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Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation Review

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

Hi lovelies! Hope you're all enjoying your week so far~

Today's review is on the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation, which I'd been fortunate enough to receive to trial. Revlon quotes this foundation as "so light, it melts right in, working in harmony with your skin’s unique tone and texture for an even, fresh finish," as well as "vitamin and antioxidant-packed to pump up your natural glow and a nearly naked look that’s absolutely perfect.

Natural glow and a perfect, nearly naked skin look? Yes please! 

At first I wondered whether this supposedly light and fresh foundation would be suitable for my red and blemished skin - I'm more of a medium to full coverage kind of gal when it comes to foundations after all. However I was pretty surprised, and pleased, with how this foundation performed for me.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

It comes housed in a glass bottle with a plastic twist off lid. Personally the thing that bugs me the most is the lack of pump (did Revlon not learn anything from the Colorstay packaging?!). It definitely cheapens the product, and because the foundation is quite thin and runny, it's a pain to try and tip the right amount of product out the bottle. 

Scent-wise I'm not loving the cosmetic-ish fragrance, but fortunately it's not strong, and it doesn't linger after application. 

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation
Shade 120 Vanilla

The Nearly Naked comes in a selection of 12 shades, and the shade I'm using is 120 Vanilla, which I believe is the second lightest shade available. It has a bit of a yellow undertone to it, which suits me quite well - it's perhaps a tad light, so I will probably be swatching the next shade up the next time I'm at the shops. Yep, I liked this foundation enough that I'm considering purchasing it if the next shade up happens to suit me better! 

What I like most about the Nearly Naked foundation is the lightweight feel, natural finish, and the buildable coverage. All important aspects I look for in a foundation - while I do like a more fuller coverage foundation, I have to admit that sometimes they do feel a little more heavier on the skin, and plus tend to have more of a flawless makeup finish, that while lovely, is far from 'natural' skin-like. 

The Nearly Naked has a satin-like finish on my dry-normal skin tone. It's a little more glowy if I hydrate with rosehip oil underneath, but normally it's more satin in finish. For those with dryer skin, I definitely recommend a good hydrated base beforehand, otherwise this foundation will look powdery, and make dry areas look patchier, which is what I experienced when I didn't hydrate well enough. 

Applied with a buffing brush - two thin layers
If it looks a bit powdery, it's because the buffing technique is not the best for my dryer skin type

The first application gives sheer to light coverage - definitely not enough to cover my redness and blemishes, however this foundation is buildable, and I was able to achieve good medium coverage. Not enough to completely cover dark under-eye circles or the worst of my acne scars, but enough that my face looked fresh and radiant. 

It doesn't look mask-like, and it feels quite comfortable and light on the skin. 

Really decent coverage all over and natural finish. 
For a better idea on the coverage, you can see it didn't completely cover some blemishes I have, but I'm still pretty happy

I didn't use primer, but I'd recommend a moisturising one if you have dry skin, just to ensure it doesn't make dry patches look patchier.

Also, I noticed that the colour of the foundation looks darker in the bottle than it actually is, so that's something to consider when you're out looking at this in the shops. 

Overall, I really ended up liking the Nearly Naked foundation more than I thought I would - mainly because it was able to give me a natural finish, but still have buildable coverage. I still prefer my bb creams, but this foundation is a great one to add to the few others I have at the moment. 

(Fellow Aussies, if you'd like to check this foundation out, Priceline is currently having a 2 for $30 promotion, where you can get the Nearly Naked foundation plus the powder! It runs til August 26th)

Thanks for reading lovelies! 

What do you like to look for in a foundation? Flawless coverage? Fresh finish? Or maybe a airbrushed effect?

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  1. I really like this foundation! How is the oil control of this? I really like the healthy glowing finish of thise foundation :3 I read somewhere that this is the best foundation ever lol I personally love products which will give me that korean 'dewy' look since it looks more natural than matte finish! btw, do you know any good concealer for under eye circles? I'm currently looking for one and I don't know which one is the best :o I was thinking about buying the boi-ing one from Benefit. Have you tried this one by any chance? :3

  2. The packaging looks indeed a bit cheap
    and I kind of expect more from Revlon.
    Tho the color pretty suits you even its

  3. oh I want to try this so bad >-<
    I have been loving their colorstay whipped foundation and this one sounds really nice! I love the finish looking flawless on your skin! I'll pick this up soon :D

  4. Ugh. Why does it not have a pump?! WHY?! Despite this, I think I will definitely give this a go, I too suffer from red, blemished skin but I would really love to move away from heavy foundation, because it's probably just making my skin worse.

  5. I really like the finish it gives you and it really hides your pores! I would have been interested in purchasing this but it's such a shame it doesn't come with a pump. I would be annoyed trying to get the right amount of product out.

  6. Been seeing this everywhere! 2 for $30 is reasonable. Gahhh lightweight foundation is awesome
    I hope they have it here.

  7. I've never worn foundation... I always use BB creams.

    I love your pictures, because the background is always pretty and cute !

  8. I haven't been using foundation for years now because I can't find a proper shade. haha -.-
    But yea, the coverage of this foundation seems to be quite good!

  9. This looks nice actually. The first close up it makes your skin look airbrushed!
    Shame about the lack of pump! I was hoping when starting this post you'd tell us there was a pump - why don't they do this!?
    I look for medium coverage in foundations but one that hydrates too!

  10. Great review! I would have made a mistake in buying it without this! With foundation, I look for the high coverage ones that gives an airbrushed finished look. Your skin looks flawless despite the low coverage the foundation offers. Lovely<3

  11. Glad it was helpful! This one definitely won't be full coverage for blemished skin, but I still like how lightweight it feels ^^

  12. It definitely doesn't sit on top of my skin unnaturally! Which I like, but the lack of pump is extremely silly, especially considering Revlon should've taken note of the complaints regarding the Colorstay foundation already!

  13. Hehe same for me - I own more bb creams instead! It's decent considering how light it feels on the skin ^_^

  14. BB creams have more skincare benefits so I don't think you're missing out on much by not wearing foundation :)

  15. The promo's pretty good! The foundation here in Australia is retailing at $26 itself!

  16. Yep I really liked that it didn't accentuate my pores! Definitely don't know what Revlon was thinking with regards to the pump T_T

  17. It looks pretty good to me but i feel weird whenever this kind of product didn't have a dispenser pump -___- like it would make me instantly steer away from them no matter how good the reviews are kekeke.

  18. the coverage looks pretty flawless on you ^_~ the only thing I didn't like is the packaging, I hope they have it improvised with pump!

  19. I don't have oily skin so I can't guess the oil control part of this >_< The healthy glowing finish of this is really nice!
    I'm using a Missha under eye brightener but it's only so-so for me - I've heard great things about Skinfood's salmon concealer though!

  20. I expected better packaging too T_T
    Aww, thanks Mei!

  21. I really want to try the colorstay whipped foundation! The texture of that one seems so interesting :)
    Thanks! I'm quite liking the finish a lot - hopefully you'll like it too~

  22. It's kind of mind boggling! I really find it feels lightweight on me, so hopefully you'll like this too :)

  23. Thanks Janet! It's surprisingly decent coverage on me ^_^
    Hopefully they will because it'd make using it so much more convenient!

  24. It looks nice! :) But does it leave a white cast with flash photography?

  25. It does have SPF and titanium dioxide in it, which does cause some white cast - however it's not as bad as other foundations I've tried. It's not ghostly white for me.


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