cream shoulder bag from one of my fave stores Forever New - I think half my handbag collection is from there, since they have such pretty handbags! 

I'm kind of a sucker for tassels on handbags, so I like this one a lot~

Ta-dah! And this is all the stuff sitting in my bag at the moment. 

  • Jetoy 'Alice' felt make-up pouch (from this ebay seller, for those interested)
  • Mini first aid kit 
  • Wallet (used to belong to my mum)
  • Candy (Fantails)
  • Cheap hand sanitizer
  • Cutex hand cream
  • Tissue holder (actually a mobile phone case?)
  • Spare house key
  • Mobile phone
  • Card holder
  • Bunny compact mirror

Gotta admit, I do have a bit of a weakness for cute and kawaii stuff! I just noticed there's lots of 'animal' themed items here...

I just *adore* this Jetoy felt pouch - I discovered this Korean stationery brand while browsing ebay and just had to have it! I particularly like things related to Alice in Wonderland too, so I bought this without much of a second thought. There are other designs too, including a Red Riding Hood cat that is just as adorable~

It looks like quite a thin size, but amazingly it can hold quite a lot! As evidenced here, I'm currently hoarding 

  • Face of Australia brown liquid eyeliner
  • 3x Etude House Dear My Jelly Lips (my everyday lippies!)
  • Rimmel Apocalips in Stella
  • Bourjois lip gloss
  • Max Factor Giant Lip Pen
  • Model's Prefer Moisture Lust lippie (shade & finish similar to the red Etude jelly lips lippie!)
  • Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm
  • Nivea Lip Butter (smells yummy)
  • Essence brown pencil eyeline
  • Cotton buds for emergency eye make-up clean ups, lol

Seriously, I just keep adding lippies since I try to wear a few different ones each week, but the Etude lippies are pretty much a permanent fixture, as well as the lip balms. 

Spare house key ring - a printed giraffe that an old friend gifted to me, a cutesy card holder I got from the flea markets, a wallet I 'borrowed' from my mum (I think it's as old, if not older than I am!), and my phone. 

I'm in desperate need of a new wallet, but every one I've seen at the shops I've disliked. I can't find any I like at all T_T 

And the last lot of things I'm lugging around. The mini first aid kit is actually mostly filled with bandaids and bandages of all sizes (useful for any painful blisters due to breaking in new shoes!). I found this at the $2 shop, so what a steal! And I also put some Panamax in there too, just in case. 

Hand sanitizer and hand cream, a bunny-shaped compact mirror, and a zip up case perfect for holding tissues make up the final items of my handbag contents. All boring, but essential stuff I suppose! 

And now you've seen what's in my handbag :)

Are you girls carrying less or more than I am in your bags? 

Thanks for reading gorgeous gals! Hope you have a fab weekend! 

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  1. i love your makeup pouch so much!

  2. I love reading these posts! I'm always curious to know what people carry in their bags.

    Your make up pouch is super cute! My sister loves those cats, I forgot the same of them but she's crazy about them.

    You hardly carry anything in your bag! Mine's super heavy all the time and it actually starts to hurt my back if I carry it for too long X_x

  3. uuuu Alice Jetoy its super cute. from which the seller is on ebay?

  4. I always carry my house in my bag. I'm like : "Oh ! I might need that in my bag !" but I never use it...

  5. Oh my god, you've got the cutest things in your bag. Especially that felt pouch! Its freaking adorable! and the mobile/tissue holder haha. Love it!

  6. Aaaahh your bag!! I love the scallop edges!
    I carry a lot less in my bag; just my phone, keys, purse, lipbalm and sometimes the lippie I'm wearing. My boyfriend always complains why I don't carry a few more useful things like tissues lol

  7. Nice content! I think I carry less make up
    with me, and the only thing I carry is my
    phone, wallet, keys, handcreme/sanitize
    and lipbalm! Xx


  8. omg the make up pouch is too cute to be true!! ^^
    I love your bag, the tassels are such a nice touch :D
    and wow you carry a lot of lip products, hehe but it is normal for girls :p

  9. Very cute stuff you've got! I like your bag too :)
    The tissue holder is very cute too, I love bunnies. I might have to get myself a tissue holder as I find tissue packaging is not very cute.
    Love these posts, might do one of my bag!

  10. Thanks Lisa, it's one of my fave ebay buys I think!

  11. Glad you enjoyed this post ^_^
    I definitely couldn't resist a cat shaped pouch! Haha, I thought I carry around quite a bit! I'd rather carry much less T_T
    Now I'm curious what's in *your* bag - you should do a post too!

  12. It's absolutely darling! Here's where I bought it from (bydorothy)

  13. Hehe, I try to minimise what I carry since I don't like to carry heavy things T_T

  14. Haha, it's a weakness of mine, to own kawaii things!

  15. It's a cute extra detail isn't it? Up until a few weeks ago I carried a lot less, but with a new job I'm out more so I need more things now~
    Haha, I'm *always* bugging my lil sis to carry at least tissues around with her - all she carries is her mobile phone, ear plugs, and occasionally some money in her pocket!

  16. Thanks Mei ^_^
    Ooh, that's quite a bit less! I want to carry less, but I feel as if I absolutely need everything in my bag >_<


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